Chapter Four: Who are you? I just don't know you anymore.

Ringo stared at his reflection in the mirror. He was wearing a suit that he knew didn't fit him quite right. Bridget wouldn't mind, she was never one to care too much about fashion. But for some reason he had to do his best to make the funeral perfect. Showing up in an ill-fitting suit would not make things perfect, but it was all he had.

"You ready?" Rachel asked fastening her necklace as she stepped into his room "we've got to get going soon or we'll be late" she looked as stunning as ever in the knee length black dress she was wearing. He shook his head, he shouldn't think about that right now.

"Yeah" he said catching one final look at himself in the mirror "I'm ready"

"Things will work out" Rachel said as they walked towards the front door "you'll see, everything will work out"

Ringo knew she didn't believe it, that she was only saying it for his benefit. He smiled and nodded anyway.


Almost a quarter of Erinsborough High was packed into the church. There were people standing many rows back. The murder of Bridget Parker was a big thing for Erinsborough. Many people patted Donna, Declan, Rachel and Ringo on the shoulder or the arm as a sign of sympathy and comfort as the four of them passed through the rows of people. Mrs. Parker had insisted they all sit up the front row "It's how she would've wanted it" she said.

"Hello" Donna greeted when Ringo and Rachel took their seats up front with Donna and Declan, her voice was monotone, her face void of any expression.

"Hi" Rachel replied keeping her eyes straight ahead at the large photos of Bridget. There was even a photo of Bridget from the night she went missing; the very last picture there would ever be alive. She looked happy, her arms slung around Donna and Rachel.

Rachel could remember Bridget going on about how the future would be bright for all of them.

If only she could see how things turned out.


"Well that was...sad" Donna said when they all gathered out the front of the church once the funeral ended.

"Funeral's usually are" Rachel replied tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She refused to look anyone in the eye instead staring down at her shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. Four phones went off almost simultaneously.

"I'm still here and I know everything B x" Donna read from her phone, the others nodding to show they'd received the same message.

"Everything?" Ringo repeated "what does that mean?"

"It means this person is a freakin' stalker" Rachel snapped "why us?"

"Look, we've got nothing to worry about guys" Declan assured them "it's not like we've got any huge secrets that she can tell, right?"

Ringo face suddenly turned from angry to nervous and guilty. He had a secret, one that he couldn't let become public.

"Right, so Charlie's?" Donna said cheering up and clapping her hands together.


Rachel stopped Ringo as he was about to follow Declan and Donna into Charlie's.

"I just wanted to say" she said nervously "that what you told me the other day, I won't tell anyone okay"

"B might" Ringo grunted. Rachel rolled her eyes, she was so sick of this 'B'. Why was this person doing this to them. She couldn't think of a single thing they could've done to make some hate them all so bad

"B doesn't know" she reminded him "just because she says she knows all our secrets doesn't mean she does"

She rubbed his arm comfortingly when he didn't reply.

"Even if your secret gets out you'll still have me and Zeke and Donna and..."

"I know" he interrupted smiling at her "now come on, they're probably waiting for us inside"


"How are you two?" Susan asked when Ringo and Rachel walked through the front door of number twenty eight. They'd spent hours at Charlie's playing pool with Donna and Declan. Things still seemed a little frosty between Donna and Ringo after their breakup but they both seemed to be trying to get along.

"Tiered" Rachel replied slipping her coat off her shoulders "it's been a long day"

"Yeah me too" Ringo nodded slipping into the bedroom he shared with Zeke.

"How are you really?" Susan asked once Ringo left the room "with being back and the whole Bridget thing?"

"I'm coping" Rachel told her smiling at her step-mother. She was coping, she wasn't about to break down and cry but she wasn't to just get over it.

"Are you sure?" Susan asked rising from the couch where she'd been sitting and heading towards Rachel. She nodded and smiled again.

"Yeah, yeah I am"


Donna received another text from the mysterious 'B' that night.

They say blondes have more fun. Want to find out? Be at Rose Street Dinner in Eden Hills tomorrow at 5pm.


The text was again from an unknown number. She'd already concluded that 'B' was not a person to be messed with. After all she had all their phone numbers and apparently knew all their secrets. There was only one way to deal with this, she would just have to be in Eden Hills tomorrow at 5.