The Chessmen of Hogwarts

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AN: This is collaboration between Dixiebell12 and me. She comes up with the plot bunnies and I dip my pen nib in their blood and put it to paper. This used to be on Granger/Snape a very, very long time ago.

The premise of this is that Ron placed Hermione up as a bet in a game of chess with Snape.


"I lost," the shock in his voice was thick and his face was pale. "I never loose."

"Overconfidence" a sneering voice from across the table replied.

Ron Weasley looked up from the grisly remains of his King on the wizards chess set. Harry on a lark had spelled it to bleed and it looked now like the remains of a Death Eaters revel.

But in a way it was, Severus Snape set across from him. A long sensuous finger stroked the head of the black queen in his other hand. There was a sneering smile on his face and in his eyes a sparkle, quite unlike Dumbledore's. In Snape's black eyes there glinted something much darker.

"Mr. Weasley, I expect Hermione in my quarters tomorrow by six." Now his voice carried a threat.

"I cant!" exclaimed Ron. "I can't do that to her…." His voice trailed off.

"You will, Mr. Weasley," said Snape. "And have her well rested; I plan on a long, strenuous night."

AN: Question or challenge: Who initiated the game? Did he goad him into placing Hermione as prize? What did Snape bet? If you want to finish this go ahead, just give me credit as contributing an idea toward your story. Have fun.