O.k I know this story has been dead awhile but it's back now, if you wana read the fight that happened in the last chapter then please either PM me or say it in a review and I'll write it as a bonus chapter. Also I have been getting PM'd about the whole Mei/Red now if you wish for me to ret-con and make it someone else then please again PM about that erm I will continue this story soon but seeing as this will be a more adult story I want to say a few things.

1. There will not be any graphic scenes of sexual intercourse within this story, there will be talk of sex and swearing and so forth but I will only imply people have sex.

2. There will be more fights and I will try and make my fights easier to understand, I feel that after reading my own writing even I don't really get what I was trying to write XD.

3. Pokephilia will be mentioned in this story, now it won't happen in the story but it will be in a lesson teached by Red and the class go to Science class and I duno I don't want to spoil it I just think that'll be a funny little thing added in there.

4. Swearing will happen some more BUT I will cut down on it just a bit.

5. Finally I wana thank you guys that have been waiting so long for this to be revived I did come back just for you guys I had a collab going on but my partner I duno dissappeared, but I thought that it's now the best to come to come back to this story I have a lot less work to do and less worries in my life now so I can make a return to Fanfiction. Thanks for your patience with me and I will hopefully live up to expectations! Oh and I will proof read my stuff a lot more I was shocked by how bad it was before.

Anyway again thank you and I will come back very soon.