He has a bad rep and she has a bad attitude. Both have foot in mouth disease. Could it be love? Drabble fic.

I don't own them. I just play with them. Don't sue me because I have to feed a small child and they are expensive enough.


"Isabella Swan! Isabella Swan! Ms. Swan, Jessica Stanley with ET," the fake blonde, fake tan, fake everything celebrity whore paused for the moment to shove the mike in my face. I hate walking the red carpet.

"Edward Cullen's back on the scene and promoting his new CD after a three year hiatus. Some say he is also looking for company? Would you consider him?"

I stared at the ditz for a long moment. Ok, count to ten before I go ballistic. We are on the red carpet at a movie premier so let's ask the star about a potential hook up? We are supposed to be discussing my new film not some musician. 'What the hell? Edward Cullen, oh him."

"Well Jess," I smile condescendingly, after the last three of his girlfriends ended up dumped publicly via twitter, the tabloids, and ET. Not to mention the song Taylor Swift wrote about him, why on earth would I even want to look at him?"

Now I know my publicist is going to kill me. 'Oh shit, not again.' I think to myself and do a mental face slap. I have the worst case of foot and mouth disease in Hollywood.


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