"So I'm going to guess rehearsal went terribly?" Eleven year old Katie asked to the four teenage boys collapsed on the bright orange couch.

"You don't even know the half of it, baby sister," Kendall replied with a groan. James, Carlos, and Logan moaned in agreement. Normally they could handle days like these, but Gustavo had pushed dancing really hard and all of their bodies hurt.

"How was your day, Katie?" Logan asked while sitting up, wincing in pain.

She shrugged. "Fine. I played poker with a bunch of the staff and earned some pocket change."

"You really need some friends," James commented while pulling himself up and to the kitchen. He rummaged around in the fridge until he produced a bottle of water.

"Dude, just get a glass; it'll help save plastic," Logan complained.

"I'll drink my water in any container I want to," James replied. Logan, obviously down to his last nerve, jumped up and slapped the pretty boy's bottle of water out of his hands.

"Uhhh, hello that was my water!" James was starting to get testy to the raven haired boy. Logan just gave him a look and that was all it took for James to tackle his friend to the ground.

"Guys stop!" Kendall tried to intervene, but it was no use. He tried to pry Logan (since he was smaller and easier to lift) off of James, but that just ended up in a three-way fight. Carlos was in a state of panic just trying to get his friends to stop, but in the end he was down on the floor with them.

Mrs. Knight walked into the room, rolled her eyes, and let out a giant "BOYS CUT IT OUT!" Immediately the four teens broke apart. "Much better," she said in a tight tone.

Everybody apart from Mrs. Knight flashed each other confused looks. "Are you alright, Mom?" Kendall asked.

"I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?" She responded with a jittery laugh.

"Mom, you're not ok," Katie protested. Logan, Carlos, and James nodded in agreement.

"It's nothing," Mrs. Knight replied with a sigh.

"Mom, what happened?" Kendall asked seriously.

She let out yet another sigh. "Kendall, Katie…Your father and sister are coming to Los Angeles."

Autumn's Point of View

I walked through the door of my house and my dog came barreling towards me. "Hey, Bud," I greeted him while giving him a good pat on the head. He barked happily and followed me as I made my way to the kitchen.

"DAD?" I yelled. I spotted a note on the kitchen counter. I walked over and dropped my backpack in the process.

I picked up the yellow sticky note and read what my dad wrote down. "Autumn, I got called in at the last minute for work. I'll be home for dinner. (Go crazy for what we eat. Maybe go out for ice cream later?:) I'll see you soon sweetie. –Dad"

I laughed and kicked my backpack across the room. My dad and I were super close and he was really laid back when it came to what I did. (Heck, he let me stay out until three in the morning (ignoring legal curfews) and didn't think anything of it. Don't get me wrong, though, he raised me well.) I think it had to do a lot with the fact when he divorced my mom I was the only of my two siblings that moved to small town Ohio to live with him.

I glanced at the clock and it was only 3:30, so I decided my homework could wait. I ran up to my room and turned on my old laptop. (It had originally been my dad's work computer, but he gave it to me when he bought a new one. It ran pretty slow, but it was my own computer and I wasn't about to complain.) I sat patiently through all the pop-up windows and waited for the internet to load. From there I checked my e-mail and my Facebook.

As usual, I had about two notifications and I read through the newsfeed others had posted. I shook my head at the atrocious grammar and punctuation most people seemed to use. I kept scrolling until somebody just had to post about them.

"Kendall pls marry meeeeee!" The caption read underneath a picture of Big Time Rush. At the moment I really wished Facebook had a 'passionate dislike' button. I glowered at the picture of my brother and his friends before slamming the lid to my computer closed.

"You know what? Homework seems to be calling my name," I said aloud. I made my way back down to the kitchen to complete what all of my teachers had assigned me. Currently it was the end of May, which meant there was only a couple weeks left of my freshman year. Then, July hit and I could get back into marching band.

An hour later I finished my homework and had no clue as to what to make for dinner. Eventually I gave up and started boiling water for spaghetti. I focused my attention on the tiny bubbles rising to the surface instead of thinking about them.

My dad came home just as I was setting the table. "Winning!" I thought to myself.

"Hi sweetheart, how was your day?" He asked as he set down his briefcase.

I shrugged. "Fine. It's school so nothing interesting ever happens."

"Keep telling yourself that. One day you're going to miss it," My dad laughed. I shook my head with a smile on my face. "Oh hey, look, spaghetti!"

"If you're going to change the subject then let's eat," I replied. He gave the noodles a careful look. "Oh, relax; I made you the regular kind. Only I get the whole wheat ones." My dad visibly relaxed as soon as I said that.

"So, any big plans for summer?" My dad asked after a couple minutes. I gave him an odd look.

"Only what we've planned to do," I replied cautiously. "Why?"

"Well, I was talking to your mother-"

"Dad!" I complained.

"Listen, Autumn. I was talking to her and we made arrangements for us to fly out to Los Angeles for a couple weeks after school lets out so you can see Kendall and Katie."

"No," I said firmly. There was no way I was about to see them.

"Come on, Autumn," My dad pleaded.

"You know what happened the last time," I pointed out.

"Things have changed."

"Keep telling yourself that." I quoted him sourly.

"Autumn Marie Knight, we are going to see our family and you will not complain." I glared at my plate.

"You know what? I'm not hungry," I said as I pushed away from the table. Before my dad could say anything more I ran up to my room, slammed the door, and glared at my laptop. "I hope you're happy."