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Punch-Out! Second Round

Chapter 15: Loch Ness Beatdown

Mac, Doc, and Megan walked out into the Neo World HQ lobby and plopped down on the couch. "WHOO! Hard to believe I'm almost at the Neo World Championship!" Mac said, psyched.

"Once a Champ, always a Champ, Mac baby! I knew you'd rise to the top the moment you fought Jake Massie!" Doc told him.

"I was right to idolize you, Mac. You're not just strong, but you're also kind. Not arrogant like a lot of boxers." Megan said with a smile. All of a sudden, Megan was poked on the top of the head. "HEY!"

"You mean like him?" Mac asked, pointing at who was behind her. Megan looked up to come face-to-face with a tanned face that had a gold tooth and gray hair. He was wearing a red muscle shirt and red shorts.

Megan's nose scrunched. "Super Macho Man. Of all people, it had to be you."

Super Macho Man looked confused. "Ouch. Safe to say you're not a fan of me." He said, removing his finger from her head. He looked at Mac and smirked. "Mac, I think you're moving through the ranks faster than you did the first time! Keep up the sweet work, Little Dude!"

Mac smiled. "Thanks. By the way, how's your publicity been since your new merchandise venture?"

"Through the roof, Mac! People love it!" Macho Man said. "Check it out!" He pulled out a T-shirt that showed him missing an opponent with a left uppercut, but he was still grinning. The words "Release the BOGUS!" were printed on the shirt.

Doc took one look at the shirt and started laughing. "HA HA HA HA! You turned that little slip-up into money?"

"What can I say? Release the Bogus took off on the Internet!" Macho Man bragged. "I see how popular it gets, and dollar signs hit the eyes!"

Megan looked at the shirt. "Not bad, actually."

"Well, hate to cut this short, but I got a gig to go to!" Macho Man said. "Good luck in the next fight, Mac! And make sure to Release the Bogus!" Mac laughed at him, and Macho Man signed off before leaving.

*The Next Day*

Mac hopped into the ring, Doc and Megan nearby. However, when he turned around to see his opponent, he was in for a shock.

Boxer Stats: Loch Ness Brawnster

Rank: Neo World #1

Fight Record: 29-3 (28 KO)

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 312 lbs.

Age: 36

Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland

Signature Move: The Nessie Bite, The Thirsty Rage

Rendition of Punch-Out theme: Dominant bagpipes with accompanying whistles (flute whistles, not mouth whistles) and guitars

Starting Heart Count: 24

*Pre-fight Slideshow*

Scene 1: Loch Ness Brawnster showing off a castle on the Loch Ness in Scotland as tour guide, a few tourists being comedically afraid of him.

Scene 2: Loch Ness Brawnster acting scared along with the tourists when the Loch Ness Monster seemingly rises from the lake.

Scene 3: Loch Ness Brawnster leaps at Nessie, clamping down on its neck with his hands.

Scene 4: Loch Ness Brawnster looking confused as he looks at half of Nessie's neck, which is laying in front of him on Nessie's back, circuitry coming out of it. The tourists in the background can be seen cheering.

*End Slideshow*

The round display showed that it was Round 1.

Mac's vision was only seeing the midsection of the opponent. His skin was dark, and he had on inky green gloves and plaid trunks. His chest muscles, as Mac noted, were highly developed, and his abs… not as much. Realizing he couldn't see the head, he slowly looked up, finally seeing the head, which had red hair, a red beard, and a cocky grin. The HUGE man bent down slightly. "Get READY ta get FLATTENED, lad!" He said, a thick accent in his voice before he put up his dukes, which actually hung near his stomach. Mac gulped.

"He's big, he's strong, he's really dumb! Let's make sure he's unwelcome! Go, Mac!" Megan cheered.

The referee then got in. "Fight!"

"Caber…" He rose his right arm up, though not by much considering he already towered over Mac. "Toss!" His arm came down and slammed Mac off guard. It HURT. "Ha ha!" He rose his left arm, though he followed through in a fluid motion rather than stalling. This time, however, Mac dodged. "Huh?!" With him off guard, Mac attempted to punch him head, but Brawnster was too tall, so his fists hit his chest. Unfortunately, even though he pulled off four hits, Brawnster laughed as if he couldn't feel a thing.

