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Chapter 49

Rachel's POV

We were one of the last lifeboats to reach the 'Carpathia', a wobbly looking rope was hanging down the side of the ship, it was not that far to climb up to the hatches into the ship, but it still looked intimidating.

"You there!" The Welsh officer pointed to Harold Bride,

"Me?" Harry asked,

"Yes you," the officer replied, "you seem to be in pain, so you go first."

Harry nodded, slowly standing up in the boat; he flinched as he put his weight on his feet. He made his way over to the ladder looking very uneasy. Then the officer looked to me and beckoned at me to stand up, I pulled the blanket up around my shoulders more and stood up, worried about making the boat rock too much, my legs were stiff and it was difficult to edge around all the people who were still sitting or lying in the boat. Harry was already on the ladder.

"My feet," he moaned, "They hurt so much!"

"Keep going," I called up to him as I put my hands on the ladder.

We only had to climb up a few rungs of the ladder before people on the ship pulled us up into the hatch. I gasped at the warmth of the 'Carpathia', the people who were helping us must have been passengers of the ship, they looked both kind and concerned. A cup of soup was thrust into my hand.

"Drink this," a woman said forcefully to me, as if I could do anything else with it.

"We'll find you somewhere to rest," another woman told me, taking me by the arm.

I let her lead me to some small bedroom, sipping at the soup as we walked, the burning warmth delightful despite the lack of flavour. Once we were in the room, I was helped out of my frozen clothes, which were now dripping water as they thawed, I didn't even care anymore, usually I would have more shame, but I was beyond caring. She slipped a large nightdress over my head and helped me into the bed.

"You sleep now," she said, wagging a finger at me,

"Okay," I whispered, pulling the sheets up to my chin.

She smiled kindly and left the room, closing the door quietly behind her. I sighed and closed my eyes, imagining that I was at home, in my bedroom, warm and safe. Back when I was seventeen, back when I had a guardian angel.

"Oh Jack," I whispered, wishing that it could be like before, like when he was my angel and he would sit beside me in my bed and we would talk for hours and hours, but that couldn't happen anymore, I wasn't even seventeen anymore, my life had faded away without me noticing at all. Then it dawned on me,

"I made it to the 'Carpathia'!" I hissed, opening my eyes again and sitting up quickly.

"Yes, you did, Rachel!" I heard a familiar female voice say, of course it could be no one but the lady is white,

"Then why am I still here?" I asked nervously,

"There's something you might want to see," she said.

She hadn't appeared, it was just her gleeful echoing around the room,

"What is it?" I asked, trying to sound like I had some sort of authority,

She laughed at me for my efforts, making me feel horribly ashamed,

"Go up to the deck, and head towards the back of the ship, then you will see," she giggled.

Nervousness struck me, but I knew that I had to go. I pushed the sheets off from over me and got up hastily, I made for the door. The corridor outside was full of people, I saw Harry being helped along by two men, his eyes looked tired and sad.

"I wouldn't let them leave him," he said after I walked over to him,

"Thank you, Harry," I said, touching his face and smiling at him.

I turned and walked away along the corridor, hoping I would find away to get out on the deck, up flights of stairs, through many doors and along white-walled halls. The deck was crowded, as people sat about not knowing what to do, but towards the back of the ship there seemed to be less people, so that is where I went. I walked as quickly as I could in my bare feet, clutching my arms to myself to fend against the cold. Then I knew that I was in the right place, as I saw four bundles wrapped in cloth lying on the deck, some men praying over them, Jack had to be one of the dead.

Jack's POV

After sitting down from exhaustion, barely able to say anymore words, it felt as though I was pulled from my body. The lady in white took me back to the place that was endlessly white. I just stood and looked at her, unsure of what to say, it was over for me, I was dead once again.

"I'll let you see one last thing," she said, with a devious smile.

