Chapter 1: A New Day

It was any day in Tulsa, filled with fights between the two social classes, between the Socs and the Greasers. Now everyone was defined as one or the other, except for adults. The Socs were richer than the others, somewhat smarter, always driving Corvettes and wearing madras/ski jackets, their symbol is pretty much a switchblade, they tend to more drunk than Greasers and they jump the Greasers for fun. Greasers are the opposite, they are poorer than Socs, are known to put grease in their hair, wear jeans and leather, and are more tough when it comes to fights. But no one has seen someone who is almost split down the middle, a mixture of both.

Now this is where Kristin Lopez comes in. She is your average seventeen year old, reckless but yet has a sense of maturity. With long black hair that reaches a bit past her shoulders and piercing emerald green eyes, she has a personality to match that makes her sensitive, daring, tough, sly, talkative, and sarcastic possibly at the same time. She dresses up like Greasers sometimes, and sometimes like Socs. She isn't one class or the other, she was known to be unique just in her own ways. Kris was well-known around the Soc's part of town, for the fact that she was living there, she was one of the cool girls. And the Greasers knew her just as well, she hung out with them every now and then, whether catching a flick or participating in a rumble.

September weekends were highlights for Kris, no school and all relaxation. It was only just after noon, she had already changed in her jean shorts and buttoned up red madras sweater, then she was out of her house. She lived somewhat alone, her best friend who was more like her brother, stayed every now and then but the house was usually empty besides herself. Kristin looked down the road of her street, picking to go in the direction that lead her into the main portion of town.

"Hey Kris!" She heard a familiar voice shout out her name only minutes later when she passed the GX and looked around just to see who. That's when her smile grew upon her lips, seeing that figure of Sodapop was rushing towards her. Soda enveloped her in a hug, spinning her around before setting her down once again. "Hi Soda! You working again?" Kris asked him as she looked behind him, waving at Steve behind him. "Yeah yeah… nice to see you up at our side of the town, haven't seen you since you were hanging with those Socs!" He ruffled her hair before sighing and looking down at her once more. "Well, I gotta get back to work. You get to my place and surprise the others, say hi for me!"

Kris nodded and watching as Soda began to walk back to the gas station. "Sure thing, see ya around!" She called out before she started walking in the opposite direction, towards the North side of town where it was Greasers territory. Any Greaser passing by would have questioned or threatened her of her whereabouts, why she was on their side of town. But like any other time, Kris got her way through as she did by any means necessary, even if it meant pulling out the switchblade she kept in her back pocket. She kept on walking though, shoving her hands in her pockets and keeping her eyes locked on the houses in the distance.

Soon enough she stopped at a house with no cars around, but a light on just faintly coming from inside. That was the Curtis house, where Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda lived together since their parents had died in an awful car crash. Being as quiet as possible, Kris slipped through the front gate with ease and silently opened the front door, which their door was always unlocked for any friends that wanted to stop by. There, she saw the back of one Greaser on the floor with his eyes stuck on the TV, one lounging on the nearby armchair, and two hanging out in the kitchen.

"Get up you filthy Greasers!" Kris yelled as she entered the living room, causing all of the heads to turn to her. Dally, the one who was really half-asleep on the armchair, looked at her and blinked before he smiled at her. "Who ya calling Greaser?" He asked her as he watched her carefully. "Kris!" Two-Bit greeted her and tackled her down to the floor after getting up from watching Mickey Mouse cartoons. She laughed and looked up at him before struggling to get up, eventually pinning him to the floor with a smile. "Gotcha…" Kris giggled as her hair cascaded down her face.

"Oh come on now, don't hurt each other now…" Darry exclaimed as he walked into the living room and plopped himself onto the sofa. Kris sighed and rose from her position, brushing herself off as she looked around. "So, how have you guys been?" She asked as Ponyboy came into view, leaning in the kitchen doorway. "Pretty good, how about you?" Pony asked with a nod.

It took a couple seconds for Kris to answer, trying to recall everything she did. "Well, nothing much really. Besides going to school and hanging out with some friends…. My life has been pretty boring. Oh! And Soda told me to say hi for you guys!" She finally finished with a small smile, looking down at Two-Bit, who was now propped up by his elbows.

Out of all of the Greasers that she knew, Two-Bit was by far the closest she had been to. They both loved to laugh and fight, stick up for what's right and for their pals. Basically, she had a blast spending time with him for the most part, when he wasn't drunk or flirting with other girls. "Seems like being a Soc isn't much fun, is it?" Two-Bit proposed with a laugh, and received a shrug from Kris. She looked down at the TV and with a smile, placed her hands on her hips. "Watching Mickey Mouse again? A bit obsessed, aren't you?"

Ponyboy laughed and nodded, walking over and getting a good look at the TV. "Always comes here to watch it, don't you Two-Bit?" Two-Bit peeled his eyes away from the cartoon to shrug. "Your house is where everyone comes Pony, beats living in the basement." He replied honestly and returned to his program. Kris sighed and looked back at the two strong men laying on some comfort of sorts. "Having fun?"

Dally looked at Kris, arching his eyebrow before patting his lap. "Kinda, wanna sit on my lap instead of standing?" He questioned playfully and it took her only a couple of seconds before making up her mind and settling down on her lap. Kris and Dally sure had a thing going on, as well as Soda. The two loved to flirt with her and she didn't mind at all, flirting with them back. Basically, they were friends with benefits. "Better?" She asked Dally as he shifted slightly. "Yup…" He sighed and closed his eyes, head facing away from her.

"You guys coming to the rumble tomorrow?" Darry spoke up and looked around at the crowd, which what, attracted her attention. "Rumble… what rumble?" Kris asked, trying to be as innocent as possible, but failed. "Aw little girl, you aint coming. It's a guy thing first of all… and a gal like you wouldn't last with the Socs and the Hoods pounding on ya." He leaned back on the couch with a sigh. They never thought she could really fight, that she was too weak. But only Two-Bit and Johnny really knew the punch she could pack.