'Okay, that's not gonna work.' Mac thought. Apparently Brawnster found it funny, as he let out another loud and confident laugh, not even bothering to cover his body. Mac saw a yellow glint, however, and socked his chest again, earning himself a Star.

Star Count: 1

"Caber…" The right overhead was coming, but Mac dodged it. "Oh boy." Mac then decided to try something different and directed his punches to Brawnster's stomach. While these seemed to do better than the chest (making him groan and cough up ale with each hit), he didn't seem to be fazed that much. "Ha ha!" Another left overhead came, which Mac dodged. "Wuh oh!" Four more hits to the stomach followed. "Ha ha!" Mac dodged this left overhead as well. "Uhh!" Four more stomach hits.

'OK, now I know how to do this.' Mac thought.

"Caber…" A right overhead was about to come, but Mac took a chance and jabbed his chest, which earned him a Star.

Star Count: 2

"Caber…" Mac dodged the right overhead when he launched it. "GAH!" Mac dealt three punches to his stomach, then gathered his Stars into his fist for a Star Punch. However, the punch nailed him in the chest, and Brawnster merely laughed heartily (though he still seemed to take damage). "What was THAT s'posed ta be?!" He bellowed.

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 13/16 of max.

Star Count: 0

'Barely did a thing!' Mac thought, scared.

"Ha ha!" He was caught off guard with a left overhead. This guy had some power. "Caber…" Mac got his head on straight and dodged. "Oh boy." Four hits to the stomach ensued. "Caber…" Mac dodged again. "GAH!" Mac got an idea and willingly punched his chest four times, Brawnster laughing it off. This made Brawnster laugh heartily again, so Mac socked him for a Star.

Star Count: 1

"Ha ha!" Mac dodged the incoming overhead. "Huh?!" Four punches to the stomach followed. "Caber…" Mac counterpunched for a Star.

Star Count: 2

"Ha ha!" The incoming overhead was dodged. "Wuh oh!" Three punches to the stomach followed, then Mac unleashed a second two-Star Punch. This time, Brawnster stumbled slightly, and let out a let out a loud burp, followed by another laugh.

Loch Ness Brawnster "Knockdowns": 1

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 10/16 of max.

Star Count: 0

Round Time Left: 0:45

Brawnster suddenly let out a roar. "Cower, ya wee beastie!" Then he swung his arms around until both his hands were lined up with Mac's head, then his hands clamped down. Mac couldn't react in time and was nailed. HARD.

'Ngh… That must be the Nessie Bite.' Mac thought.

Little Mac Stamina: 1/8 of max.

"Haggis!" A left uppercut nailed Mac off guard, sending him to the mat and making the huge Scotsman laugh out loud again.

Little Mac Knockdowns: 1

1! 2! 3! 4!

Mac pulled himself up by the ropes, moving back into position. "Come on, come on! Fight!"

Little Mac Stamina: 7/8 of max.

Mac managed to survive the rest of the round, but didn't do much damage. The bell rang, ending the round.

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 8.5/16 of max.


"I'll make HAGGIS outta ya, ya wee puke!" Brawnster bellowed to Mac while sitting on a log bench with a confident grin.

"Mac, the Nessie Bite looks brutal, but if you dodge it, he'll be WIDE open!" Doc said, Megan icing Mac's wounds.

*End Intermission*

The round display showed that it was Round 2.

Brawnster stood up and easily picked up his bench, hurling it right past the crowd and out an open door. "NOW, you're gonna GET IT!" He snarled, glaring at Mac.

The referee got in. "Fight!"

"Ha ha!" The left overhead came, but Mac dodged. "Wuh oh!" Four hits followed to the stomach. "Haggis!" Mac dodged the incoming uppercut. "GAH!" Five hits to the stomach followed. "Caber…" When the uppercut came, Mac counterpunched.

Star Count: 1

"Cower, ya wee beastie!" Brawnster whipped his arms around for the Nessie Bite. Mac noticed that it was practically a vertical Bear Hug, but it left the sides completely open. When he began to clamp, Mac quickly sidestepped. "Huh?!" As a result of missing, Brawnster ended up bending over, leaving his head exposed.

