Title: Changed

Author: LizzyPheonix

Description: Harry is sick of not having any control over what happens to him. This whole Veela thing is the final straw. Harry is gonna take control of his life and maybe someone else's too. Challenge for LalalaSpacingInPandaLand. Dominant Harry/Sub Draco. 8th year fic.

This is my first 8th year fic and my first Veela fic. Details on Veela are pretty vague from what I can tell so I'm gonna try and keep it different from my other stories. Reviews are my oxygen so let me know what you think.

Harry watched the clock. 11:59 PM. He'd kept this midnight vigil every year for as long as he could remember. In just one minute he would be a year older. He was looking forward to it even though he knew celebrations would be muted if not non existent. It had only been a few months since the final battle and everyone was still pretty glum.

Suddenly a rush of pleasure engulfed Harry like an ocean. He suddenly felt his whole body was tingling. He was dizzy, giddy and scared all at once. He realized his cock was rock hard but couldn't seem to move to relieve the pressure. His mind seemed to go blank and something flashed before his eyes. Blond hair, grey eyes and lush pink lips Harry came hard and fast almost keening in pleasure. Then blackness, if he'd been awake he would have seen the whole thing only took a minute. The clock now read 12:01 A.M.

Harry awoke the next morning to a sticky mess inside his pajamas. He vanished it with a muttered Scourgify and padded to the bathroom. He kept his eyes closed as he moved around the room. He stripped off his still slightly sticky pajama bottoms thinking idly that he must have grown recently because they seemed just a bit too short. He stepped into his now hot steaming shower and let out a moan of pleasure. There was nothing like a hot shower to make his day.

Harry dressed only pausing briefly to note that he had definitely grown as even his jeans where a bit short. Finally he left his room and padded down stairs to meet Ron and Hermione. They had been staying with him this summer. Unlike Mrs. Weasley, Harry didn't care if they shared a room. He was glad for their company and thankful that after only one very awkward discussion their first week there, they had never neglected to cast silencing charms.

Hermione was in the kitchen bustling over a hot stove. Harry inhaled the smell of eggs and bacon frying, he moaned.

"That smells amazing! Thanks 'Mione." Harry said as he slid into a chair facing Ron who had already begun applying himself to some toast and jam. Behind him, Hermione giggled.

"Oh Harry! Anything for you!" She placed her hand on his arm slowly running it up and down. Harry and Ron both froze. Ron's toast was midway through the air as he watched his girlfriend rub Harry's arm. Harry cleared his throat.

"Umm thank you. Are you. . .err. . are you feeling alright Hermione?" He turned to look at her and was surprised to see her blushing. She turned and scooped the eggs and bacon onto a plate placing them in front of him despite there being enough for all of them.

"Oh yes I'm feel wonderful Harry. Look I've made you lots to eat! I know how much you like them. I'm actually a master chef Harry; I can fix you anything you like." Hermione's had travelled up Harry's arm and she began to massage his neck.

Ron's eyes were wide as saucers. Harry looked at him with pleading eyes. 'Help me' he mouthed at Ron.

"Are you sure you're quite alright love? You do seem a bit off." Ron asked his voice squeaking slightly. Hermione had stopped rubbing Harry's shoulders and was now running her hands down Harry's chest.

"Oh don't worry darling I'm fine. You know Harry, Ron and I aren't really exclusive. You're so muscular Harry! Have you been working out?" Hermione's voice was breathy and almost a whisper. Ron stood sputtering.

"We bloody well are exclusive! What are you talking about Hermione? You know Harry hasn't been working out! He looks the sa. ." Ron trailed off suddenly looking at Harry with narrowed eyes.

"Except you don't look the same; stand up Harry. Hermione will you go upstairs and get some books for Harry he needs them." Ron said Hermione pouted and looked at Harry who was now standing and nodding quickly in agreement.

"Yeah Hermione, I really need to. . .err. . .do some studying. For you know. . . School" Hermione flashed him a bright smile and hurried out of the room. Harry looked at Ron and found him pacing around him in a circle.

"You're taller." Ron said accusingly. Harry shrugged.

"Yeah I was noticing too. I must have grown a bit."

"Overnight? And you're more. . .muscular than you were yesterday. And why aren't you wearing your glasses?" Harry was looking at Ron skeptically. Of course he was wearing his glasses. He reached up to pull them off his face to prove it, only to discover them missing. He could see clearly however, his eyes widened.

"Something happened." He said grimly. Ron nodded.

Suddenly the sound of an owl hooting filled the room. Both men turned to face Pigwidgeon as he fluttered into the room. Tied to his leg was a note from Hermione.

Harry's a Veela, I don't know how or why yet. I love you Ron and yes we ARE exclusive. Harry please try to be less alluring. I seem to remember reading that this is something you can turn on and off if you try. I will be down in five minutes.


