Why am I writing today!

I have not have a time to spare my Fanfic Resident Evil: Salvation because I'm now back to school and some assignments are really headaches.

But I'm not stopping myself from writing one-shot lemons of every characters that I might find interesting!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

This should be the continuation of my fanfic 'The Moon on the Water'.

Well it's as it should be a long story but I should make it still a one-shot

Where is he?

Clare opened her eyes to see herself in an inn, Raki was nowhere to be found.

"Raki?" she called as she saw a figure turning around her with a gaze of comfort. "You're awake" Raki said as he went towards her then kissed her on her lips, Clare returned it by pulling him towards her.

I can't let him leave me again.

I don't want to be completely lost myself in searching him all over again, all I wanted is to be with him.

"You wont wait" Raki said as he returned his kiss at the silver-eyed witch below, it was like the night they had in the stream, the night they still both remembered.

Clare smiled as she get herself naked but, Raki held her hands "let me do it" he said as he began to hold her soft and firm breast, still clothed yet about to be naked, he played those silver blond locks of hers then began to strip her naked, gently and kind, like the time they did on the lake.

Even if Death will come between us I will fight him, I will chase him away or let him take me than him, I would rather die with him.

They began to make-out on what it was all worth for, the day seems to slow down like the horses of the night has slowed their pace to change the night from day.

"I love you Clare" Raki said as he kissed her neck, her lower jaw and her collarbone. Every skin of Clare's body was worshiped by the man above her.

She remembered what Ilena had said to her, all claymores looked young but they age only through years but their looks never changed, she shivered a little as Raki caressed her soft and smooth cheeks, unlined by age and the grime of war.

"I love you too Raki" That was her reply to him as Raki thrust inside her and they began to moan in pure bliss, in such ecstasy that Clare remembered during her awakening in Rabonna.

Oh God of Rabonna hear mine plea!

Save this young man whom I love the most.

may he be saved from death's scythe instead take me for I'm one of the impure people's you had vanquished.

If you are real grant this only plea that I prayed to you

Moans and groans of pleasure was heard in the whole room, no one not even the innkeeper could believe it! Who was this youngsters playing in the fire, it was bad for business to him but still as long as he got paid he wouldn't mind their business.

Galatea noticed it, ever since she felt it to in the night, the instant turn of pain, pleasure and contentment swelled in the only yoki she knew.

This is it!

A little awkward doing it in a place they didn't own!

Well I set this after that fanfic I made!

'Moon on the Water'

well actually it was a song!

Miko 56

P.S. To all the people who knew about the RE: SALVATION I'll continue it when I had the time!

My teachers are a little torturing by the way!

but no pain, no gain!

P.P.S. To People who read my Fable of the Hero of New York, I might continue it!