'Now I gotcha!' Mac thought, punching Brawnster in the head finally. The attack made him recoil, but when he looked back at Mac, he glared and roared before raising his arm up for an overhead. Mac quickly dodged, but another one quickly followed. His heart beating, Mac dodged the second overhead, then a third one. When the third one was finished, Brawnster bent over and started panting. Seeing the opportunity, Mac started punching his head, getting out five punches before deciding to use his Star Punch, socking him hard on the only body part he couldn't work out. After recoiling, he let out a loud burp and laugh.

Loch Ness Brawnster "Knockdowns": 1

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 1/4 of max.

Star Count: 0

Round Time Left: 2:23

"I'll stomp ya!" Brawnster's arm reared back before slamming Mac off guard with a powerful jab. "Haggis!" A following uppercut also nailed Mac. "Caber…" This time, Mac dodged the incoming overhead. "Uhh!" Four hits to the stomach followed. "Ha ha!" Another dodged overhead. "Oh boy." Four more stomach hits, making him recoil, burp, and laugh.

Loch Ness Brawnster "Knockdowns": 2

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 3/16 of max.

Round Time Left: 1:47

"Time for a pint!" All of a sudden, Brawnster reached over and swiped a glass mug filled with some kind of drink and started chugging it quickly, letting out a burp and tossing the mug when he was done.

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 7/16 of max.

"What the?!" Mac cried.

"Ha ha!" He was too shocked to dodge the incoming overhead, being nailed. "Caber…" Mac managed to counterpunch the incoming attack.

Star Count: 1

"Cower, ya wee beastie!" The Nessie Bite was incoming, but Mac managed to dodge, forcing Brawnster to bend over. "GAH!" Mac socked him once in the head, causing him to fly into a rage. He went for one, two, three, and finally four overheads, but Mac managed to dodge each one. While he panted for breath, Mac punched him seven times before charging his Star and delivering a HARSH Star Punch to the head, though he didn't even lift off the mat.

Loch Ness Brawnster Stamina: 1/16 of max.

"Time for a pint!" When Mac saw the mug come in, he quickly punched up, knocking the mug and the drink away. Brawnster quickly snapped to Mac with a glare. "Ya little rat!" He quickly started going at Mac with a barrage of overheads, but Mac dodged them all, Brawnster tiring out while bent over. Mac quickly unleashed his attacks, but he only got out three hits, as the final hit caused him to actually hop off the mat an inch. Brawnster's loud voice began laughing loudly again, as if the attack didn't even phase him, scaring Mac. All of a sudden, his laughter became slightly ragged, becoming more and more ragged as he moved. Eventually, his laughter slowed down to a groan as he fell onto his rear before falling completely on his back.


*Cue Loch Ness Brawnster's variant of the victory theme*

Mac gave a weak laugh to the crowd, starting to stumble from his injuries. "I got ya!" Megan said as she quickly grabbed him to help him up. The two of them smiled at each other before Mac held up a fist in victory.

*After the Match* *Cue Loch Ness Brawnster's version of the after-match theme*

"I gotta be honest, I didn't think you'd do it, but ya did it, baby!" Doc Louis told him. "That's the spirit I like to see!"

Unused Quotes

*Reaction to Star Punch hitting Chest*



"NOBODY tosses the Brawnster!"

*Win Match*

Brawnster, despite his huge size, did a spirited highland jig, laughing his hearty laugh the whole time.

Unused Little Megan Cheer

"This guy might look tall and tough, but I bet he's nothing but fluff!"

Doc Louis Tips

"Mac, you'd need a stepladder to hit this guy in the face... better work those hooks!"

"The bigger they are, the harder they HIT! Keep outta his way!"

"Mac, you might wanna save your star punch on this guy. He looks TOUGH. Use it too soon, and he'll LAUGH at ya!"

"Mac, punching pecs won't do ya ANY good! Lay off the jibber jabber, here!"

"Mac, Happy hour's over! Find SOME way to keep him from holding his ale down!"

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