On The Brink Of Tomorrow

Matthew and Alfred were running down the hillside as fast as possible, hoping to get outside of the town walls before anyone could spot them. The sleepy little village that they lived in frowned heavily upon those who wondered out of the security provided by the high, thick stone walls. But the two boys longed for something more. One day, they planned to see the world, but for now they would make due with sitting in the tall grasses that grew outside the confining walls. They would often sneak out at night just to sit and watch the star-filled sky, wondering what other worlds lay just beyond their reach. It was during such times that they would drink wine and eat bread and cheese; discussing the possibilities and making each other promise that they would one day see the entire world.

"Come on Mattie! You're too slow!" yelled Alfred as he reached the edge of town, stopping to push aside an opening in the wall. They had found it years ago when they were just children. Matthew finally caught up and playfully slapped Alfred on the shoulder.

"Well, maybe if you were the one carrying the basket, you wouldn't be able to run so quickly either." Alfred just shrugged and gestured for Matthew to go through. They both exited the town and Alfred closed off the opening. Their usual spot was just a little ways up the road, next to a scraggly looking tree in the middle of a field. A small clearing was already present from their nightly visits, making it easy to set up the small "picnic". Once everything was set up, Alfred and Matthew sat down and began talking and eating.

"Pirates. I bet you anything that there's a how lot of pirates just lurking around the seas! And they have totally epic battles with each other. AND that they look for cursed and hidden treasure." Alfred said excitedly. Matthew shrugged.

"I bet you almost anything that witches exist. Most of them are probably evil too, and mean with black hearts. The magic makes them bitter." he smiled and tilted his head. "But I bet if they were to ever love, they would be nice witches. Maybe." Matthew sighed and leaned back on his elbows, staring hard at the sky. These conversations were fun, but there was another matter they had to discuss still. "Hey, Alfred?"


"...Papa's been talking of marriage soon. What about you? I mean, we are almost eighteen." Alfred sighed and took up a similar position as the other blonde.

"Yeah, mine too. He and Ma want me to marry Maya, but I hardly even know the girl, I can't just marry her." He shook his head. "I'm not even sure I want to get married. Seriously, we're really still just kids."

"True. And I was still planning on seeing the world. If we get married now, we'll be trapped here forever!" exclaimed Matthew. Alfred sat up and nodded.

"You're right Mattie." he glanced over at his friend. "Besides, I don't think anybody would take too kindly to who I truly want to marry." Matthew tilted his head in question, but Alfred just looked face suddenly lit up in excitement. "Mattie! Mattie look, a shooting star!" He pointed and sure enough, there was a streak of light that seemed to fall to the earth slowly.

"Close your eyes Al and make a wish! Shooting stars are magic!" they both closed their eyes and made a silent wish. There was a spark of light in the forest as the star continued to fall, and then disappear. Both boys stood in awe-stricken silence. There was a low murmuring that could be heard from inside the town walls.

"Looks like we better head back before someone notices our absence." The duo cleaned up and headed back to town. "Promise me Mattie, tomorrow we'll go looking for that star; it could have landed in the forest." He nodded. Alfred grabbed a hold of Matthew's hand shyly and leaned in closer to him."Hey, Mattie? Did you wanna know what I wished for?" He thought for a second, then nodded. "I wished we could run away together, just you and me."


"Mattie, I wished that we could be together, and that you would love me like how I love you." Before Matthew could reply, Alfred had kissed him on the mouth. It felt nice, warm and inviting, just like Alfred. When he pulled away, Matthew was blushing.

"I want that too, Al. Tomorrow, when we're looking for the star, after we find it, we can leave. Then we can see the world together, and we'll never be apart!" Alfred smiled and kissed him again, then bid him good Matthew was too wired, too eager to leave tomorrow. If he found the star now, they could leave right away the next day, no waiting. He left the basket on the stairs of the porch and ran back to the secret exit. He would find the star tonight!


