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*Ring, ring* My alarm clock rang. I groaned and threw it against the wall opposite my bed. 'Stupid alarm clock,' I muttered under my breath.

I threw my blanket on the floor and went to my closet. I picked out a blue tank top and a pair of shorts. I went to check my phone and realized I got a message. 'Dad wants you at the headquarters, Kat. Latest 10.45am, don't be late,' the message read. It was from my older brother, Ken/Kenneth.

I grew up in a family of gangsters. My dad is the leader of one of the most capable gangs, West Threats, and when my dad retires, Ken and I would take over as gang leaders. My mum was just an average girl my dad married and later divorced. Housewives and gang leaders just don't get along well.

I went into the shower and after about ten minutes, I was done. I changed into the clothes i prepared and took a black leather jacket lying on my desk. I took my gun, put on safety, and put it in my jacket. My waist-long hair was wet and it cascaded down my back. I went downstairs and ate some cereal.

The gang headquarters was a few blocks down the road and I could just easily walk there in three minutes. I washed the bowl, dried it, and went upstairs to grab my cellphone. I left the house and locked the door.

It was a beautiful day; the Sun was shining down on me, the azure blue sky was filled with birds, the breeze drying my hair, the sound of the trees rustling… and someone just had to ruin it's beauty, by crashing into me on his bike.

I immediately whipped my gun out of my jacket, took off safety, and aimed it at the guy. He was quite good-looking, with styled blonde hair covering his blue eyes. He brushed his hair out of the way, and gasped when he saw he was at gun point. He put his hands up in surrender and gulped. I realized he was just a cyclist who had accidentally bumped into me. 'Sorry. Natural instinct,' I said and put the safety back on, returning the gun back into my jacket. He slowly put his hands down and forced a chuckle, 'Hey. Sorry about that. Wasn't really watching where I was going,' he mumbled, looking down at his feet. Suddenly, he looked up and looked at me from head to toe. 'What's a beautiful girl like you doing with a gun?' He asked, suddenly curious. 'Erm, nothing,' I muttered. Now it was my turn to look at the ground. He approached me warily, as if expecting me to pounce. 'Hey you. I'm not gonna bite,' I said. He gingerly reached out and put his hand under my chin, making me look at him. 'Seriously? A gun?' He asked, reading my expression. I pushed his hand away and nodded, looking down. I checked my watch, shit. It was 10.39am. if I didn't hurry up, I'd be late and would definitely get it from Ken. I mean, he wouldn't shout at me, maybe just get my group mates to tickle me. I have a soft spot for tickles. 'Look, I'm gonna be late. We haven't introduced ourselves, you know. I'm Katniss,' I said, extending my hand. 'It's Jake,' he said, shaking my hand. 'I gotta go now. Nice meeting you,' I said and turned around to go. It suddenly felt warm so I took off my jacket. 'Hey, Katniss?' Jake asked. 'Hmm?' I asked, turning around. 'Why is your arm bandaged?' He asked, walking towards me and slowly reaching for my left forearm. I immediately put on my jacket, remembering about my bullet wound. 'It's nothing,' I shrugged it off and turned around, running towards the headquarters.

My forearm got shot in a fight about a week ago. I was shot by the gang's enemy, The Daggers, leader's son, Cato. But I had managed to shoot him in the leg. If you actually put aside the fact that he was an enemy, he was actually quite good-looking. And muscular. You could see all the abs under the tight-fitted shirts he always wore. I shook that picture out of my mind and looked at my watch. Fuck. 10.44am.

I ran in and bumped into my brother waiting at the entrance for me. 'What took you so long?' He asked. 'Some dude called Jake crashed into me on his bike. He held me up. Even checked me out and called me beautiful,' I muttered. 'Mike's not gonna like it,' he said. Mike, or Michael, is my boyfriend who is in the same group as me in the gang. My group mates, Matt/Matthew, Mike's older brother, Mike, Will/William and Walk/Walker(identical twins), Ty/Tyler and Zach/Zachary, all ran up to me and hugged me when they saw me. We always hugged everytime we met. Oh yeah, I'm pretty much the only girl in the whole gang. Mike picked me up and spun me around. He pecked me on the lips when Ken said, 'My sis got checked out and called pretty by a random dude named Jake, Mike. Watch her for me.' Mike's blue eyes showed a hint of anger for a while but they disappeared when I tip-toed and kissed him. I had to tip-toe because he was a good foot taller than me. He wrapped his muscular arms around my slender waist and pulled me tightly against his body. I wrapped my arms around his neck when suddenly, I heard Matt shout, 'Get a room, lil' bro!' I pulled away, blushing, and everyone started laughing.

'Hey! Give it back!' Mike shouted, running towards Ty who had apparently taken his phone while we were kissing. 'Why? Have something secretive inside?' Zach shouted to him. Will, Walk, and Zach caught up to Mike and held him back as Ty flipped open Mike's phone and scrolled through his messages. Matt stood beside Ty, interested in what his younger brother had written. 'Wow… so many draft messages… I wonder what for?' Matt said. I smirked and placed my arms across my chest as I watched Mike thrashing about, shouting, 'No!' This was getting interesting. Ken did the same thing, putting his arms across his chest, watching in amusement. When Ty started reading the messages out loud, I stopped smirking and blushed. I looked down at my feet, while everyone else was laughing at Mike for being such a sweet boyfriend. Apparently, one of the messages read: Hey Kat. Erm, I was just texting to… you know, tell you how much I LOVE you…

Another read: Hey darling. You know that I love you, but I just have to say it again. I. LOVE. YOU.

The rest of the draft messages were adressed to me and all about how much Mike loved me. Will, Walk and Zach let go of Mike and pushed him towards me. Mike put his hand on the back of his neck and blushed, looking down. I wrapped my arms around hisneck and gently pecked him on the lips. He moved his hands to my slender waist and pulled me tightly against him. He leaned forward for another kiss when i heard someone clear their throat.

I let go of Mike and he did the same, and saw my dad standing there with his arms across his chest. 'Oops,' Ken said. I looked down, blushing, and Mike moved his hands back to his neck, blushing. I could tell my dad was still staring at me and glaring at Mike.

Suddenly, Nic/Nicholas, from Ken's group, came running up to Ken and said, 'Hey Ken. BIG trouble. Chris and Sam are fighting again.' Chris/Christopher and Sam/Samuel were in Ken's group. They always fought and my father was planning on changing groups.

'Thanks Nic,' i thought. If Nic hadn't interupted, i would be in an awkward position. My dad doesn't actually trust Mike that much when i'm involved. But during work, my dad always trusts Mike 100%. My dad turned to Mike and gave him a glare before turning towards Nic and followed him to wherever Chris and Sam were fighting.

I looked at everyone sheepishly and Ken just shook his head. Matt burst into laughter and soon everyone followed. Mike wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. Out of the blue, Matt said, 'Lil' bro, next time you see Jake, remember to beat him up.' Everyone started laughing again and Mike and Ty hi-fived. I sighed and made my way to my office.

My dad gave Ken and me our own offices for chilling out and relaxing when we didn't have to work. In fact, the last time i went fighting was a week ago, the time i got shot. I usually go every three days. I guess my dad was afraid i was goung to get shot again. I'm usually very careful, just that i was caught off guard. I was thinking about Mike when Cato shot me.

Just as i was about to open the door to my office, i heard a gun shot.