Dear Readers,

The Last Marauder is over. It's very sad, but true. But it will live on forever in our hearts! And in fan-art and trailers and...

Oh, yes! I forget to tell you all - a very special TLM reader (FrogzZ94) made a TLM trailer! The youtube extension link is:


It's REALLY awesome! It gave me shivers the first (and second, and third) time I saw it!

Also, I don't want to get any of your hopes up, but a sequel MIGHT be in the works. That is a big MIGHT, because I'm very hesitant to possibly ruin the memory of TLM which got such positive feedback. But there WILL be plenty of companion stories, such as the one already posted "Teacher's Pet" about Severus and Reghan. Soon there will be one with all the Marauders about Christmas.

Also, there will be updates in almost all of my in-progress stories very soon - seeing as I've been neglecting them because of TLM. Which means I will be updating Teddy, Captive, and the newest story The Holiday.

Thank you again for going on this adventure with me, and I hope to hear from you all soon! To me, you guys aren't just readers, you're friends, so NEVER hesitate in just sending me a message that simply says "hello, what's up?"

I love you all.


Resa Aureu