Please remember I have not seen any of Season two so I don't know if anything I have written here is in complete disregard of things we have learned. As a result please don't tell me if I'm wrong just consider it AU.

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Nick had no idea what to do with that piece of information.

Captain Sean Renard his regent? Renard was a Wesen?

Nick put his fork down, nodded once to his mother and left the house.

He assumed he was driving randomly until he found himself sitting in front of Elly's. He really wasn't surprised though. It seemed he went to Elly's whenever things were stressful in his life. He couldn't pinpoint the exact moment she because his best friend but he was pleased he had someone he could be completely honest with. Nick had always assumed he would spend his life doing the right thing that he would never find himself hiding information in a murder investigation. Yet here he was again and he found himself with a friend who knew he was doing it and was being supportive. As he sat looking at his front door he knew Elly was the one who'd help him bury the proverbial body but then she already had hacking off that Reaper's head. Nick started his car again and pulled away from the kerb, Elly wasn't the right person for this though. For this he needed to know what was written about Regents in the trailer.

Nick drove like he had when he'd first moved the trailer, he found himself deliberately checking for tails, taking a more complicated route than he really needed in order to get there. Finally he let himself into his aunt's trailer and started looking at the few books which were actually about Grimms. In one he knew there was a family tree, he'd found it when he'd first started looking and even though he didn't need to he opened to the correct page and found the pen he used when writing in the Grimm books. He very carefully crossed out the date of death and the cause – 'car accident' so innocuous on the same page as 'eviscerated by Jägerbar' and 'beheaded by Reaper' but it had fit with the entry he'd made under his aunt's name – 'cancer'. Nick shook his head and started looking, he'd read these before but he hadn't needed to look for Regents then, hadn't even known they existed.

He had finished with the first book when there was a knock on the door. Nick reached for his gun and his first thought was that his mother had found him. The dread that accompanied that thought made him both weary and guilty. He had always followed his instincts but he didn't like what his instincts were telling him about his mother. Nick stood and tugged the side of the curtain over so he could see out but whoever was out there wouldn't be able to see much of the interior of the trailer. Elly was standing on the other side waiting for him patiently, at the flick of the curtains she smiled and held up a covered dish.

Nick pulled his hand back and opened the door letting her inside while he went back and slid the gun back into its hiding place.

"I saw you outside my house but you were gone when I opened the door. Figured you'd be here since something drove you from your house."

"You brought pie," Nick said.

"Seemed like it might be needed. Coffee too and I have some whiskey in the car if we really need it."

Nick laughed. "Thanks Elly."

"What happened?"

"Captain Renard is my Regent apparently so now I need to find out what a Regent is. My mother told me they are ones who tell the Grimms what to do and who to do it to. That fits only in so far as Renard hands out the cases but he's never said anything and…I need more information."

"Okay," Elly said putting her things down. "Which books am I looking in?"

"I have the ones that deal with anything to do with Grimms but they may be mentioned in other volumes."

"Sounds like a delightful way to spend the evening."

"You don't need to help Elly."

"'Course I do but one day I am going to ask you to let me read these books for fun."

Nick smiled, he loved that Elly seemed to take joy from all of the Grimm related things he asked of her, well the ones she didn't complain about. "Anytime."

Elly pulled a tome out and started skimming through it. Nick returned to his next volume but found nothing as he scrolled his way through. Lots of information about Grimm work in the middle ages but nothing about Regents.

"Elly?" Nick said between one book and the next.


"Did anyone follow you?"

"Are you worried about your mother finding the trailer?"


"No I made sure no one followed me, like I always do."



"Yes Elly," Nick asked looking at her.

"If the Grimms in your family looked after these coins for all those years why are you so worried about your mother getting a hold of them?"

Nick turned back to his book and shrugged.

"Okay," Elly said.

Nick heard her return to her own book. It wasn't that Nick wanted to hide his reason so much as he was scared of admitting his reason.

