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Drum roll please…..

It was basically a normal day at Mt Justice; Kaldur was visiting Atlantis, the super couple was on a date, and Rocket was in her own city. The rest of the team was back at the cave training with their mentors or Canary. Both Red Arrow and Artemis were doing target practice while GA supervised with dounts, Flash and KF were doing some sort of speed combat training, Robin and the resident dark knight were sparring and Zatanna was receiving combat training from Canary so she didn't have to rely on her magic all the time. So it was just a normal day right? Wrong. Today was an anything but normal day.


Meanwhile some twenty two-ish years into the future…

"BAYWATCH! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!" warned Artemis as she took out the villain in front of her.

"Thanks babe." Flash thanked his wife and took her advice by taking out the goon behind him.

"Remind me why we're doing this again?" the archer asked her husband after dodging some bullets.

Flash took out another villain and yelled, "Yeah Nightwing, why are we doing this again. I though you said we were all going to see a movie. This was suppose to be date night not kick-ass night, not that we don't mind (well Artemis kind of does) But can't we go get a burger or something instead?"

Dick smirked and let a flurry of ninja stars fly from his fingertips to their designated targets.

"Yeah dinner would be nice." Zatanna added before going back to taking down villains.

"Ok fine well go get a burger after this then." Nightwing quipped.

After they hog-tied the perps, the pair of couples walked down the New York City alley to go change so they could go get a burger (or in Wally's case burgers).

Suddenly a large blueish purple vortex appeared, caught by surprise Artemis, Flash Nightwing and Zatanna were pulled into the time stream. Only Nightwing could mutter something about not feeling the aster before being sucked in.

Back to the present…..

When a purple blue sphere formed in the middle of the training room, everyone froze to look up at portal. Suddenly there was a big bang and the vortex disappeared leaving behind four discombobulated costumed figures. Everyone got into battle stances as the four beings stirred. One of the people looked like Flash (but was definitely not Barry) another looked like a feminized GA, the next guy was dressed in all black with a blue emblem on his chest and the last was a woman in a top hat that kind of looked like Zatanna.

The four future vigilantes got up to their feet and stood back-to-back weapons ready on pure instinct.

"Who are you?" Ordered Batman.

Wally leaned into Nightwing and whispered, "Dude, are we even aloud to answer that question without screwing up the time stream? We can't exactly tell them who we are."

Dick was pondering the question himself, he knew Wally was already starting to give himself a huge time paradox headache. But the speedster was right, they couldn't just reveal themselves to their past selves and mentors.

"Yeah I agree. So what can we tell them, we're from the future?" He sarcasticly whispered slightly annoyed.

"I vote we fight our way out of here and try to get home somewhere else." Artemis added her two cents.

"Does violence solve everything for you?" Wally asked.

"Pretty much…"

"Will you two stop talking while I try to figure out how we can get out of this mess without screwing up the time stream." Nightwing snapped.

"Uh guys…" Zatanna piped up being the only one paying attention to the other heroes.

"What?" the other three snapped.

"I think we should run…like now." She suggested nodding to the not so happy heroes and their past selves.

Batman was going to wait no longer so he motioned to the team to attack.

"Rendezvous in town. Make yourselves scarce!" Nighwing yelled throwing down a smoke pellet. The four future goers took their leader's advice and scattered under the cover of the dark cloud.

Batman and Robin went after the intruder in black that seemed to be the leader. Naturally Flash and Kid Flash raced after the imposter Flash. The arrows chased after the mysterious blonde archer, and that left Zatanna and Canary with the gal in the top hat.

Zatanna was shouting out rapid-fire spells at her past self and Canary. She usually wouldn't have any trouble with taking on her past self but she was still rather disoriented and fighting Canary took most of her attention. Eventually with the combined power of her younger self and Black Canary, future Zatanna was finally overpowered. They tied a gag around her mouth and carted her off to the interrogation room.


The future scarlet speedster was running as fast as he could at the moment, he was still discombobulated from inter-dimensional travel and not on top of his game. Both Barry and his past self were at his heels trying to grab or trip him.

After running around the cave it least five times the future speedster could himself start to tire (time travel can take a lot out of a person) so Wally decided that it would be best to change strategies so he skidded to a stop and tried to run the other direction. Unfortunately Barry caught his leg and tripped him up. Wally got back up and turned to face his past self and uncle.

"Who are you?" Present Flash yelled at the alleged 'imposter'.

