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Genres/Warnings: Humor/Romance; no explicit warnings (maybe Terra XD).
Song Links (YouTube): Original: /watch?v=353zgzpewck Duet: /watch?v=vw9a4ZDwqJQ
Timeline: Pre-BbS
Chocolate pleased the sweet tooth, but Terra was giving it a whole new taste that Aqua couldn't quite grasp.

.: Sweet's Beast :.

"Even boys love sweets
By instinct, I yearn for it"

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

"W-Wait a minute, Terra." Aqua nervously bit her lip as she took a step back only to bump into the wall. She wasn't sure if she should curse her luck, but that was the least of her worries.

…Could this even be considered a 'worry'?

A hand was suddenly near the side of the mage's head and Aqua's eyes widened in bewilderment when Terra stood closely in front of her. It was safe to assume that this person…wasn't Terra. He flashed a rather toothy grin while holding a square piece of chocolate between his teeth; the look in his eyes smug as it was…hungry. Using the thumb of his free hand, Terra pushed the tiny sweet into his mouth to devour it before licking his lips with a slight tilt of his head. The action was so simple and yet it was enough to make Aqua blush and feel a tad vulnerable; feeling as if the space between her and the brunet wasn't enough. It especially didn't help when Terra continued to keep his intense (albeit seductive) gaze locked on hers as he smirked.

…Yup. This was becoming a major source of concern.

She practically glued herself to the wall when he leaned in closer, forcing Aqua to turn her eyes away from his own hesitantly. However, it did nothing to discourage Terra. "The chocolate's a little bitter, Aqua."

"Oh?" Maybe if she humored him, Terra would lay off a little. In all honesty, Aqua wanted to whack her childhood friend upside the head with her Keyblade, but her thoughts were all out of sorts. Terra was never this aggressive…like this anyway. It was completely different than any antic Aqua was used to from the brunet and it threw her off-guard. Swallowing the lump forming in her throat, Aqua replied, though a bit shaken. "I was pretty sure I followed the recipe to a tee… It's not sweet enough?"

A short, startled gasp slipped past Aqua's lips when Terra fluidly reached down to whisper intimately against her ear and her eyes automatically closed when she felt his alluring voice and heated breath. "Exactly; it could use a little more sugar, maybe some milk. I always did like milk chocolate best."

Aqua could barely find her voice anymore when she tried to put a stop to Terra's advances. "T-Terra, you're a little close…"

"Am I?" He decided to put space between them, but it still wasn't enough for Aqua. Why? Because Terra's face was now barely inches from hers and the mage continued to feel his breath caressing her skin. Another wave of heat flooded her cheeks when Terra suddenly touched her forehead with his; their noses brushing together as he kept his voice low and cool. "I rather like this distance."

"Why?" The question had escaped her before she even realized it; Terra's free hand gently resting on her hip as if to hold her closer to him.

Her eyelids began to feel heavy when she started falling into a trance just by staring into Terra's dark blue hues; his lips so very close now. "There's an aroma of chocolate around you that I can almost taste it."

Just when she thought her mind couldn't spin any further, Terra briskly pulled away; leaving a very confused – very unsettled – Aqua leaning against the white wall without his touch. After blinking a few times to snap out of her murky thoughts, the female Keyblade apprentice focused her attention on the brunet's retreating back as he aimed for the kitchen counter. She watched in mild perplexity as Terra grabbed her homemade chocolates (packed in a plastic-wrapped bag) off the counter; happily tossing the bag from one hand to the other whilst making his way out the kitchen entrance.

Feeling aggravated, Aqua furrowed her eyebrows. "Terra—"

"I'll admit, I was expecting something more 'filling', but I'm not exactly wasteful when it comes to chocolate," Terra interrupted, opening the bag of goodies and popping another square in his mouth. Looking over his shoulder, causing Aqua to flinch, Terra once again let a devilish smirk play across his lips. "Bitter as it is, it'll be worth it if I can get a taste of something much sweeter in the future."

Her face reddened once again and by the time Terra left the kitchen (whistling a tune down the hallway), Aqua's legs finally gave out and she collapsed to her knees. Staring blankly at the entrance, the mage could only mentally replay Terra's final words to her in an echoing fashion. His smug smile, the way his voice sounded at that moment…it was more than enough to make her melt ten times over. Embarrassed beyond belief, Aqua covered her face with both hands and groaned in exasperation. When she had wanted to make chocolate, Aqua wasn't expecting that kind of reaction from Terra when she asked him to taste-test her final product. Was she that bad at making chocolate? Did she accidentally let magic interfere with her baking skills that it inevitably made Terra act like…that?

This experience only confirmed one thing despite any mistakes she may have made in the recipe: Terra was a beast for sweets. It was like he lost his restraint for personal space and his attitude (towards her anyways) was different from his naturally respectful and serious self. Chocolate to Terra acted like a trigger and he obtained a rather perverse persona. Needless to say, Aqua knew it was best to avoid giving Terra something sweet like chocolate in the future if she ever wanted to avoid that awkward situation again. Terra was just too much, too daring, too…tantalizing.

What am I thinking? Aqua quickly scrambled up to her feet and shook her head to clear her mind. So what if Terra became savvier when he was 'drunk' on chocolate? That wasn't going to deter the fact that he was ridiculously out of character!

…So why was Aqua already planning out the next batch of chocolate to give to Terra?