Disclaimer: All character belong to Cassandra Clare.

Summary: Tessa has chosen Jem

POV: Tessa

Characters: Tess/Jem

Time: Clockwork Angel

Genre: Poetry, Romance, and Angst

Date Finished: June 14, 2012

Jem-sweet, loving, and caring,

He gives up his happiness for others.

He is the one they all come to when it all falls apart.

He keeps us all together.

He hates that he is an addict,

Hates that he needs the drugs to survive.

It is killing him,

It is killing him slowly.

It is so sad and heartbreaking to watch the best die.

It breaks my heart to just sit here and cry,

Knowing that one day soon he will be gone.

It is a shame to die so young.

He puts on a brave face,

He is ready to throw whatever life throws at him.

He will fight until the very end,

He will put the lion back in its' den.

Jem, so caring and loving.

He is so gentle and kind.

He is a true gentleman.

My heart is torn in two,

I cannot decide who to chose.

His expression was so hopeful and longing,

It made him impossible to turn down.

I give my heart to him.

To Jem-I have given my heart.