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"You're late, Kaname." The silver haired pureblood whispered lazily in the dark surroundings of the room. He was sitting against the big window, the breeze lightly rustling his hair, his milky skin glowing under the moonlight.

"I'm sorry." A pair of garnet orbs shone under the moon as he made his presence known. As he bowed, his wavy dark brown locks moved elegantly to frame his face.

"I called you twice." Lilac orbs slowly made their way towards the hunter; a flicker of anger passing through before disappearing.

"I was on a mission."

The pureblood stared at him before standing up and making his way towards the hunter; moving so elegantly across the floor as if he was floating.

"I called you… twice." He repeated. His voice was low and sultry, yet laced with poison.

Kaname stopped himself from flinching.

A hand made its way to clasp Kaname's shoulder while the other played with black tie. Kaname could feel the cold air against his throat as the pureblood nuzzled against his neck, taking in his scent before exhaling.

'RUSTLE' his tie was thrown to the floor, forgotten.

'TUD' he heard a button fall on the floor; if he had to guess, it was from his shirt.

'TUD' another button became the pureblood's sharp talon's victim.

"… Are you mad, Zero?" the hunter asked, hissing when the pureblood's cold finger brushed against his warm skin.

As soon as he asked, the room became silent, everything stilled.

Zero gazed at the hunter, smiling innocently while his dark aura crackled behind him, his fingers wrapping around one of the hunter's shirt collars. "No." he said calmly before tearing the hunter's shirt.

His eyes turned red, glaring at the human. "I'm furious!" he growled before sinking his sharp fangs into the hunter's smooth neck.

Kaname hissed, feeling the pain tremendously. Zero wasn't being gentle with him. He was taking big gulps each time before retracting his fangs and sinking them back in, breaking more skin.

Kaname reached up and gripped the pureblood's sleeves, trying to stable himself. He was starting to feel dizzy all of sudden.

He felt energy slowly leaving his body.

Not long after, his knees buckled.

Zero pulled out his fangs and smirked at the cloudy wine orbs looking up at him.

"You shouldn't be lying, Kaname. I know everything. You cannot escape from me."

The hunter looked up confused, as if he had no idea what the pureblood was talking about.

He continued to smile and leaned down, pressing his lips against the hunter's ear to whisper, "You're mine, mine alone forever."

He chuckled when he felt the hunter tense.

'I'll never let you go after what you did.'


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