"Oh wow," Elly said. "This is so cool, one of your ancestors apparently met a Leistungsstarke Tod. They are like the bogey men of the Grimm world. It only says two words. Run away. Oh man this is so cool. I thought they were a myth. My grandfather told me about them, they are supposed to be incredibly powerful, more so than any other Wesen but they are also supposed to be incredibly rare. My grandfather used to say they were stronger than other Wesen and that they were able to hide their Woge from Grimm. He said they were the types of creatures that all Wesen and humans should fear."

"And they are real?" Nick abandoned his search to walk over and look at the book over her shoulder. There was no picture and nothing more than a name and those two words, not that Nick could read them but he trusted Elly's translation.

"It looks like," Elly said. "But there isn't anything more and nothing about Regents in this book. I'll keep looking?"

"We can stop for coffee?"

Elly nodded and Nick grabbed the thermos she had come with and the two travel cups. He poured them both a drink and settled next to her on the bench he'd uncovered.

"Something about the way she is looking for them reminds me of Hank and the Captain when they were under the spell of the coins. I don't know why she wants them but I don't think she'd accept my word that they were safe and out of the way. I worry about what would happen if they got into the hands of her Regent. He was the one who pulled her out of the car wreck and the one that made sure I thought she was dead."

Elly nodded. "What else did she say about Regents?"

"That he protected her from Reapers and was in charge of who she dealt with as a Grimm."

"So if her Regent wants the coins?"

"I think she'd get them for him. Aunt Marie said nothing about Regents and the closest I have heard to anything like it was what Ian Harmon told me of the royal families."

"Do you think the Regents are connected to the Verrat? I agree they must be connected to the Seven Royal Families."

"I don't know. That's why I need to find out what it says in here. Then I am going to have to speak to Renard. I don't plan on changing the way I am doing my job as a Grimm but I need to know what's happening."

Elly stood up and walked over to the bookshelf pulling more of the books down and into her arms. "Alright, let's go."

Nick followed her lead but didn't find anything helpful until almost the end of the next book he looked at.

"Elly," Nick said. "I think I found something, but it's not much."

Elly stood behind him and with one hand pressed into his shoulder she read the words out loud.

The Seven Royal Families are Wesen though what species they belong to is their most well-guarded secret.

Born of the seventh son of the seventh son the patriarch of these families (known as Der König aller) (King of all) has powers known to no other Wesen or human. He is rumoured to have the ability to see beyond the words said to the thoughts of men. Born with the ability to control those around him the man bore sons with the seven strongest families keeping for himself the seven sons he begot before sending the women back to their families with no memory of their imprisonment. Der König aller and his seven sons rode a trail across Europe collecting Wesen and human alike to fight with them, for them. It has been said that at Königsstuhl he bade his men to leap from the cliff and as they did he called their souls into his power.

When they had marched on all their enemies the man declared his sons kings of the lands that he had brought to kneel before him and sent them off to rule over the lands and to do his bidding. The seven royal families held thrones in both the Wesen and the human worlds for centuries though as time progressed some of them moved their bases of power to the new worlds opening to them. Each generation one son is born to each bloodline created by Der König aller and it is said that they are the only members of the family that hold the power that he did. All other relatives are spread out among the Wesen world and act as law enforcement for the will of the Seven Royal Families, the strongest of these are known as Regents.

"What bollocks," she said when she was finished. "He called their souls into his power. How silly. And he could hear people's thoughts. But the rest of it. Seventh son of a seventh son had always been said to grant powers and that could be true especially for Wesen."

"So the Regents are definitely connected to the royal families."

"It appears they are the cousins and distant relatives, but only the strongest. What do you think that means? Strongest?"

"I think it means that if Renard is a Wesen then he has done an amazing job hiding his change from me." Nick said marking the page with a bookmark.

"Almost like a Leistungsstarke Tod," Elly said with a laugh.

Nick turned to her. "Could they?"

Elly shook her head. "If my Grandfather was right about them being able to hid their Woge maybe but Leistungsstarke Tod are basically the most blood thirsty, evil Wesen that has ever been spoken about. If Renard was one he'd be more likely to be killing people than to be stopping the people who are."