Harry was nervous about returning to Hogwarts. Part of him felt like it was wrong, to return when so many never would. It had been McGonagall's idea to give all the students who should have been taking their N.E.W.T's a second chance. Hermione had jumped at the chance, having never quite gotten over missing her final year. Ron of course, would follow her anywhere but Harry had at first chosen not to go. It was only when McGonagall had visited him personally, asking him to attend, that he decided to do so.

After the Veela incident, as they had all taken to calling it, Hermione had buried herself in research. Partly because she wanted to help Harry and partly due to her mortifying embarrassment, thankfully she had not been affected by him again. The trouble was there didn't seem to be much to discover. Harry had few books with any useful information so finally they had gone to see Fleur.

She had not believed it when Ron had informed her that Harry was a Veela, and had promptly visited Grimmauld Place to prove him wrong. When she found Harry was in fact showing all the signs she turned out to be less then helpful. If Harry hadn't known better he'd have thought she was jealous. She begrudgingly explained that while rare, it was possible for the Veela gene to manifest even several generations down. Given that Harry had no living relatives and no genealogical information on either side, he could only speculate.

What Harry did know was that he had grown three inches, developed perfect eyesight and more muscle tone than he'd ever dreamed of. These were all definitely bonuses but there were more unsettling aspects to his new identity. Namely the allure, he could hypnotize people with his voice. It was a very uncomfortable thought for him that he may accidentally force something into something they didn't want. He'd taken to only speaking to Ron and Hermione who thankfully seemed mostly unaffected.

Then of course there was the whole soul mate thing. It was conflicting; on the one hand Harry was elated to know there was someone perfect for him, on the other, it wasn't Ginny. He'd known the second he saw her. There was no specific flaw per say just that when she touched his hand it felt wrong and his mind seemed to whisper. 'Not her, someone else', it had killed him to tell her. He explained it all very calmly and tried to comfort her sobs.

The Weasley's were all very good about it. They understood it was out of his control and were glad he hadn't lied about it. It still hurt though; it was a betrayal however accidental. He was supposed to marry Ginny, he had wanted to and now he never could. Not to mention he didn't even know who his actual soul mate was or when he would find them.

The train was a nightmare for Harry. It seemed that as soon as he stepped onto the platform all eyes were on him. He reminded himself that he had defeated Voldemort less than six months ago, that is probably why they were staring or in some cases drooling. He walked quickly trying not to blush as hands reached out from every direction brushing against his skin. His named seemed to be called from every direction as well. He waved when he recognized a voice but mostly he kept his head down and powered through. Seeking a compartment that was empty, Ron and Hermione tagged along behind him barely keeping up.

They were no longer Prefects as McGonagall felt that eight year student's aught to be able to govern themselves. She was giving them much more freedom she'd told Harry during her visit. He'd wondered how that would work given they would still be living in their dorms.

Harry leaned back on his seat. Despite it all he was glad to be returning to Hogwarts. It wouldn't be easy facing the place where so many had died but it was still home. He dozed off, only waking momentarily when Neville and Luna entered.

"Oh my Harry, you look lovely. The Skillyshees must have gotten to you." Luna said in her airy voice. Harry smiled pleased the girl was not affected by him. He couldn't imagine Luna being driven mad by Veela allure and thought it would be too strange to handle. Neville simply flashed him his shy Neville smile after saying hello and sitting down across from Harry.

They were nearly to Hogwarts when it happened. They heard the loud voices and yelling in the corridor followed quickly by sparks flying. Harry stood stepping out to investigate.

Draco was dodging hexes. He hadn't even got off the train yet and already he was regretting his decision to return to school. He'd been a fool to think people would leave him alone. He was a Death Eater after all, it didn't seem to matter much they'd changed sides in the end. Draco dodged another hex and found himself pressed against a hard body. He turned.

He'd stumbled into Harry Potter. Only Potter was different, his hair was still black but instead of looking messy it looked. Draco couldn't describe it other than touchable and if he hadn't known better he'd think Potter had just finished shagging. He was taller too and seemed to tower over Draco. Frankly he looked beautiful, Harry looked down at him and there was an intensity shining in his eyes Draco had never seen before.

In that instant Draco forgot about the hexes and the heckling. He felt like there was rushing water in his head. He could hear nothing but Potter's soft breathing. See nothing but Potter, the way his skin seemed to let off a slight glow, the way his eyes seemed to shine with dark intensity as he looked down at him and then Potter looked up and it was over. The sound of the train came crashing down around him.

Potter was glaring at his hecklers. He drew his wand staring them down. Their laughter seemed to die in their throats as they lowered their wands.

"No one bothers Malfoy this year. Spread the word anyone who touches, hexes or otherwise bothers him will answer directly to me." Harry's voice was calm and quiet. The boys nodded and quickly rushed away from them both. Draco turned perhaps to tell Potter off but he didn't get the chance. The man quickly turned away from him and went back into his compartment closing the door behind him with a harsh snap.

Authors Notes: So this is for LalalaSpacingInPandaLand who specially requested it. I'd never done a Veela fic so I hope everybody likes it. I thought it would be fun to have Hermione affected for once since it always seems to be Ron who turns to jello in these things. Tell me what you thought.

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