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XXX Years later-Modern Era


"In the next life, I believe we'll be together happily."

Drop of tears ran down her cheeks. She bit her lower lip.



"I love you, Lucy."

"-chan! Lu-chan! Wake, up!" A blue haired girl, named Levy McGarden, shook her friend's body. "Lu-chan?" She asked when her friend snapped her eyes open with tears on her cheeks. "Are you having a nightmare?"

Her friend, named Lucy Heartfilia, whipped her tears away, shaking her head. "N-no, I believe it's not a nightmare. But..." She lowered her head. Levy tilted her head to the side, confused.

"But what, Lu-chan?" Levy asked.

"It's like a... memory. Or maybe a story? There were you, me, your boyfriend Gajeel, Erza and some others people I never knew." Lucy frowned. "This is strange... now I feel like I had lived in this world before." She crossed her arms.

Levy couldn't help but laugh, "Oh, Lu-chan... It's just a dream. But you can make it as your novel, right?" Levy winked. "Anyway, hurry up. We need to go home before night come. Night beach has cold weather, you know that." The blue haired girl closed her laptop. "I'll go to the car first. You better follow me soon." Levy said before went back to their car. Yeah, they were at a beach. They just came here and sit or chatted, not swimming. A place somehow really familiar to Lucy.

"So familiar." Lucy muttered and got up from the chair. Her feet touched the sand. Her feet took her to the seashore. She stood there. "That was... a sad dream. Natsu, huh? Who is he? A boy with pink hair? Arrgh!" Lucy shrieked at herself. Lucy stared at the sun, which made her a bit calm. She let the sea water touched her feet.

Lucy smiled, inhaling the air. Just when she wanted to go back, something poked her feet. Looking down, she raised a brow. "A bottle?" Lucy took the bottle. Opening it, she took the paper inside. Just then, her eyes went wide. There was something written in it, which reminded her about the dream she had.

Then she brought her arms on her chest. Sad... pain... misses... and happy. "What is... this feeling? Natsu..." The blond girl held her head as tears formed again. "Am I going to be crazy?"

She put back the paper in the bottle, hugging the bottle. And she didn't know why her head moved by its own, leading her to her fate. A fateful encounter.

Her brown eyes saw a boy stood there... with pink hair. Suddenly he looked back at her. Their eyes locked each other. Without their notice, they walked closer to each other as the wind brushed their skin.

Stared at each other.

"Na... Natsu?" Lucy practically said. He was the one in her dream. Her mouth gaped open, dropping the bottle onto the sand without her knowing.

A second later, the boy grinned and nodded. "Lucy."

-The End-

The End of Fate (: Yes, they... umm.. reincarnated? I just thought like that XD since Mavis prayed for them to meet again in the next life~ I love to type this story (even though it was sad) and this epilogue C:

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