Nick nodded. "If Regents were Leistungsstarke Tod then there would be more written about them."

"Yeah," Elly said. "They are more likely to be like the Reapers and be pulled from different species. Are we still looking?"

"I need to know everything," Nick said. "You can go if you want."

Elly shook her head. "Celebration pie? We found some infroamtion."

Nick nodded. "I just want to finish this book first."

"Okay," Elly said turning back to her own book.

"El, look to see if there is anything about Wesen who can hide their Woge from Grimm, or who don't Woge, something like that." Elly looked at him strangely for a couple of moments. "What?"

"Nothing," she went back to her reading.

At the end of their books they stopped for pie.

"I don't want to disrupt your whole rhythm Elly, you can go."

Elly rolled her eyes at him. "As if I'm going to miss out on this. I told you Nick, I'm in this which means the almost dying, which I don't enjoy by the way, as well as the fun stuff like poking through a Grimm's stash of goodies."

Nick smiled. "Well then, thanks."

Nick pulled the very last Grimm book out and Elly started on another book.

"From now on I'm always bringing pie when I come to do research," Nick said quietly and Elly's only response was a low laugh.

It was almost an hour, another cup of coffee and almost every book in the trailer before they found any more information.

"Nick, this mentions regents, but it's all in German," Elly said before slowly deciphering it. "You know what this will be easier, and more thorough, if I write it down."

Nick found her a notepad and pen and went back to his book while she worked. He looked up to mark her progress every time he turned a page and found himself getting almost nothing done. He'd just resolved to not look again when she stood suddenly and came over to him.

"I looked into the Verrat back when Ian brought them up," Elly said. "The human information on them anyway and they were a separatist group in Germany that lead to civil war. It's all a conspiracy theory apparently but I think that is just that something in the Wesen world leaked out beyond our control."

"That's pretty much what I found as well," Nick said.

"This isn't a lot of information but it's something," Elly said handing him the piece of paper.

The Verrat are purposed with maintaining purity in the bloodlines. Their origins remain secret but the Seven Houses support them and their mission. The Hundjäger, a particularly vicious breed, are the enforcers of the Verrat's will. While for centuries Wesen remained separate, segregated from one another over time more instances of interspecies marriages have occurred. The Seven Houses and their representatives, the Regents, have spoken out against what they have termed an atrocity. The official reason for the death of these Wesen is that any child born of a union like this would be an abomination, neither the gift of one nor the other parent would be passed on and therefore the child would be weaker and thus would weaken all Wesen. The Verrat have employed extreme measures to ensure that the bloodlines do not become polluted. Their fight against the Widerstand (resistance) has spilled out of the control of the House of Conradines and is now spreading across Germany. There are Grimm who have forsaken their roots and agreed to work for the Regents as though that is not working for the very things we are trying to control.

There have been reports of mass executions. My cousin who is the Grimm of his bloodline now works in the service of a Regent. He has told me tales, not knowing I do not agree with his methods, of some missions he has been in command of. He works with Hundjäger, Hexenbiest and Reapers to cleanse the Wesen. I reminded him that Reapers kill Grimm but he did no more than wave his hand and say that his Regent offers him protection.

I hid my identity and travelled to the village of Kollrunggermoor and watched such a coupling that has been declared subversive. The man a Jägerbar and the woman a Reinigen had married quietly and moved away from both their parents. When I arrived it was obvious she was with child though she tried to hide the evidence. I watched them for months before the Verrat came to the village. They were both dead before I was able to make it to their cabin. In the months I have been here I have seen no proof of anything that could result in their deaths. I left the village the next morning and will travel over to Budapest where I know a Grimm resides within the city. I hope to discover how far the reach of the Verrat stretches.

"Where did you find this?" Nick asked.

"It was in the tiniest little book that was tucked into a corner."

"Let me have a look," Nick stood but Elly pushed him down.

"I'll get it but there was more, it was written in a different hand though. I wrote it one the back."