Wally leaned against the wall and weighed his options, he knew he couldn't out run two speedsters in the condition.

"I can't tell you, but I'm not the villain." He defended and tried to bolt resulting in his past self punching his future self in the face. Instead of clutching his bleeding nose in pain, future Flash tried to punch Kid Flash but was stopped by Barry who had apparently grabbed a rope and tied his legs together causing him to fall on his already hurting face. Wally spit the blood out of his mouth and glared at past Wally and Barry.

"Dude, that so not cool." He protested as the past Flash and Kid Flash started to drag him back to the interrogation room.

"Damn." He muttered as he was pulled down the hall.

Nightwing was trying to out ninja his past self and Batman, which was not an easy task. Batman was fighting silently while Robin was throwing ninja stars and insults. Future Dick Greyson smirked inwardly at his past self's witty remarks.

Finally the dark knight caught Nightwing off guard and he could barley catch himself before he fell to the ground. At that moment the future protector of Budhaven decided that his best chance of getting out of the mountain was escaping from the brig or some other place with access to an air vent. So he aloud himself to be captured and taken in being that he was too tired to fight.

Artemis was firing and dodging arrows left and right. The future archer smirked at the already angry trio of archers firing at her and taunted.

"Nice shot twinkle toes, I could do better in my sleep." Even future Artemis couldn't resist the chance to mess with Roy. Roy turned a new shade of purple and fired more arrows at his elusive target.

"WHO ARE YOU!" Green Arrow furiously demanded. The future blonde smirked at her old mentor and went all Rafiki on him.

"I know who I am, but the question is who are you?" She snarked trying not to enjoy herself too much.

A vein threatened to pop out of Ollie's forehead as he fired more arrows at the intruder. It took all the future archer had not to burst out laughing as she dodged more arrows.

"Shut it blondie!" Past Artemis shouted and tried to charge her future self. Roy and GA sent out a flurry of arrows and Artemis dodged most of them, but one of the arrows caught her arm and broke skin.

Anger flashed through her as she charged both Arrows with speed her husband would be proud of after she took out her past self with her new heat-seeking knock out arrows. While Past Artemis was busy avoiding the heat-seeking arrows her future self was in all out battle with Roy and Ollie.

Superman strolled into Mt. Justice to respond to an emergency call made from the cave. He was expecting it to be some ruse sent to him by Canary or Batman even to get him to confront Superboy. The kryptoinian was not expecting to see Artemis running around being chased by some rocket arrow and GA and Roy fighting some woman in green, wait scratch that. The blonde lady in green threw Red Arrow against the wall and he was down for the count.

Ollie was still trying to fend off the woman when he noticed Superman standing there gawking at the chaos in confusion.

"Yo, super jackass a little help here!" GA yelled at the boyscout.

Clark took this as his cue to go and help the irate archer and pulled the violent woman off of him. He still could hear Artemis running for her life behind him.

The future Artemis was furious at the kryptonian as he pulled her off Ollie just before she was going to knock him out and make her escape out the zeta tubes. She was lividly yelling and trying to escape his iron grasp (she's too dignified to be kicking and screaming.)

"Let me go you kryptonian son of a bitch or I'm going to shove my kryptonite arrow so far up your….." Superman clamped his hand over her mouth because he really didn't want to hear the rest of that threat. He handcuffed her and put her in an interrogation room and went to go find Batman to see if he had a clue about what was going on. He could hear the blonde's cursing in the distance; she was yelling things that would even make the man of steel cringe.


After all four of the intruders were locked up in their own personal interrogation rooms the league members and their protégés all met up in the mission room to discuss the situation. The room was full of chatter until batman returned from collecting the blood sample on the floor to it least find out one of the intruder's identities. After the brooding dark knight walked through the door the room fell silent. On the big screen there was four video windows showing the footage of the four captured individuals. The one in the top hat was trying to pull her gag off. Another in black was trying to exit out of the impenetrable air vent. The guy dressed like Flash was pacing while holding a bloody tissue up to his broken nose. And the last one was trying to break out of her cuffs while cussing out Superman.

After analyzing the blood and checking it a million times, Batman finally came to the conclusion about the intruders, or should he say their protégé's future selves. Just to make sure his theory was right the dark knight assigned Canary, Flash and GA to interrogate the future goers while he interrogated the one he suspected of being his young protégé. And who said he didn't have a small twisted sense of "humor". So as he exited the mission room and headed towards the interrogation room, the other heroes followed.

And thus the interrogations began…


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