Draco couldn't help but feel a bit smug as they entered the room. The Moonlight Lounge was one of the nicer ballrooms in London. The Ministry had really gone all out this year likely hoping to promote a positive spirit and cheer their guest's many of whom were still grieving from their losses the year before.

Draco knew he looked amazing. He was on the arm of Harry Potter, Sexy Veela Hero of the Wizarding World and they both looked fabulous. Draco had chosen their clothes, Harry in dress robes of black with green highlights making his eyes take on an almost preternatural glow. Draco himself was dressed in silver robes that shifted and sparkled as he moved.

The approached the large staircase. Draco was impressed by the room, it was decorated in silver, blue and gold far from the gaudy decorations he'd expected. He had of course been to many gatherings at the Moonlight Lounge when his family had been in their prime. After his father was sent to Azkaban he'd been sure he'd never be welcome again. Harry had changed all that, Draco looked at his mate, and in the months since he'd accepted their bonding they had become inseparable. Draco was still ruled by lust when it came to Harry but he also harbored many far more tender feelings.

Harry had handed their invites to the wizard in charge of announcing their presence and Draco fixed a winning smile on his face. After their magical bonding Harry had insisted on legalizing it. He had sent their paperwork to the ministry only a few days later. The Daily Prophet had run stories for months from every conceivable angle but eventually the story died down. This would be their first public appear as a bonded pair however. Draco pushed down his nervousness.

"Harry Potter and His bonded Draco Potter"

Draco's face fell even as Harry nodded and smiled as they descended the stairs.

"Potter-Malfoy! It's supposed to be Potter-Malfoy" he hissed at Harry. Harry glanced at him and sent him a terribly indulgent looking smile.

"An oversight on their part I'm sure." He said, Draco had been around Harry enough to recognize the amusement in the other man's tone. Draco wondered if Harry had done this deliberately.

Harry watched Draco fume. He was a little annoyed as well. All their paperwork had the name just as Draco wanted it but somehow everyone seemed to want to drop the Malfoy off the end. Harry supposed it was their way of disassociating Draco with his family. Just as he was about to lean over and comfort his lover the Minister waylaid him.

"Harry! I'm so glad you could make it and Draco you look ravishing tonight. This is my wife Aurora." Kingsley had kissed Draco's hand, and then turned to Harry. They spoke for several minutes and when Harry looked up he found Draco had been pulled away from him.

"So Draco you must tell me where you buy your robes you look ravishing and your Harry is quite handsome as well. Goodness knows our men can't dress themselves." The women around him twittered appreciatively at Madame Kingsley's words.

It was at this moment Draco realized something horrifying. They all thought he was the girl. He wanted to scream explain to these women that he was not like them. He was a man and had the genitalia to prove it. Just as Draco began seriously considering producing said genitals another man cut in.

"Excuse me ladies I must cut in. Mr. Malfoy a dance," The stranger's voice was smooth as he took Draco's hand and led him onto the floor. Draco followed thankfully. The man walking with was a few years older with short brown hair and blue eyes. Objectively Draco was aware he was handsome, not Harry handsome but acceptable.

"So tell me Draco, how are you enjoying the ball?" The question was murmured quietly into his ear. Draco felt the stranger's hot breath and became unaccountably nervous as the man pulled him closer. He cleared his throat and moved back.

"Quite well thank you, I'm sorry I don't think I caught your name." He tried to make his tone cold as he gazed at the other man imperiously. The man smiled and once again tried to get closer.

"Jaxxon Greengrass, I believe you attend school with my cousin's Daphne and Astoria." Draco nodded he knew the Greengrass's a powerful old family. For a moment they danced in silence and Draco not thinking let the man draw closer. His hands drifted slowly along Draco's back moving further and further down until. . .

"I hope you don't mind. I'd like to speak with my husband." Harry's voice was perfectly quiet and to someone who didn't know him probably perfectly polite. Draco knew that tone quite well he didn't even have to look at Harry to know he was furious. A hand closed around Draco's wrist, painfully tight.

Harry was so mad he couldn't think. That man had been touching Draco and Draco had let him. Harry dragged Draco forcefully from the ballroom and outside to an abandoned Terrace. White hot rage was lancing through him, he could smell Draco's fear but it mingled with the smell of the man who'd been touching him and Harry wanted to scream. He pushed Draco hard against the stone wall of the building. Only briefing pausing to cast a notice me not spell on them both. He leaned his face close to Draco's.

"Just what the fuck was that Draco?"

"N-nothing, just a dance." Draco's voice stuttered a bit and his face was flushing furiously. Harry glared at him.

"Just a dance? He was touching you Draco I saw it!" Draco paled at Harry's words but didn't respond.

"Do you want someone else to touch you Draco?" Harry made sure his voice was low and dangerous. Draco shook his head. Watching him looking so nervous caused desire to lance through Harry, still twisted up with the white hot rage that was flowing through him.

"Turn around Draco." Draco didn't hesitate he immediately obeyed. Harry reached for his hands and led them to the wall. "Hold on"

Harry reached into his own trousers and released his aching cock. Pushing it against Draco's still clothed ass and was pleased to hear a slight whimper from the other man. Reaching around him Harry quickly undid Draco's belt and pants pulling them roughly down. He lifted Draco's robe to expose his pale bottom. It was cold out and Harry imagined this was less than comfortable but found himself not caring.

He smacked Draco's ass hard before rubbing his prick against his skin. Leaning close to him he hissed in his ear.

"Who do you want to touch you Draco?" Draco gasped his response.

"Only you," Without another word Harry cast a quick lubrication charm and pushed into to Draco.

The heat was incredible as was the startled yelp this move elicited from Draco. They had had sex earlier but it was still a surprise without any of their regular preparations. Harry began to thrust into the tight heat listening to Draco's moans and whimpers as he pounded him violently.

"Who do you belong to Draco?"

"You Harry"

"Who's allowed to touch you?"

"Only you"

Harry bit down hard on Draco's neck as he came pumping his orgasm violently into his lover. Draco moaned deeply before following him with a desperate yell covering the stone wall in from of them with his sticky essence.

Harry had already buttoned his pants back up as he quickly vanished Draco's mess and pulled his husband into a searing kiss.

"Well then, now we've got that cleared up I believe we have a ball to rejoin."

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