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When Katniss entered her room, she was shocked at what she saw. Effie was lying on her stomach on Katniss' bed with her face shoved in a pillow and sobs leaking through. Not once has the teenager seen this woman cry before. She's always been so bubbly and optimistic. "Effie?" Katniss walked further into her room cautiously. What if Effie went psycho and tried to attack her? You never know with this woman.

"Go away," she sounded incredibly young at that moment and it's the first time Katniss registered that she actually is young. Effie has this whole life ahead of her without the Hunger Games and all she wants to do is live it; would that be so bad?

"Alright," Katniss huffed as she put her hands on her hips. If Effie wants to act like a brat, than Katniss is going to treat her like one. "Get up, young lady. Suck in that potty lip, get your ass out of bed—my bed—and face the music."


"No!" Effie let out a yelp when Katniss grabbed her ankles and started pulling. "Katniss Everdeen, you let go of me this instant!" To make things even more difficult, Effie grabbed a hold of the bed post and refused to let go.

"Effie!" Katniss groaned. Damn this lady was strong. "You're going to break the bed…or me!"

"I don't care. I hate him; I hate him!" the words were shocking; well, not shocking. Everyone knew Effie hated Haymitch. But what was shocking was how Effie's voice shook with the words. Like she didn't mean them, but it pained her to say it anyways. "He can drop dead."

"Some days I would agree with you," Katniss let Effie go, and the woman went lump again. "You don't need Haymitch, Effie. You can have a baby with someone else." A big poof of pink bulted up from the mattress. Effie slapped down her skirt, her hair in a crazy nest going into her eyes and stared blankly at Katniss.

"I can?"
"Well, you kind of need a man to…"
"No, I know that," Effie rolled her eyes. She swiped at her cheeks to clear the mascara from them. "But you think I can really have a baby?"

"Well…" Katniss puffed up her cheeks, trying to will herself to say the words. If this is what Effie really wants, than she should get a baby. Who was Katniss to tell her otherwise? "Sure. One of us has to, right?" Katniss let out a shaky laugh. Things got more serious from there. She didn't realize how much her heart was racing then. The topic of children was never an easy one for her.

"Katniss," Effie took a hold of her pale hand. "Why don't you want to have children?"

"The same reason you didn't," Katniss shrugged it off. "The games."

"But they are over,"
"Yeah, but-" Katniss bit her lip. "-I always said that if the games ended, that I would only have a baby with one person." Effie knew who that was from the distant look in Katniss' eyes. "And he's gone." Her voice broke. She felt like she'd break into tears.

"Oh, sweetheart," Effie engulfed the girl in her arms. "Peeta would be a good father too." Katniss nodded. She knew he would be; he'd be a great one.

"Enough about me," Katniss sniffed away any tears in her eyes. She sat up and gave Effie a smile, "If you want a baby, you should get a baby. You don't need Haymitch. Like you said, there are plenty other men out there."

"Yeah, like who?" Effie huffed. She doesn't know of any other men but Haymitch.

"There are over a dozen districts, Effie. There's bound to be a man in one of them who would agree to this." Katniss saw a sparkle go off in Effie's eyes. "The only thing is…how do we find him?"

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