Long time no see.


'School days are the best days of your life'. That's what they say. People raise an eyebrow, laugh it off, ignore them completely and continue to live their lives. I, however, could truly appreciate this statement; they were the best days of my life. The friendships I had formed in those years at high school would be forever etched in my mind, a perfect picture of happiness… Though at a closer look, the edges were a little frayed. The happiness was evident, though there were hints of regret and sadness even then. What would it take for it to simply crack, shattering my memories in the process?

Despite never being a true social butterfly, I could spread my wings when necessary and developed the closest, most wonderful friendships a girl could ask for. We were awesome. We were infinite.

This is not a story of sadness, though it is not of happiness either. This is the story of the road trip that saved my life, the loves, laughs and memories along the way, enjoying every second and finally feeling infinite.

A bell chimed, quickly followed by the echoes of absentminded pupils - each more eager to get to lunch than the next. Our close-knit group was no exception, we speedily walked through the crowded hallways in order to try and snag one of the best spots, our spot. That simple patch of grass, warm without being in direct sunlight, shaded by trees in the rain and adorned with tiny purple flowers, had heard enough secrets to last a lifetime. It was our safe place, anything could be whispered there, advice was offered, problems were solved. Private, secluded and perfect, it was our place. Others didn't even attempt to intrude.

Picking at a salad, my mind began to wander. Our creative writing teacher had set an essay, though I still wasn't certain on what to write about. Millions of angles, styles and content began to flood my mind when I was suddenly broken from my trance by a small piece of fruit, its sticky residue now sliding down my face.

'What the hell?' I snapped, looking around for the culprit… It didn't take too long. A few centimetres away I spied Emmet, silently laughing into a sandwich.

"Nice." I narrowed my eyes at him, a small smile toying at my lips.

As if my smile was the signal he had been waiting for, he finally let out a loud, booming laugh that echoed from the trees. Still laughing, he threw his arm around an unsuspecting Rosalie, she then proceeded to shrug him off and hit him in the arm.

"I'm sorry Bella, we were just talking about prom and you completely spaced out."

"Yeah, where did you go just now?" Alice chimed in. Alice had been my best friend since I had moved to Forks at just five years old. She hadn't seen the confused child that I was, still impacted from my parents' divorce, she had seen a person whom she could befriend and help. I am still grateful to this day for Alice Brandon, for if it wasn't for her I would never have met the others that made my life worthwhile. With her cropped, raven black pixie cut, jade green eyes and petite figure one thing was certain - Alice was beautiful. However, she also managed to maintain a beautiful interior too. I had never met a kinder person, her warm inviting nature inherited from her Mother.

"Just thinking about that essay. What about prom?"

"We need to get dresses?" Rosalie laughed, a beautiful chiming laugh. If Alice wasn't enough to make me feel plain and awkward, Rosalie pushed me over the edge. She was Alice's neighbour, a friend out of convenience that grew to be my sister. Despite her supermodel looks and unbelievable beauty, she was one of the most genuine girls I knew and the most loyal friend a girl could desire.

"Prom. Ew." I wrinkled my nose at the thought of flouncing dresses and awkward dances, still wiping fruit juice from my cheek.

"Shut up Swan, just because no one will ask your sorry ass." he laughed. Edward Cullen. Heartbreaker with the crooked grin since we could walk. He taught me how to play guitar, took me to concerts, drew all over my wall and defended me at every twist and turn of life.

"Coming from you? That's hilarious." I glared, though every single person in our little group was completely aware that Edward would be going to prom. He was gorgeous. Girls became hypnotised by his emerald green eyes, captivated by his powerful jaw line and followed him everywhere. It was annoying, but slightly hilarious at times.

"Why pay all that money just for one night? I'd rather do something worthwhile with the time." I stated, raising my eyebrow at Emmett who was still trying to capture Rosalie's attention.

"What'cha thinking Swan?" Edward asked. I thought for a moment, considering the possibilities that would be available with all that money.

They all looked at me expectantly as I racked my brains for a decent suggestion.

"Well, um-"

"ROADTRIP!" Emmett interrupted, well, it was better than anything I had come up with. I decided to go with it.

"Exactly! wouldn't you rather spend the months before college driving around with your friends than stressing about dresses and stuff?" I asked them, Alice looked shocked at the mere thought of abandoning prom.

"No! Prom is a rite of passage Isabella Swan. You will be going." Alice said, grabbing my arm to ensure that I was listening. Sighing, I went back to my salad.

As the prom discussions continued, Edward and I retreated to our own little bubble, sharing earphones as we talked.

"Would you really do that? Just drive away and see what happens?" he stared at me with his big green eyes, forcing me to lose my train of thought.

"What? Um, yeah. Yes I would." I began pulling at a strand of hair, desperate for any sort of distraction from his eyes.

"What if I said I wanted to come with you?"

"Really?" I stared at him in disbelief.

"Yes. I have some money saved up, we could do it you know. Driving around the country with my best friend, it would be perfect." he nudged me with his arm.

"If you're serious, meet me by the tree next to my house at midnight. We could actually do this, but we need a plan."

The bell rang once again, signalling that it was time to retreat back to the boredom that was our education. My afternoon, however, sped by thanks to the thoughts of potential escape.

We planned the trip. Met up at midnight, put our money together, loaded his car and decided to leave on the night of prom. After a route was drawn up we even started making budget plans and play lists for the journey. I was going to tour America with my best friend, it was crazy. My only regret was that Alice, Emmett and Rosalie wouldn't be going with us. I talked to Alice and Rose and simply told the I wasn't going to prom because it made me think about my Mother and how she wouldn't be able to share the experience with me. I hated to make them feel guilty, but I had to get them off my back.

I felt my excitement begin to bubble at the thought of running away with Edward, creating new memories and seeing new places, it would be perfect. We had all started planning our futures, college and such, travelling with Edward would be the perfect goodbye.

Prom night came. I dressed in simple skinny jeans, Smiths t-shirt and a hoodie. Then, as 7:30pm came around I slipped on my Chucks and waited outside by my tree, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Edward and our trip.

8:00pm came. I sat at the base of the tree, humming a song to myself.

8:30pm came. I began doodling on my Chucks.

9:30pm came. I began to get stiff from sitting too long and decided to wait on the street for a little while, so I could see him come down the road.

10:30am came. I woke up on the couch, Charlie must have carried me in. I went outside to see two things… One: All of the stuff I had put in Edward's car for the trip. My guitar, my backpack, my suitcase, everything. Two: The local morning paper decorated with the headline 'FORKS HIGH SCHOOL PROM A SUCCESS' and a large shot of Tanya Denali in her prom dress, looking blissfully happy and gazing into the camera… Dancing with Edward.

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