She pulled my hand into hers and within the blinking of an eye we were somewhere else, a small room with a bed in it, I could see a form under the sheets, suddenly the person sat up, it was my sweet Rachel.

"Yes, you did, Rachel!" the lady said, I had no idea what she was talking about, Rachel was looking around the room to see if she could see where the voice was coming from, but it seemed that neither the lady nor I were visible. The lady told Rachel to go to the deck, again the lady grabbed my hand and we appeared on what must have been the deck of the 'Carpathia'.

"What are you making her see?" I asked the lady,

She replied with a laugh and she pointed towards four shapes laid out on the deck, mostly wrapped in sheets, though the faces were showing. My heart dropped, I didn't want Rachel to have to see this. Suddenly Rachel came running along the deck, I had to stand by and watch as I knew that she couldn't see me. She was wearing a saggy nightdress that floated about her; her bare feet were red with the cold. She clutched her hands together and drew a sharp breath when she saw the bodies.

"Our Father who art in Heaven..." someone prayed as Rachel dropped to her knees next to the first corpse, mine.

She pulled the cloth away from the face of my body which I was no longer in; she sighed and bowed her head, so that she was nearly touching the corpse.

"Sleep well, Jack," she sat up and touched the face of my body, "you know that I love you, but we just can't be together now."

"I love you too, Rachel," I said as I came and stood beside her, she couldn't hear me, but it was nice to be this close to her.

She let out a choking sob, letting her tears drip onto the face of the cold corpse. She put her hands over the hands, which were clasped together.

"Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen." She muttered, and then she smiled to herself, "We learned that prayer in primary school, I never really knew that it would be relevant, I never really knew that I had a guardian angel, I never believed it."

I wanted to tell her something of comfort but I couldn't, it was like she was on the other side of a mirror, now I was nothing more than a shadow, my last moments with her were to be horrifically impersonal.

"I'd better leave you now, Jack," she said, "I don't want to see you like this, I won't remember you this way, I swear."

She kissed the corpse on the lips gently; I could see her flinching at the strangeness of it. Then she leaned back and looked for a minute sadly, my dead skin cracked with the cold. One of the men that had been praying tapped her on the shoulder; she looked up at him, her eyes red with the pain of crying.

"Are you finished, young lady?" he asked kindly,

"Yes," she said, looking away from him, "Nothing more to be done."

"We are finished here too, Jack," the lady smiled.

Then we were back in that white room, the lady staring at me,

"I always liked you," she said, tilting her head, "I've watched you die twice now."

I didn't say anything,

"I want to see you go to Heaven now, you have been wandering too long," she said with a sad smile,

The door with the golden handles behind her opened smoothly and out stepped a familiar young man,

"Where have you been, Jack?!" he asked with a laugh, "I've been waiting ages for you!"

"Harry!" I said, I couldn't help but smile, "you are still young?"

He looked about the same as he always had, except this time he was well dressed in an expensive looking suit.

"This is Heaven, old friend," he said, grinning, "you can be what you want to be, I came here over fifty years ago, and you weren't here! I was shocked, but better late than never, come on!"

He opened the door wider, I could see people behind the door, I couldn't make out any faces, but they sounded excited.

"They are waiting for you, Jack," Harry said, looking up at me as I stepped closer,

"I am sorry about everything that happened," the lady said suddenly, "I wanted to have some fun after so long, I'm sorry that I dragged you into it, Mr Phillips."

"It's too late now," I replied.

The lady stepped quickly over to me, staring up into my eyes, she looked very upset.

"I'll help you find her, when the time comes," she whispered, sounding very serious, "I shouldn't have done this to you, so I will promise you this."

"Thank you," I said, feeling honestly happy at this revelation.

"They are waiting, Jack!" Harry said impatiently, "all your friends and family! You shouldn't keep them waiting; they really want to see you!"

"Of course..." I started,

Then Harold Bride grabbed me by the arm and pulled me through the door that led out into forever.

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