Chapter One: The Fox And The Moon

Author's Note-

This literally came to me out of nowhere but I don't remember ever reading anything like it before so hey why not give it a go right.

On a side not this does contain elements of bleach. Anyone who wants to recommend a pairing please go ahead but I don't do Yaoi, NaruHina, NaruSaku or NaruIno. Oh and I will say this now Fem. Kyuubi is fine as a choice, you'll understand why I said that after you read the chapter.

Also as usual my grammar sucks please be aware.

Story Start-

This was ridiculous he was Kurama the Kyuubi a being more powerful than any! Save the human called the six path sage. He had crushed the pathetic boy he lived insides soul and devoured it when the brat was seven, learning the truth about his family had been the break he had needed to kill the flesh bag he was stuck inside. Even chained as he was Kurama could feel a smile come to his face, NO! It was not his face but that wretched boy's, he wondered what Naruto's last moments were like?

Knowing that his father and mother had abandoned him, taking his twin sister with them, it mattered not, the boy was dead. The beast inhabiting the body of the boy let out a howl of rage, yes the boy was dead and he had been so careful too. Always acting the fool acting just like a despicable HUMAN, while he tried to find a way out of this fleshy prison he found himself in. It had been going so well too he was so close to being free he could taste it.

Then that damn Uchiha had to defect and send everything straight to hell, Kurama was forced to play the role of concerned friend and chase him down. It was maddening the boy was an Uchiha he needed to die and he the greatest of the nine tailed beasts was forced to bring him back in order to escape. He failed, naturally, the pathetic humans had given him no training in their pitiful techniques and the body he was inhabiting was incapable of using his youki properly.

When he returned he had been chained and told he would be executed, by the flesh bag's family no less. Kurama had to laugh at that, Naruto's family could have saved him, if they had just returned and shown him affection. Kurama would never have broken free. He would tell that to the Yondaime and that bitch Kushina before this body died, he would let them know of their own failure. It would be priceless to see their tortured expression's as they found out that they caused their own son's death. He could picture it now, they would cry and beg forgiveness for their sin's and Kurama would say in Naruto's voice that he would never forgive them. Let them be tortured by their own misdeeds for the remainder of their pitiful mortal lives.

The door opened and a red head he knew more than passably well walked inside. "Enjoying your last day's Kyuubi!" Kushina spat out at the monster wearing the body of her son.

He laughed it really was too funny. "Yes indeed I am my dear former container. The boy was really quite spirited at least until he was seven." He smiled at her displaying his overly large canine teeth. Kushina looked at him suspiciously.

"What the hell do you mean Kyuubi." The red head growled out, he smiled, so easily predictable was his former container.

He smiled at the red head. "I would have thought that would be obvious Kushina-chan." Kurama said slyly, the red head walked up and slapped him across the face. Before ripping off the pendant from around his neck, that accursed pendant he had no idea why he had bothered to win it off the pathetic human it formerly belonged to. He just called it a misplaced whim.

"Don't you dare call me that, you have no right." The red head spat at him, he smiled.

"Oh I have every right to call you that don't I Kaa-chan." Kurama said in his Naruto voice, Kushina flinched when she heard that voice. Causing the mildly amused demon to smile wider. "As for what I meant I would have thought it would have been obvious at this point, I did not take control of this body until he was seven." Kushina looked on at him horror and disbelief clear in her eyes. "Oh yes he was quite the child, the orphanage matron would often beat him while telling him that you abandoned him and left him unloved because he was a monster you know." Kurama let out a dark chuckle at that, while horror and slow and agonising understanding was dawning on Kushina's face, it intoxicated him.

"He would always shout back that his 'Tou-san and Kaa-chan' loved him and were dead but still watching over him. His belief never wavered you know? She once cut out his tongue when he refused to stop saying that. I grew it back though and you know what? He was still admit that his 'Kaa-chan' loved him. I think that was the only thing that was keeping me at bay, his belief that you loved him." He laughed harder at the look of comprehension on her face as the horror of what she had done crashed down on Kushina.

"It looks like your starting to understand are you not Kushina-chan?" Kurama grinned a little wider at the tears that were beginning to form in Kushina's eyes. "Then when he was seven he went to that old monkey's office. He had just gotten out of hospital you see and wanted someone to talk to. While he was there he found the letter you left when you abandoned him, you should have seen his face. It was priceless! His world came crashing down around him as he found out that not only did the village hate him but so did his own mother." He laughed at the tears now falling down the woman's face.

