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So anyways I've kind of had this idea swirling around in my head, and I thought maybe my fans would like a new story although I could be wrong….

Anyways! This is kind of influenced by Supernatural.

And Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from the teen titans or the rights to the show, I do however own my own character who will be making a later appearance in this story and the idea for this story. (looks over at lawyer) are we good?


OK! So on with the story!

Rachel Roth sighed as she placed her head against the smooth glass window of her mother's car, gazing uncaringly at the passing scenery.


Looking up, the young teenager was met with the worried gaze of her mother.

"Are you ok dear?"

The girl nodded and replaced her head against the window.

Her mother sighed, and smiled. Turning back to the road, she called out, "Don't worry honey, we're going to love Oregon!"

Rachel only blinked in response as continued staring out the window.

Her mother only sighed again as she continued driving.

'Oh yes, it's going to be SOOO much fun Halsey Oregon, Population 905….now 907. I don't get it, why did we move from New York to a tiny little place in on the opposite side of the country?'

The teen sighed once more as she laid her head against the headrest and closed her eyes.

'this is going to be a long ride.' She mused.


The teen stirred and then fell back against the car seat.

"Rachel?" a voice coaxed gently.

Opening her eyes, Rachel was met with the gentle smile of her mother.

"Hey honey we're here."

Rubbing her eyes sleepily, the teen grabbed her backpack and slowly stepped out of the car.

Stepping out, she saw their new house.

Although she'd hate to admit it, it was a lot nicer than their old shabby apartment back in New York.

Stepping closer she allowed herself to bask in the beauty of her new home.

It was simple really, but also so very eloquent. Two stories, with a left-side tower-based spire, with a red-tiled roof and faded white paint. It was a plain old house, but Rachel loved it.

Her mother smiled at her daughter, laughing at her childlike awe and gently tugged her daughter forward.

"Come on Rachel you can marvel at our new house later. Right now it's late and you've got school tomorrow."

Nodding she walked up the steps of their new house and wandered up the second story house and found the perfect little room for herself, right in the left-side tower.

Sighing gratefully at the bed in the corner, the girl fell against her bed and closed her eyes. Snuggling into her pillow;

'New home, New school…..how bad could it be?

And with that the girl fell asleep.

Not sensing the ominous pair of glowing yellow eyes staring at her from the shadows.

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