Oh God What Have We Done

Fun with the Schnoz Hole

Germany paced nervously back and forth in his bedroom. The dark room was filled with German flags, and the South wall was lined with various whips, restraints, and toys of all sizes. Italy and he had tried a lot of crazy stuff in bed, but this was out there, even for them. He hoped Italy would indulge him. Suddenly, the door of his room (painted in his flag of course) opened and hit the wall with a bang (he snickered juvenility in his head). There stood his long time-boyfriend, Italy. Smiling stupidly, the adorable Italian began to speak.

"So-ah, Germany, what was it that-a you wanted to-a do?"

The German blushed, a smirk forming at the corners of his mouth as he glanced over intimidatingly.

"Oh Italy, come here. I vant to try out some thing new."

Skipping over, Italy had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Sitting calmly at the head of the German's bed, his wrists were bound behind him with fluffy red handcuffs. Blushing as the German stroked his tiny Italian noodle. As his little pasta stood up straight, the German stopped stroking. Whining a bit the Italian glanced up at him, perpetually closed eyes shining with frustrated tears. He pouted as the German ignored him and removed his own trousers, pulling out his deliciously filled German meat stick. The German scooted closer to the small Italian, pressing his schlong close to Italy's face. Pulling back a bit when Italy tried to suck it, he shook his head and murmured,

"Nein Italy, not zat hole."

Confused, the Italian tilted his head to one side, but the German shook his head and said,

"Not zat one either."

Completely baffled, the Italian simply stared, eyes widening in horror and realization as the German prodded his right nostril with the purpling mushroom that was the head of his cock.

Whimpering, he tried to pull away, but the German had a tight hold on his head. Italy let his tears fall as the sausage began to breach.

The German groaned loudly as he forced his schitzel up the hot, miniscule shnoz-hole. He panted as he felt skin tear and cartilage break around his massive German dick. He tossed his head back in shnoz induced ecstasy. He thrusted harder and harder as he felt the tip touch Italy's brain. Thrusting faster and harder for minutes, he let himself go to the sound of Italy's sobs of pain.

His limp tube steak falling from the other countries nose, he grinned to himself, satisfied as he watched streams of blood, cum, and liquefied cartilage drip from the nostril that had expanded and was flapping unnaturally. Uncuffing his lover, he kissed him gently and laid down to sleep, ignoring the Italian as he curled up, cried, and yanked his still full doodle dandy until the white oil he was mining for finally shot out.

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