Chapter 1

"Darling Granny is here to visit," A little girl ran towards the old woman who was standing next to the little girl's mother. The little girl gave her a hug and smiled at her in the most innocent way with her bright blue eyes.

"I have brought you a present, it may be to big now but it will fit perfectly when you are older," The old woman smiled and handed her a red hooded cloak. The little girl smiled and put the cloak on. It was excessively big for a seven year old.

"Its red just like your name Red," Her mother smiled. Red gave her Granny another hug and her mother stroked her long blond hair. Then Red ran off to play.

Red walked in the door and pulled the hood of her cloak down.

"Happy Fifteenth Birthday Red," Yelled everyone as they stood round a cake. Red had a surprised look on her face. Not a lot of people know that Red doesn't like surprises but she would have to bear with it for a while.

"Thank you everyone," Red smiled her sweet and innocent smile at everyone. All the people of the village still think that Red is the innocent child that goes around in her red cloak. When everyone was too busy talking to other people and eating cake Red climbed out of a window and went off to her favourite tree that sat in the middle of a disused field.

Red sat in the tree and watched as she could she the village getting ready to pack up for the night. She could see the sun setting behind the mountains on the far side of the village and she could hear the birds singing their last song for the day.

"I really should go back home soon," Red thought as she put her hood up and jumped down from the tree.

In the morning when Red got back from the bakers, she found her mother filling a basket up with food and drinks.

"Red, Granny is not feeling very well could you go and visit her, also give her this basket, run along now," Her mother handed her the basket, "Oh and also don't leave the path in the forest."

"Yes I know mother," Red pulled up her hood and walked off in the direction of the forest with her cloak flowing behind her.

Red knew the way to her Granny's house as she had been there many a time and all she need to do was stay on the path. A bush rustled behind her but Red knew this was common so did not react to it. Then a bush rustled a couple of feet in front of her. Then out jumped a boy who wore raggedy clothes. He also had wolf ears and tail.

"WOLF!" Red yelled not in a startled way but more of an angry way, "We discussed this whole thing of you following me last time didn't we?"

"No," wolf replied simply, "Last time you kicked me, I think that that is an unfair discussion," He smirked back at Red who looked like the least harmful person ever with her blond hair in bunches.

"Well, please stop following me," Red said as she walked past him but what she did not see was the sad expression on Wolf's face.

"Wait, Red wait why don't you like to talk to me. Why can't we be friends?"

"Wolf, you are a wolf and I am a teenage girl but here," Red tossed him a roll. This cheered him up a bit. He looked up to smile at Red but found she had all ready gone.

Red could see Granny's house appearing through the trees. The white walls where covered in bright flowers that climbed up the wall giving the forest more colour. Red walked up to the door and knocked on the big oak door three times. "Coming," a frail voice said. The door opened to reveal an old woman with a colourful shawl. "Red, darling, come in," She said before she started coughing. "My, I'm getting a lot of visitors today," Red walked into the cottage which could not be brighter and more colourful if you tried. Red noticed that a large man was sitting on the sofa. "Red this is Jack the woodcutter," Granny said as she took the basket off Red and looked inside, "Darling Red could you go into the forest and get me some new flowers," Red smiled and walked out of the cottage. As Red walked out, she noticed the woodcutters axe by the door.

Red didn't like the look of the woodcutter, he made her feel wary. "I'm sure it's nothing," she mumbled as she flattened her dress down. Red noticed some flowers growing but they were too far away from the path. Red sighed, as they were by far the nicest flowers she could see.

"Still following your mothers orders," Red turned round to find Wolf standing behind her. He looked like he was holding something behind him. "Um, here," Wolf brought out from behind his back a small bunch of pale blue flowers. Red could see that Wolf's face had gone slightly red but she hadn't realised that she was blushing too. He shyly took the flowers, said her thanks, turned, and walked back to Granny's. Red could not understand why she was finding Wolf less annoying and more of a pleasure to be around. It was all too confusing.

"Granny I'm back," Red said as she walked in to the cottage but got no reply. It was eerily quiet. None of Granny's random talks about a bird she saw this morning. Red quietly tiptoed into the living room. "GRANNY!"

Red's Granny was lying on the floor with an axe in the back of her neck. Standing next to her was Jack with blood splatters on his clothes. "If you run I will find you and kill you too, now stay here while I walk out of this house and disappear."

"No, you killed my Granny so you have to pay," Red said as she ran over and punched him square in the face.

"You little," He said as he slapped Red so hard that she fell over. Next thing Red notices is Jacks large hands rapping around her neck.

"No, let go, N..." She couldn't speak now, she was being chocked. Things started to go blurred but then Jack started screaming out in pain, he let go of Red and turned round to find Wolf. Red could see where Wolf had bitten his leg due to Jacks blood stained jeans. Jack and Wolf where now wrestling on the floor and Red could see that Wolf was loosing, So she did the only thing she could think of.

Red Grabbed that axe which was still in her Granny's neck, she ripped it out of her neck then walked up behind jack who had now pinned Wolf to the floor. She lifted the axe up high into the air and took a big swing at Jack's neck. Jack's lifeless body fell to the ground.

"Red, you saved me," Wolf didn't get a reply she just ran over and gave him a hug.

"I was so scared wolf, what will we do now. I've killed a man." Red started to cry. Wolf tried his best to comfort her.

"This way I heard screams coming from Red's Granny's house," A mob of people were marching through the forest as they had heard screams coming from Granny's house. When they got there they found Wolf and Red hugging.

"Red are you Ok," Red's mother asked as she glared at Wolf, "And why are your clothes stained with blood."

"Um The wood cutter and Granny are dead," Said a man who had gone inside to see if everyone was Ok. Everyone looked at Red and Wolf as if to say we know you did it. "Mother I didn't kill granny but I'm sorry," Red's hand gripped Wolfs and she ran, she ran into the woods with Wolf. Red was going to run away and never go back and she would stay with Wolf as company. The last time she may ever see her mother and she had had the most dissapointing face Red had ever saw.