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Post-KH3; sequel to Eternal Love
She never kept a track record on their relationship before, but it amazed Aqua how much had changed between them. Time was definitely a funny thing.

.: If I Never Knew You :.

"If I never knew you, I'd be safe but half as real
Never knowing I could feel a love so strong and true"

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

"And what is that?"

"A BanaN'Ice Shaker—Hey!"

Even though she tried her best to push Terra away, the brunet only chuckled while helping himself to Aqua's delicious milkshake; his teeth on the straw as one of his arms wrapped around Aqua's shoulders to keep her beside him. Of course, he'd have to deal with her elbowing him, but that was an entirely different matter.

Unable to restrain her mirth, Aqua finally managed to pry her now half-empty cup away from the brunet. "I didn't buy it for you."

"If I recall, Master Eraqus always told us to share." Terra hummed with a smug smile. He reached for Aqua's drink again, mocking vanity. "Therefore, Aqua, you should share with your awesome, best friend!"

Aqua only rolled her eyes, dodging Terra's greedy hands. "Oh, you mean Ven?"

"…Ouch," Terra sarcastically let out with a furrow of his eyebrows. Pouting, Terra leered down at her as the blue-haired Master passively sipped down on her drink. "You wound me, Aqua."

Her shoulders shook in amusement for a short moment before Aqua quickly stood on her toes and pressed her lips against the brunet's. He wasn't expecting her show of affection and by the time Aqua pulled away, Terra stared dumbstruck. It made her giggle with a smug smile of her own as she mixed what remained of her drink. "You're more than my best friend now, Terra."

"…What am I then?"

Her straw stopped moving, but Aqua kept her eyes on her cup. Aqua knew she would have to answer that question eventually – especially after they shared that kiss under the fireworks – but she was hoping it wouldn't have to be tonight. She supposed being too impulsive about her feelings lead to premature situations…like this one. A blush crawled over her cheeks and she hesitated to speak. "Well, you're… You're still—"

Terra's palm was suddenly on her cheek as he guided her face to look at him. She didn't want to – not with that blush dressing her cheeks – but it was hard to deny him when his touch was so gentle. However, that still didn't mean Aqua wouldn't fidget in her spot and she froze when Terra began leaning down, kissing the corner of her mouth. Her eyes closed tightly when she felt a cold sensation near her mouth that Aqua wasn't aware of before. Ah, she probably had milkshake on her; how embarrassing. Once Terra kissed away her unintentional mess (leaving only an erratic heart beating in her chest), he slowly pulled back and pressed their foreheads together.

Aqua took in a nervous breath before slowly opening her eyes; not surprised that Terra was already staring back at her. If only he knew what he was doing to her; their little plan to enjoy the festival together quickly spiraled into something more… She was more than willing to stand on her toes again when Terra started closing the distance between them…

"This way! This way!" A child laughed as he ran down the street; pinwheel in hand.

A little girl quickly gave chase with a bright smile. Eventually, she caught up to her friend, not realizing she stepped in something sticky. "Let's go back to the cotton candy stand!"

Once all was quiet on the street again did Aqua release a sigh of relief; collapsing her weight on Terra's chest as they hid in a lone corner and away from prying eyes. Honestly, Aqua never realized how quick she was to hide from other people, but she figure the response was also due on Terra's part; he was the one who lead them to a blind spot with Aqua's poor milkshake as the only causalty of their escapade. Glancing up at the brunet, Aqua watched as Terra relaxed as well; his arms slackening around the small of her back as he kept a vigilant watch on the street for any more people. The blue-haired Master made to speak, but the laughter of those children caught her attention once again. They were examining each festival stand, sharing secrets, and smiling brightly. Aqua couldn't help but smile, letting out an apparent laugh.

"What?" Terra raised a suspicious eyebrow, looking down at her.

Aqua's smile never left her face as she wrapped her arms around Terra, finding their awkward position comfortable. "It's funny…how long I've known you."

"…I don't get it." Terra sighed; not in the mood for games.

His response was so typical. Always the oblivious one…but Aqua wouldn't trade it for anything. Shrugging, Aqua tugged one of Terra's bangs, teasing. "I always used to think you were a brat back then—always doing your own thing and listening to the Master's instructions…after disobedience backfired on you. It's nostalgic."

Terra only narrowed his eyes in response as his cheeks faintly filled with color. Aqua wasn't sure if he understood where she was going with her rambling, but once the brunet began dragging his fingers up her exposed back in an attempt to hold her closer, Terra smugly smiled after Aqua arched against him. "If we're being honest, I never knew you were bold enough to wear a halter top."

"T-That's…" Aqua's face was beet red by now as Terra continuously drew circles on her back. She tried keeping a straight face. "You never cared before."

"Lies—you shocked me when I saw you wearing one for the first time when we were fifteen." He chuckled with a grin, giving her an enticing glance. "It was like you wanted someone's attention…especially after you cut your hair short."

…Why couldn't she ever win whenever they were teasing each other? Well, in her case, it was a reminiscing type of tease. In Terra's case…he was just being perverse; them being in a lone corner wasn't helping matters. The brunet entwined their hands together while pressing his lips to her temple; Aqua quietly muttering a weak retort. "You're reading too much into that."

"Of course I am."

"You are."

"Can I have my kiss now?"