My knuckles quickly rap on the door of her office. I hear a faint 'come in' and open the door. Madam Mayor is sitting at her desk, typing away on her computer.

When she sees me, she stands and walks around the table, leaning back against it. She smiles smugly at me. "Sherriff Swan. What can I do for you?"

I close the door and walk slowly towards her. Now standing directly in front of her, I lean forward so that my nose is mere millimetres from hers. "Kiss me." I demand.

She raises a perfect eyebrow. "I beg your pardon?"

"You heard me." I place my hands on her hips and lean closer. "Kiss. Me."

There are a few moments of hesitation before she reaches a hand up to my neck and presses her lips to mine. She brings her other hand up and leans against me, pushing us away from the desk. I force her back and she gives a lustful whimper as she collides with it. I lift her up onto it and her hands slip down the back of my shirt, pulling me against her.

Her right leg wraps itself around my left thigh, the tip of her fuck-me stiletto digging into it. I moan into her mouth.

We didn't even hear the door open.


We freeze. As soon as we recognise the voice we frantically untangle ourselves.

"Oh God, Henry." I panic.

"What's going on?"

"Henry, Emma and I were…"

"We were hugging. Regina and I are on good terms now." I say quietly. He looks suspicious.

"It didn't look like just hugging. I am 10, you know." He steps towards us and I send a nervous glance her way. "I'm not stupid."

Regina's façade breaks. "Henry, Emma and I were-"

"Kissing, I know."

We look at each other in nervousness.

He walks towards us again, A smile on his face. "I knew this would happen! At the end of the book, The Saviour saves the Evil Queen from Evil by showing her how to love again!"

We laugh nervously, and Regina takes my hand in hers.

"You and that silly story book, Henry." Regina laughs.

"You know it's all true! Everything in the book happened!" He smiled happily and held out his arms for us to hug him. We do, and he laughs. "Now I can have both my moms!"

He leaves to go to school and we both let out breaths we didn't realise we'd been holding. Her hand leaves mine and I miss the feeling.

"Oh God." I say. "I just thought…" Regina looks at me, brows furrowed in confusion. "He thinks we're dating now." Her eyes widen as she realises. "What the hell do we do?"

"What do you mean 'what do we do'?" She takes a moment to think and then looks at me. "We date, that's what." She smirks at me, slowly walking towards me. "Why else would you come to my office just to tell me to kiss you?" She puts her hands back onto my neck.

I smirk. "Because I want you." My hands find their place on her hips again.

"Well, aren't I lucky? I get to date the Sherriff."

"I think I'm luckier, I'm dating the mayor." I lift her back up onto her desk. "Now, where were we?"