Hey guys! I was so surprised by the great reviews I got for this story, and I had really no plans to continue it. But guess what? I'm doing it just for you guys because I didn't actually think people would like my story of the Greasers. Keep sending me the love, love you all! And I will try my best to do good this time. :D

The next day flew by as fast as it came, Kris hung out with the boys and they all had their fair share of memories. But as did every day there was a rumble, Socs and Greasers kept to their own ways in attempt to be fair for the upcoming night. Which usually struck Kristin as off because they weren't fair on all other days, so why would a rumble be any different? The typical explanation was that it was the boys mind; boys just work as differently as girls did. And the clock slowly ticked down the hours, minutes, and seconds as the sky darkened on that night.

Kris had told the boys, right before the rumble, that she had to get home before her mother worried about her because they had "guests" coming over for dinner. And what a lie she told, luckily she was pretty talented in it. She had changed into some black jeans, her favorite red converse, a black tank, and a leather jacket to protect herself from any falls she had to take. She had learned well, if it was right to brag. She had snuck out of her bedroom window and hopped onto the ground below, looking quickly before running towards the park. The rumble would start in a minute, so she had to keep on going. It didn't even take long until Kris saw the faint outline of the park, people gathering in the center, a group on one side and one on the other. She hurried up and finally stepped out from the shadows, walking towards the center.

"Miss me boys?" Kristin called out with a grin, most of the heads turning to her. The Soc of all Socs, Bob Sheldon, looked at her with an equally surprised look that told her that she was in such a treat. Darry stood in his muscle tee not far, standing with his arms crossed and with a grim expression. Oh boy was she going to get it after the rumble, most likely going back to the Curtis' to just relax and take care of the wounds she would probably pick up with no problem. "Hello there Kris, what are you doing out here?" Bob asked once she had made her way in front of him, with her own arms crossed. "I think that's pretty much self-explanatory if I am the only girl here." She said coolly as she studied him, really wondering why the hell he was so dumb.

"And you're on the greasy team?" Bob snickered, disbelief was evident in his voice. Kristin slowly shook her head, taking a couple steps closer to him. "Nope… I am a Greaser and all Greasers have one thing in common, they look out for each other." She simply said and smiled innocently before kicking him right where it hurts the most, sending him to the ground as the fight broke out around her with yells piercing the silence. It was great to be back in action, unlike the last couple of weeks for school and such. Kristin quickly looked around and dodged an incoming tackler, causing him to fall to the ground and she dug her foot onto his head until she heard a satisfying. "Hey, Kris!" She looked around and saw Two-Bit making his way towards her, jumping over scrambling Hoods and Socs. "Fancy seeing you here, after you were told not to!" He joked and helped her get some Socs out of the way as they came. She loved to be around the wisecracker of the bunch, he was one of the few who helped her with her problems yet could make fun of her no matter what happened.

"You know me… sometimes I'm in the mood for something different!" She replied with a small shrug, pausing to look at him before turning away, just to feel a sting on her cheek. "SHIT!" She yelled in pain as she punched the Socs in the guts. Feeling her cheek and feeling a bit of blood trickle down her cheek, she cursed even more. The damn Soc had rings on, one of the things you never wanted to cross with unless you wanted to be beat up bad. "You alright?" Two-Bit asked her and she just nodded it off, darting across the park and helping Soda get a Soc heading his way.

Soon the rumble was over and the Greasers/Hoods had won, cheering and doing backflips in victory. Most of them had gotten a few bruises and cuts, mud all over their clothes as they walked home. With a weary sigh, Kristin walked over to the whole gang (excluding Johnny and Ponyboy) as she wiped the mud off her jacket. "Kristin, what were you thinking? Coming here and then punching that Soc like that?" Darry told her sternly once she arrived, and she could always count on him to be the overprotective one, especially over the only girl. "You don't have to worry about me, you do this every time we go to a rumble and I will continue to go no matter what." She defended herself with a huff, and soon found her in an argument she rather not take place in.

"You're a girl, this pretty much a guy thing and when your parents find out…"

"They won't find out! And it's pretty sexist from a guy like you to be saying that."

"Look I just don't want you getting hurt, you know how I am with Ponyboy, Johnny, and yourself. You heard what happened to Johnny! He won't ever be the same again!"

"Yeah but I'm not Johnny and I understand you trying to help, but you're not. Not going to make any difference, I'm done here… let's just go back and relax." Kristin ended it, raising an eyebrow at the others before walking away. Soon the boys followed her closely, starting with Two-Bit and his arm around her shoulder. "You did great there, surprised me and the guys." He told her with a grin, reaching over to gently rub over her cut, causing her to wince slightly. "The Soc had some rings on, Ima get him for you." She smiled slightly and nudged him with her shoulder, glad that he was always going to look out for her.