Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own mangled brain, so…

PinkScyther's fics are really funny. My favorite has to be BEHOLD, PURE INSANITY! It was so funny, I thought I'd give insanity a whack. So I'm an amateur. Sue me.

Ash and friends were eating pizza in Olivine City when a giant purple spaceship landed.

"Hand over the beans!" a thunderbolt shouted.

Articuno was so scared he stuck his tail in a dishwasher.

"I can't breathe!" Squirtle shouted.

"Eat more chicken!" Lance cried.

"Barney tastes best Kentucky-fried!" Bugsy exclaimed.

"Turn off the sun, it's raining!" Cried Brock.

"I'm open! I'm open!" Shouted Erika.

"Mewtwo! Give me back my Lucky charms!" Yelled Ash.

"All your base are belong to us." Mewtwo replied.

A huge Rhydon came out of the ground. Lugia's wing fell off. Then it came on again. Then Ho-oh turned into a mutated Almost Gummy Rat.

"Run! Run! It's Santy Claws!" Shouted Meowth.

A black hole appeared and suddenly all the trees turned into huge yellow and chartreuse lollipops.

"Where's my head???" Cried Ash.

Misty and Ash were then teleported to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the track goes off into space.

The stars blow up. Brock eats a breadstick. Team Rocket encounters a wild Machoke. Erika fell into a patch of Poison Professor Ivy.

Tracey then eats a cactus.

"Someone call a plumber!" Tracey shouted.

"The Earth is square!" Lance concluded.

"Pineapples are poka-dotted!" Misty added.

"Magnemite tastes like a fuzzy asparagus!" Ash shouted.

Tracey mutates into a baby Usul, then into a Digimon with twenty-nine and a half eyes, then becomes a very small bug with no head.

"Kill Tracey!" PinkScyther shouted as she slashed up a U-Haul van.

"Let's raid McDonalds!" Mewberries suggested.

"First I'm gonna eat an earthquake!" Ash shouted.

The world becomes twice its normal size, then half of it falls off.

"They're greaaaaaaat!" Brock shouted.

"Cooooooooooooooooookie crisp!" Sang Suicune and Bruno.

Karen fell off a water tower and landed in a puddle of bread pudding.

The purple spaceship becomes a shiny Yanma and uses Quick attack on Tracey, who explodes into dust.

"4 Aces!" Shouted Ash.

"Ninety-three Venusaurs!" Challenged Misty.

"Sixty Nine and 45/68.34 Ariadoses!" Shouted Koga.

Koga turns into a fancy car.

The other half of the Earth cracks up, then the vacuum cleaner appears and sucks up all the Pokemarts. A giant kukoo (sp?) clock appears and Murkrow comes out singing the CardCaptors theme song.

The moon crashes into the Earth, then bumps into Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter.

"Ha ha! You missed me!" Shouted Saturn.

From then on, Saturn was the ruler of the lemon cheesecakes, dining regularly on a heavily-balanced diet of assorted Buzz Lightyear figurines.