Short story about Jeremy. Read and enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own You're Beautiful or any of the characters.

Another sunny Sunday. I love these autumn days. I love running in the fallen leaves. And most of all I love spending time with my Jeremy. I was impatiently waiting the whole day when Jeremy and I will go on our long awaited walk outside. He didn't have much time lately and I felt lonely without him around.

I was so happy when the hour of our time together finally came, but I felt something was wrong the moment I saw him rushing through the door. It wasn't his usual joyful way of running, more like he was running from something terrible. He didn't have to say anything and I followed him.

We were running for a while and didn't stop until we lost sight of the house. Jeremy collapsed on the ground. I sat beside him and was worryingly watching him. After he caught his breath he sat too and looked in my eyes. The fallen leaves got tangled in his golden hair. He looked messy and his eyes were so sad that I didn't know what to do to cheer him up.

"You know, I can't go back anymore. He will never forgive me." His eyes started to get teary. "I didn't mean to, you know, it was an accident. If only Shin Woo hyung was home. He would stand up for me, but he must be shooting some stupid commercial on Jeju Island..."

I leaned on him. You still got me. I won't everabandon you. I didn't have to say anything for him to understand me. He suddenly hugged me and whispered my name. We stayed like this in total silence for a while. And then he spoke again.

"What would I do without you? Let's run away together. We can dye our hair and nobody will recognise us." I would do that in an instant, but we both knew it wasn't possible. He wouldn't be able to live without his friends.

When he finally let me go, I laid my head in his lap and he gently stroked my head. We were there like this for what seemed like forever. I knew I had to give Jeremy some time to calm down and find solution to whatever was bothering him. And he did. After a while his face brightened up. I sat again and waited with anticipation.

"I still have time. First I have to send that pig-rabbit toy to drycleaner's. I can't let Tae Kyung hyung to see it all stained from juice. And when he'll return, I start with an apology. When I sincerely apologise, he has to forgive me, right? It might work. Let's return home. Come on, Jolie."

And I went...