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It's in Harry's PoV!

One of Us

You know you were a fool.

But honestly, who could blame you? After leaving the wizarding world behind, you lived like a hermit for… well, you don't know the exact time. But after going out into the Muggle world again, you felt like it's been a century. Or more.

Being the Master of Death meant you had no place among wizards. Not because they wouldn't have accepted you – besides, you are pretty sure none of them could stop or capture you, even if they wanted to, as with the fancy title came some fancy powers too – but because it was too painful for you. Everyone was aging and you were, quite clearly, not.

After realizing this thanks to a freak accident, you did what felt like the best solution and fled. Thinking about a desolated place far from civilization, you apparated before you could change your mind. Not the safest method, but you cared little about safety.
It was just your luck that somewhere out there, a place like that existed; a small meadow, deep in a forest with nothing surrounding it but miles of wild nature. With the help of your magic, you managed to build a house and live a relatively peaceful life; not counting the nightmares and the Blast-Ended Skrewt which you still don't know how in Merlin's name could has gotten there.

So when a man named Agent Coulson knocked on your door, you were too shocked to even protest much.

You don't know how they found you – frankly, you just don't care. They gave you a place to stay, introduced you to a bunch of odd people and told you that you are now an Avenger too. Hurray.

Apparently, a guy called Loki had been wreaking havoc in America since about four months ago. First in New York, but when the city was mostly cleared out, he popped up in random cities to make things more… exciting. When you asked them why they needed you here, the most useful answer you got was something along the line of 'The more the merrier'.

You were sceptical first. Who wouldn't be? The only thing S.H.I.E.L.D. knew about you was that you won the last war of the magical people, or 'heavy drug addicts' as Tony Stark called them behind your back. None of them really believed in magic, but they were getting desperate. Apparently, killing off some weird named terrorist guy while under the influence of drugs qualified enough to join the Avengers.

You came here a little bit more than two months ago. Whenever Loki appeared, you went with the rest of the team to fight. But while those dressed up monkeys went around destroying buildings and trying to shoot the god of mischief down, you stayed back and got the civilians to safety. At moments like those, you were pretty sure this was your only purpose.

The Avengers accepted you with open arms. Warm smiles and friendly 'how are you's followed you everywhere. Okay, maybe your standards were a little but low after Snape and Voldemort (and Hermione when you accidently set one of the many books on fire), but you were pretty sure they were not bothered by your presence.

But now… They can say that you are welcomed here as much as they want and that you are equal to them, but you know it's just not true. You are sitting among them at the table and still you are alone. Natasha and Barton are in their own little world, Thor is in the middle of a long and eventful anecdote with Bruce and Steve hanging on his every word, and Tony is desperately trying to make an arse out of himself by cutting in every conversation. Nobody notices you.

When you drop your fork into your plate the noise makes everybody stop for a moment. Natasha turns to you worriedly and asks you if you are all right.

"I feel just brilliant, thank you." The sarcasm in your tone would even make Snape proud.

But Natasha's frown turns into an easy smile as she says "Yeah, I can see that. You are almost glowing" and the others around the table nod in agreement, all of them smiling.

You are not sure if she is really that dumb, you are such a good actor, or they are all just mocking you; probably the latter. You sit there blinking for just a moment, but that's enough for Stark to butt in.

"Hey, Oz, we never saw you actually doing magic. Show us some tricks" When the others begin to cheer and position themselves so they can see more doesn't help your mood at all. But you send a forced smile to the arrogant man and ask if pulling a gold coin from behind his ear would suffice. "Noooo, I'm a millionaire, I have plenty of those" says Stark with a mischievous glint in his eyes "pull out something fancy! Surprise me, Oz. That's what you are good for, aren't you?"

You know that he said this just to rile you up. He doesn't mean it. He can't mean it.

It still hurts.

Did you really believe that you can be one of them? You thought you knew better by now. You are such a fool…

Your smile turns icy as you put your chair to the centre of the room and make a vague gesture to Stark which means he should sit there. While the man throws himself down to the chair with the others still cheering and joking and laughing, you take off your tie and undo the first few buttons of your shirt. Your glasses with darkened lenses - to partly hide your eyes - lie forgotten on the table along with your tie. As you turn your icy glare at the man at the centre of the room, he shuts his mouth maybe for the first time ever. No wonder, really. For some, Death can be alluring like the sweetest nectar in the world, and you, being the Master of Death, can be the incarnation of that temptation.

You slowly walk closer to the billionaire, hips swaying lightly, and slide your arms around his shoulders before lowering yourself at his lap, legs parted wide at the sides of the chair. Tony's breath is coming out in short gasps, his pupils dilate while his hands touch your thighs almost hesitantly, before they come to rest at your waist. An uneasy atmosphere sets in the room as disbelief and arousal mix with fear, and oh, it leaves such an intoxicating taste in your mouth that you can hardly restrain yourself from letting out a deep groan. Instead you lean forward until your lips almost touch Stark's left ear, and your right hand slides down along his tie while you whisper in a tone bordering parseltongue: 'Serpensortia'. Stark shivers as the light weight of his tie turns into something heavier and colder and definitely moving.

You give into the temptation and bit down lightly on the man's neck before you stand up and "accidently" drop the hissing snake into the surprised man's lap.

The screams that follow you through the corridors are well worth it.

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