"It broke his mind you know." The fox said in a conversational tone, still trying to get his laughter under control. "I dragged him into the mind scape when that happened, the seal that had miraculously held and would keep on holding because of his belief that you loved him shattered and I was free I devoured him and took this body for my own" The demon fox laughed harder as sob's began wracking Kushina's frame. "His last words were hilarious though, even with his mind broken as I devoured him his last words were so funny. Despite knowing you hated him Naruto's last words were to you Kushina." He laughed harder at the look of utter devastation on the woman's face.

Everything had just aligned in Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina's head. The seal had held until her baby was seven and the abandonment of his family broke him, he was devoured by the fox not because he was too young or the seal was weak like Minato and her were told he would be by Hiruzen. But because he couldn't bare the hatred any more, because of her. "His last words Ku-shi-na-chan." The fox said in a glee filled tone, looking at the woman's broken expression. "Were 'where are you Kaa-san? Why did you leave me alone? I thought you loved me?' Right before I tore him to pieces it was so funny. He knew you hated him and yet he still asked for your love as he died, come on Kushina-chan that is irony at it's finest." The red head ran from the cell trying to escape the demon's laughter, neither Kurama or her noticed the pendant still gripped in her hand glow for a brief second.


The next few day's were nowhere as amusing for the great demon, the cursed Yondaime had come to see him and hit him for causing pain to his beloved wife with his lies. The look on the bastards face had been priceless when he check the seal and found that Kurama had been telling the truth, the bond bastard had tears streaming down his face. Epically when he realised if his family had just been their for his son, Naruto would never have been devoured. The look of utter hopelessness on the man's face as tear's streamed down it from the revelation would arguably be the best revenge Kurama would ever have on anyone.

The flesh bags twin had come to see him after her father had told her what would have happened if they had stayed. She spent hours trying to bring her brother back to the surface, he laughed in her face and told her the same story as Kushina he thought it almost broke the brat. Almost being the keyword, it seemed like he wouldn't be seeing that intoxicating look of despair on any humans face again before he died, too bad.

Kurama was hauled in chains to the execution block, he couldn't brake free permanently no he was going to die here. But he could still kill Uzumaki Kushina the woman was still unbalanced from his earlier revelations, the damned Yondaime, not so much. The cuffs on his hand were restricting his chakra he would need to wait for the moment the Yondaime went to kill him, he would have to attack Kushina at that very instant. Kurama grimaced he could fuse his youki to this body for a grand total of twenty minutes, he would have a mere twenty minutes to kill as many ningen as possible.

The demon looked over the crowd, he could see the hatred plain on the faces of many. That pathetic human Hinata that he had manipulated into loving him looked heart broken, stupid bitch couldn't even tell when she was being played. He noticed that Kakashi and Sakura had smiles on their faces, Kurama grimaced, he thought Hatake knew there was something off about him. Still his tiny revenge on the village would be more than enough.

"People of Konoha, after today you will have no more fear! Today the monster that took so many of our loved ones and the body of my son will die." The Yondaime proclaimed proudly, causing a mass amount of cheering to erupt from the crowd. They couldn't see the tears of shame flowing down their leaders face, his wife's or his daughters. The Yondaime took a step back and faced Kurama, chakra swirled above his hand concentrating and spinning, forming a Rasengan. Kurama looked at the sphere impassively, but inside he was judging exactly when to move. The Rasengan closed in momentarily breaking the seals on his handcuffs the ancient demon moved channelling his youki into his body. Forcing it to change, his youki exploded around him into a pillar of red light.

Minato jumped back, shit this was not part of the plan. The red light died down and in his son's body's place stood a demon. Elongated jaw like a fox, the bones of his face actually ripping his skin open to form a sick parody of a foxes maw. Twin fox ears were atop his head, both made of bone, the hands had no flesh remaining on them merely bone covered in his youki and nine flowing tails made of bone extending from his back side. Kurama excluded more of his youki and the skin of his forearm split open and bone descended forming a sick mockery of a sword, one that was quickly grasped by his right hand. The fox smiled, before jumping at Kushina blade leading a sick grin twisting his face. The pendant around her neck began to shine like a miniature sun and the sword of bone was stopped, by a sword as black as midnight.

