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Chapter 6 of the Supernatural Casefiles of Garfield Logan!

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Parker Sighed, as he ran his hand over his face wearily.

"She's HIS daughter?" The southern man asked, to which Arella nodded.

"Big Red and Ugly?" to which she once again nodded,

"Evil Incarnate, Destroyer of Worlds, Harbinger of Death is her Daddy?" to which the older woman merely sighed before tiredly nodding

Devil groaned as he slumped against the wall, with his arms crossed.

"I need a drink."

Raven only looked on in shock as she processed the information she was given.

"My father's…a demon?" to which her mother nodded

"How?" the teen asked weakly.

The Sorceress looked up and saw her daughter was looking at her pleadingly while Parker subtly peaked at her from under his hat, his aura emanating curiosity.

"Sixteen years ago…" the woman wet her lips before continuing, "I was working with my coven to place a seal around the portal, but what we didn't notice was that we got the lunar calendar mixed up." Arella looked down as she recalled that horrid night from years ago and attempted to swallow the lump in her throat when she felt a rough hand grasp her around the waist.

Looking up she saw the face of Devil Hatfield smiling softly at her in sympathy and she offered back a timid grin as she continued on with her story.

"What we originally thought was the guardian moon, ended up being the moon of the hunter." She laughed bitterly. "How we mixed that up I'll never know, but…..the seal weakened enough for him to come out and…" the woman drew in a shaky breath as she continued, "He….killed all of my coven and….raped me…before I was able to cast a spell to once again seal him, but not before he said he would one day return…I never thought he meant he'd use you." She wept softy as Parker wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her against him.

Raven noticed this, and narrowed her eyes.

"How do you two know each other?"

The two adults looked up and looked at each other before Arella looked sheepish and Devil looked….well…devilish.

"Well….about eleven years ago or so I was in Kansas on a job hunting a wendigo when I ran into you and your mother who were camping down in the local forest"

The man grinned as the girl recalled that memory, remembering the nice man who had been helped them when their car broke down and was nice enough to lead them out of the forest when they began to hear loud humanlike growls.

Her eyes widened when she realized how close they were to death, and how he had stuck around for a little while after before taking off.

Timidly playing with the pendant he gave her years ago, she looked back up- feebly attempting to keep her glare-

"That still doesn't explain how you know my mother so well."

Parker grinned and looked over at the sorceress as her face began to heat up.

"Did you know your mother was a yoga instructor back then? I have to say….bendiest weekend of my life." The hunter stated with a devilish smirk as he flirtatiously winked at Arella.

Raven stared on, wide-eyed as she looked between the man and her mother and saw her mother's face blush bright red and a sheepish grin take over her face.

The teen just couldn't believe that her mom…..and this guy…..who….WAS…..rather attractive…..


Snapping out of it, the girl glared at him and pointed at him,

"Pervert!" she screamed.

The hunter just quirked an eyebrow at her

"Says the one who's been holding Gar's hand"

The girl looked down to see that she was indeed holding the tanned blonde's hand, before she rapidly released it and took a step away from him blushing.

"H-how l-long were you t-there?" she stammered out.

The boy- equally red- muttered, "Since your mom started talking about how you were conceived…you've been holding my hand since then."

The girl blushed a shade darker, as Devil grinned wolfishly.

"Arella and I are gonna go look for a solution for this whole 'Raven-Portal' thing, while we're gone don't get carried away with kissing ya hear?" The man's southern accent coming out thickly as he gave the blonde teen a thumbs' up and supportive wink

They both turned bright red, before the half-demon stammered.

"Me? Kiss him? Hell would freeze over before that happens!" but her remark was only met by loud, bellowing laughs. Making the girl cross her arms and pout

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