Wilhelm arrived at my door with a vicious cough and died during the night regardless of our best efforts. I have read his notes and will add what I can to his journal. The Verrat have not moved into Hungary yet but I fear their spread will bring them here before long. I will send this book on to one of my distant cousins in America hoping that the spread of the Verrat will slow before it reaches their shores. The Regent in my city provides information when needed though neither of us acknowledges the help. I do not know if his help is at the behest of his King or not but he has said he sees no reason for us to be at war. I know war is coming though and it will engulf us all. My Regent, who hails from the House of Rurik, has aided in the death of many Wesen who threaten the humans that reside in my city. His information has always been good but he does not offer to be my Gazda as the German Regents do. A Reinigen within my city and a Mauzhertz have married and borne children. I have followed the boy since I received this journal and have found no proof of him being an abomination. I have seen his Woge and he takes after his father as a Reinigen. I see nothing to support the claim of such unions creating abominations but I do not know of any other such pairings. I have provided all the information I can; I hope it assists whoever finds it.

"I don't know what Gazda means I've never seen the word before but it is probably Hungarian," Elly said when Nick had finished reading. "This is the book, but I couldn't find anything in it after that entry."

"So I'm not actually the first Grimm to not kill Wesen indiscriminately," Nick said finally.

Elly nodded. "You were once the police of the Wesen world as humans could not see us and had no power to match us."

"You've told me that before," Nick said tucking the book into his desk so he could look at it again. "I'm definitely going to have to take those German lessons."

"You looking to get rid of me Grimm?"

Nick laughed and found himself unable to stop. The last few days, and how can it have only been a couple of days since his mother came back from the dead, had been a mixture of surreal and hectic. Nick finally stopped and looked at Elly.

"Never," he was surprised at how fierce his voice sounded given his short laughing fit.

Elly ducked her head. "Only a few books left. Come on, I might even get home before the sun comes up."

Nick looked at the clock and swore. He needed to be up in a couple of hours to try and solve this murder. "Okay."

"You owe me some good Swiss chocolate," Elly said and even though Nick knew she was joking, knew she expected nothing for helping him he told himself he'd go to the place around the corner from the precinct that had the chocolate Elly liked.

"For some measly translation work? Ha."

Elly laughed and then was quiet settling back into her work.

They found only one short reference to Regents in any of the other books, under an entry for Käfer Gebläse.

The Regent for my area gave me information on the Wesen that has been terrorising the area surrounding Schwarzanseeweg. She called it Käfer Gebläse and it has been killing the elders in families, they have been found covered in small cuts, their blood missing from their bodies. I found the creature he described with a victim at his mercy. His skin was hard to the touch and almost impenetrable. I needed to stab him in the heart before I was able to remove his head. The cuts to the bodies were made with small pincers that covered the Käfer Gebläse's hands. I found evidence of no more in the area; they appear to be solitary Wesen.

"Information from a Regent, but nothing more?" Elly asked when Nick had read her the entry.

"No," Nick said. "It appears that some Regents provide information and others control their Grimm."

Elly was silent for a moment. "Like Grimm and Wesen you have to judge them on behaviour."

They cleared their things away and Nick tidied up while Elly put all the books away. Neither said anything else until they were standing outside in the cold next to Elly's car.

"I don't think I can trust what my mother says about Grimm or Wesen or Regents. At least not completely."

Elly opened her mouth to reply when Nick's phone rang.

It was an unknown number. "Hello?"

"Nick? Is this Nick Burkhardt?" A female voice said barely above a whisper.

"Yes, who is this?" The voice sounds familiar but Nick couldn't place it.

"It's Gracie, do you remember me."

"Of course," Nick can feel the jump of adrenaline that always comes with knowing something is wrong. "What's wrong?"

"I need your help."


Also I've made up a bucket of stuff which has been such fun, if anyone knows German or Hungarian and I've got it wrong please let me know and I shall fix it. I used an online translator to get them. All other research has been done on the internet so I hope it's okay.

Leistungsstarke Tod (powerful death)
Der König aller (King of all)
Widerstand (resistance)
Gazda (patron)

I haven't given translations for the Wesen I made up.