The plaza went silent, the man was tall and looked no older than fourteen. His hair was golden blond and reached to the back of his neck leaving some of his bangs to fall near his eyes. Tan skin but not to dark, a rounded face slightly like Kushina's own. Ocean blue eyes looked into Kurama's silted red ones. The man smiled, as he pushed on his blade sending the demon flying backwards through the opposing building. He walked forward black Hakama pants slightly ripped around his ankles making a swishing sound as he walked forward. His upper body was covered in a black over coat, it only had a left sleeve. His right was cut off a chain wrapped around his right arm ending over his shoulder. The man's katana was literally fused to his right hand by some kind of black glove, he was smirking at the wall he had just sent Kurama through.

The demon jumped out of the wreckage of the house and sprinted forward, jumping and spinning in the air bring his sword down on the head of one he could only called his fated enemy. "What are you doing here!" The demon King growled out, the man smirked.

"Why I am sure I have no idea what you mean." The swordsman responded, still smirking.

Kurama trembled with rage, no idea, NO IDEA. "NO IDEA MY ASS, I DEVOURED YOU WHEN YOU WERE SEVEN YOU LITTLE SHIT." Kurama stuck forward, the man closed allowing them to come to a weapon lock. "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HELPING THESE PEOPLE, YOU SHOULD HATE THEM."

The man looked at him quizzically. "Hate them? Who said I didn't already?" He asked, before his smirk turned to a grimace as he tried to over power his opponent. "It''s just I hate you a whole lot more than I hate them, that's all. I've had seven years to think about it and I think I'll hear them out before I just go on a killing spree." The fox pushed harder against the weapon, the blond swordsman pushed the demons blade off to the side and gripped his head, before throwing Kurama through a nearby building.

The fox pulled himself out of the wall. "Damn you, DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL NAMIKAZE NARUTO!" The crowed was still silent, tear's were welling up in the Namikaze family's eyes.

"S-So-chi-k-kun?" Kushina ventured and quickly found the point of a black katana against her throat.

"Don't you dare call me that. You have no right to call me that." Naruto hissed out. "I will hear your excuses later right now I have to deal with him, but mark my words. If you call me that again I will cut your tongue right out of your mouth." He finished in a deathly quiet tone. Kushina and her family flinched at his tone, but it was understandable. His body wasn't taken over until he was seven and it could have been prevented if they just came back and looked at the seal. If they just loved him.

Naruto turned his attention back to Kyuubi. "Well then I'm guessing neither of us have the strength to keep this up much longer so what do you say we wrap it up?" Kurama nodded and began gathering black positive chakra and white negative chakra. Naruto placed his left hand on his black gauntlet.

Black and blue energy exploded around him, rolling off him in waves. The energy was pushed away, his hair was longer and black. Most of his body was covered in grey bandages, darkness rolled off his right arm, eyes were now blood red. The ball in front of Kyuubi finished charging, the demon king swallowed it and starred at Naruto with hatred. They pulled back a black katana forming in Naruto's right hand.



The attacks were loosed, clashing together and struggling for dominance. Each refusing to back down, each refusing to surrender. The black light of Mugetsu grew in power until it over powered the Bijuudama, obliterating the Naruto's demonised body and more than a third of Konoha before continuing on and destroying much of the countryside. The black light receded and Naruto looked at the place his body used to be, he gave the spot Kyuubi last was, a lazy wave. "Mugestu is an attack that returns all to nothing. Like watching the wind pass all one has time to do is feel. Before they are turned to dust." Naruto said somewhat sadly, the bandages around his body turned to dust and blew away in the wind. He sighed and walked back to Kushina who was looking at him with a small mixture of both awe and trepidation.

Naruto looked at her his face blank, betraying nothing, but his eyes were a raging vortex of pain and rage. "I will hear your reasons later, that attack takes a lot out of me and I will need to rest. I will drag you into the mind scape when I am ready to talk." Naruto reached out and Kushina flinched thinking he was going to strike her, not that he didn't have due cause to do so she admitted. To her surprise he simply touched the necklace of the first Hokage before dissolving into blue particles and being absorbed into it.

Silence reigned in Konoha for a good five minutes before Kakashi asked the one question on everyone's mind. "Uh, what the hell just happened?"

Chapter One- End

Mugetsu- Moonless Sky

Bijuudama- Tailed Beast Bomb