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(Normal POV)


It echoed down the halls in screaming volumes, haunting darkened corners and creeping underneath closed doors.

Optimus Prime sat at his desk, the walls of his office echoed the silence back at him.

He didn't like it.

Rising he headed out, reaching the command room the roar of an engine shattered the silence.

The door gave way to the giant leader, the sight before him shocked his processor slightly.

(Demona POV)

Working at the car wash, wo, wo, wo

At the car wash yeah!

Belting out the lyrics to car wash I danced around Sideswipe washing the bubbles from his body.

The annoying mech had challenged me to a race, winner gets to choose whatever they wanted.


Standing in front of Ratchet I transformed down into my human form.

Apparently I had retained the ability to appear in my human form if I wanted.

Ratchet had summed it down to that of a pretender, I just thought it was awesome.

Sideswipe barged through the door and dropped down onto a berth freezing when he saw me.

"I thought you were one of us now babe!" I really wish I had a camera for his expression.

Transforming back I smiled at his stunned expression.

"Nice!" winking at me he failed to miss the wrench aimed at his head.

"STOP FLIRTING AND GET OUT OF MY MED BAY!" Ratchet screamed at the retreating mech.

Laughing I wandered out of the med bay after getting the all clear from the doctor.

"Hey babe! You up for a race? Winner chooses their prize!"

Waving my hand I kept on walking away from the mech.

"No thanks, don't want to hurt your ego!" laughing I turned to face Sideswipe.

"Ow it is so on!" transforming Sideswipe revved his engine.

"Bring it on!" landing on four wheels we lined up side by side.

The call of go and we were gone before the sand settled.

End flashback

To sum it up, I took a corner to wide and Sideswipe over took me.

And that's the story of how I was currently in my human form, waxing the mechs shiny red hood.

The clang of a hanger door opening alerted me of the others presence.

Glancing up I found the entire base watching me, even Ratchet was peeking out of the med bay door.

Dropping the hose I shrugged my shoulders and faced the soldiers.

"Take a picture it'll last longer!" laughter followed my sentence as they disappeared off to do their work.

"Why the hell were they all watching me?" not expecting an answer I swung back to look at Sideswipe.

"You're a mystery to them, in the time I've been on earth I've come to know two things; if the humans don't know about something, they either are curious or they ignore it."

The deep voice rung out, rattling my frame as I took the rag from Sideswipes hood.

"You're done," Sideswipe transformed, looked over himself nodded then strutted off.

"Not even a thank you." turning to face the leader of the Autobots.

"That's true, humanity mainly survives on two instincts, fight or flight." Sighing I picked up the hose.

"What were you doing to Sideswipe?" the question fell so innocently from his lips.

Laughing, I faced the hose at him, "I lost a race, so that was his reward, I had to give him a car wash. Why, you want one?" giggling I lowered the hose.

A smirk crossed the leaders face, I stepped back in shock as he transformed into his alt mode.

"Since you offered, a carwash would be nice." Optimus' voice rumbled from the grill.

Shocked I turned on the hose, "If you say so."

(Normal POV)

Laughter could be heard from the two as Devilfire washed the rig clean.

Later that evening when Optimus had dried and Devilfire had transformed back into her bi-pedal mode.

They lay on sun warmed sand and looked to the sky.

"Is it lonely in space?" Devilfire turned her head from the darkened sky to face the mech beside her.

"It can be, it can also be very quiet." A sigh fell from parted lips, a sad expression over took his face.

Reaching out Devilfire clasp Optimus' hand, smiling at him she turned back to the night sky.

(Void of Unknown)

The allspark sat quietly beside the pool glancing down onto its crystal clear surface.

Looking upon the unsuspecting couple giggles burst from her.

"They are so adorable together!" reaching forward to touch the image a hand clasp around her wrist.

"And you may not interfere, my love, give it time, a bond will grow." Primus slowly drew her hand back from the pool.

Leaning his head against hers he smiled at the image of his daughter.

"We did an excellent job, love, she is beautiful." The allspark nodded along with his words.

Suddenly the pool froze and darkness blanked out the surface before the image reappeared, Devilfire was no were to be found.


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