Matthew was climbing over a fallen tree when he heard a small whimper. He fell to his feet and turned around, surprised to see a huge crater. The whimper sounded again, so he inched closer to the edge of the crater. It was a lot larger than he had originally thought and quite deep too. He slid down the edge and looked toward the middle. Matthew gasped in horrified shock; he hadn't expected this! In the very center of the crater was a boy. Matthew ran to see if he was okay; it's not everyday there was a person passed out in the middle of the forest. The young man was beginning to stir slightly, whimpering out in pain. Matthew noted he had silvery hair and pale skin and was dressed in a simple white shirt and black trousers with black boots.

"Sir, are you okay? What are you doing out in the middle of the forest?" The male opened his eyes (a bright red) and groaned. He looked over at Matthew and grunted in confusion.

"Who the hell are you?" he looked around at the surrounding forest. "And where am I? Shit! Did I fall to Earth?" Matthew was taken aback. This guy was really strange.

"Um, I'm not sure how to answer that." The mystery guy rubbed his head and began ticking things off on his fingers.

"First: who are you?"

"M-Matthew Williams."

"Okay, good. Second: where am I?"

"You're in the forest just outside of my hometown, Quinen."

"Hm, no idea what that is, but oh well." He held up a third finger. "And third: Is this really Earth?" Matthew nodded. "Crap, now how will I get home?" he fumed.

"If you don't mind me asking, who are you exactly?" The young man paused and cracked a smirk.

"I'm Gilbert." He ran a hand threw his hair and sighed. "I'm a star, used to sit right up there, but now I'm stuck down here." Matthew didn't know what to say. This man had to be nuts! He just said he was a star! "My bruder isn't going to be too happy about this."

"Who's your brother? And did you just say you were a star?" Gilbert pointed to a large star that was next to an empty spot in the sky.

"That one there is my bruder, Ludwig." Gilbert looked directly into Matthew's violet eyes. "And yes, I'm a star." He could not believe his ears. This wasn't really happening; stars weren't people. But wasn't he the one who always said magic was real? Gilbert shot up to a standing position. "I got it! Bruder told me once that when a star falls, it has one wish. I can still get home!" Gilbert closed his eyes and was about to make his wish when Matthew tackled him to the ground. The silver haired teen glared at him. "Dammit Mattie, get the hell off!" But the blonde stayed firmly in place.

"I-I wish that you had to stay and take me around the world!" he yelled out. Gilbert began to thrash violently around, screaming profanities. Gilbert glowed for a few seconds then it flashed brightly and blinked out completely.

"No, no! What did you do, you little shit?" Gilbert cried out, tears forming in his eyes. "Now I'll never get home! I-I'll never see Ludwig again. I'm stuck here. Forever." he had stopped struggling, giving up the fight.

"I-I'm s-sorry, I don't know wh-what came over me! I take it back, I'm sorry!" Matthew pulled himself off of the other male and sat down on the scorched earth. Gilbert sat up and looked at his own lap, glowing again.

"Careful what you wish for," he whispered, grabbing on tightly to Matthew's wrist. The glowing intensified and then they were flying through the air, falling. They landed on hard ground, grunting in pain. Gilbert lied down on his back, exhausted from the use of his magic. Matthew looked around frantically, not recognizing where they were. "Man, that was draining. Tired..." Gilbert yawned and stretched. Matthew stood up and walked around.

"Where are we? Gilbert, where did you take us?" The tired star looked at him and sighed.

"We're at the beginning of your—well, our—little journey 'around the world'." He shrugged and closed his eyes again. "Duh, you made the stupid wish, Mattie." Said blonde was freaking out. What would Alfred think? Probably that he had gone off without him. Damn, what was he going to do? "Calm down, dammit. You look as pissed as a caged bird right now." Gilbert struggled to his feet. "Come on now, Birdie, let's go find a place to stay the night." Matthew calmed down and followed Gilbert. They walked over a rickety wooden bridge and into a small town."It would've been nicer if we had found somewhere closer to a port, but this'll have to do." Gilbert stumbled and Matthew caught him before he fell. "Thanks, Birdie." He smirked. "By the way, I hope you brought some money."

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