My sock conquered Europe. Ash ate an orange sneaker. Dulpica regurgitated the Indigo Plateau.

"My slippers are on fire!" Blaine screamed.

A milk truck fell fifty stories and turned into beef jerky. Misty raided the nearest hamburger stand. A clown did cartwheels and sang the alphabet backwards 3.5 times.

"I have a giant finger!" Sang Drake.

Mankey chased Lance's Dragonite up a tree. Aliens become the governors of Texas and North Dakota. A plague wipes out all the Dell computers in Olivine City.

"Suicune is my cousin's feather duster!" Brock screamed.

"No, Morty's mine!" Corrector9Yui protested.

A big building throws a checkerboard at Ho-oh. The Crimson Lugia, a table cloth, Shadow and the left intestine of a nearby civilian play Sakhmet Solitaire in East Virginia and Lavender town at the same time. (don't ask) Bruno turns into the tooth fairy and takes over an asparagus.

"Someone take the muffin man off the toaster's potato salad!" Shouted Miss Misty USA.

Lccorp2 started juggling sour cream donuts and took a swim in a crater on the moon.

PyroVulpix and M2 the Mewtwo Guru formed an alliance and voted Raichu off the island.

Lugia runs over the beach with a 58-wheeler. My band instrument drew a picture of a pretty purple flower. An army of computer mouses stole all of the Creatures games in the Northern Hemisphere.

Lt. Surge threw a Great Ball at a crayon.

"All hail the ugly four-legged cloud!" Shouted Corrector9Yui.

Sonicrazy91 became a lead marketer in the pencil industry. An elderly Kakuna hang-glides over Mount Everest. A blue marker took up the stock market.


Caterpie flew over New York. The sprout tower does the macerena and hops backwards three steps.

"BINGO!" Shouted Ash.

Misty summersaults onto a cucumber. Brock nibbled contemplatively on a small slice of cheese. Tracey banged his head on a printer.

"Say cheese!" Shouted Togepi.

"But I want to pick the pretty pink flowers by the road!" Tracey complained.

"But if you don't win the lottery, the smelly lavender crickets will chuck golf balls at your local supermarket!" Tarzan warned.

Rattata arrested a Rapadash for speeding. Pidgey reclined in Hawaii. PyroVulpix went to a basketball store and started biting the cashier.

"Blue underwear on the horizon!" Sang Koga. (A/N: My sister and I REALLY made up a song like that! …But nine out of ten people really don't want to hear the lyrics 8-D)

"Turn off the hose, my desk is bleeding!" Lance complained.

A CD player Surfs west of Cinnabar Island and has a conversation with Missingno. The Eskimo Eevees play cards with Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, and Vaporeon. An army of six-legged canine ghosts stomp on rosebushes.

"I AM MISSING A STEREO!" Misty screamed.

15 people from Germany stack on top of each other and dance in the pidgey poop. A silver Girafarig eats a canoe while my school grows antlers.

TCL takes a test in math class. Someone farts. TCL laughs and sneezes all over her test. (This really happened...)

Link rescues the red draik eggs from Misty's evil sisters. A storm cloud shouts swear words and turns into a coathanger.

Several thousand tuna fish sandwiches take flight above the nearest K-mart. Ash and Misty make out in a clamshell and get thrown into some old cheesecake. TCL plays Tennis with the Neopets team and Corrector9Yui kings them every time they pass "go".

Lccorp2 raids the library and steals the science fair projects. Local dogs go on strike and all the poodles fly to Mars. 2.34356346956343430565603 parts of a Dragonite tooth jump in the sand.

Finally, PyroVulpix opens a sanctuary for penguins, while the cast of Digimon/Gilligan's Island/Pokemon/insert-game-of-your-choice-here go to have tea in Nevada.