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Drabble Guidlines: no min or max chapter count... the idea was 100-350 word chaps... but just drabble-ish fics are fine... try to at least keep them under 1000 word chaps... any subject... any pairing... and have fun! :)

1.) TrueEnglishRose

Sticks and Stones

Summary: "Sticks and stones may break our bones... but Bella will surely kill us." What happens when an overprotective father sends his innocent baby girl to a private self-defense course run by a gay man? Oh if he only knew what he was paying for! Edward and Jasper aren't the only ones who have something to teach, seems Bella does as well... the art of patience.

2.) Mona Rider

Middle Ground

Summary: The Middle Ground is run by the most intellectual of mankind, and they run a facility that is known as Halfway Guild. They take care of the sickly, elderly and control the procreation of the human species.

3.)Layne Fair



4.) amandac3

Carnal Knowledge

Summary: "Does age really matter when your heart is on the line? I say to hell with that." Meet Isabella Swan. New in town, new school, new friends, new boyfriend. Meet Edward Cullen. Successful architect and single father to a 17 year old boy. Sparks fly upon their first meeting. Will they be able to resist each other or will they give in to their indecent desires?

5.) dunedin girl

Love me 'till the end of (human) life

Summary: She was not wrong about her feelings. They were reciprocated. But she was wrong about her devastation. A story of a girl who took it too far and a mated with his singer vampire struggling to bring her back. What will it take? Entry for the June drabble wars 2012.

6.) Misfit Heartbreak

Summary: The Dark Side Of Love

DRABBLE COMING IN JUNE FOR DRABBLE WARS Bella Swan is a sheriff for Forks, her secret lover Edward Manson is a vampire, but Bella has no clue of it until now. Murders are going across the town of Forks it's up to Bella Swan to figure out who is doing it and why.

7.) Lolo84

Summary: I Do But Not Today

When a secret is revealed, just days before her wedding, Bella leaves her fiancé Edward, as well as her sisters, in a panic: wondering; will she be able to forgive him, or leave him standing at the altar.

8.) Anabella Cullen P (Ana B Cullen P, here)

Summary: Girl of Smoke and Glass s/8227989/1/Girl_of_Smoke_and_Glass

Just a couple of minutes and the whole newfound purpose of my afternoons has passed and

is gone. Like so much smoke.

Green eyes. I wish I had the courage to look at them again. But I know that if I reach for him in anyway, he´ll look right through me as if I were made of glass.

Official Alternate: USED


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Love me 'till the end of (human) life...


I never expected to fall in love with him. I never expected to fall in love with anyone. Falling in love was for Jane Austen's Lizzie and Bronte's Cathy. Women, who, were very aware of their surroundings. Of themselves. And then, there's the tragedy of love. Always the ups and downs.

Blame it on my upbringing, where I have served as my mother's carer, calendar, and god knows what else. Blame it on my quiet self sufficient nature. I don't know, maybe the need became personality trait. Freud, come, darling give us a hand here, help us solve the equation! I have never longed for more insecurity. I had more than plenty of that, more than enough for a 17 year olds' share. I wanted roots.

Deep inside, though, the longing and the craving for someone to call my own, stirred. The feeling lingered unnamed, unacknowledged, lest I turn into my mother, where her need for a partner was the quintessence of her existence.

I digress. I always do.

So, I never expected my life to turn out quite like that. I think the ancient Greeks call it a tragic irony. I think it fits the part. Who would have thought I had such a drama queen streak? Not me that's for sure. But something broke inside me when he rejected my love.

And here I am, with my wrists slit, all bled out, sitting in a fucking coma, unmoving, un-alive, and yet not quite fucking un-dead. Let's start from the beginning though, shall we?

My name is Bella Swan. I'm an idiot, and I killed myself for love. Worst part of it is: I didn't even succeed.