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Chapter 1: First Day Jitters

Xion was queasy. Kairi must have broken every speed record getting to their destination. When they got out of the car, Namine and Xion needed a breather.

The redhead looked at the two girls with confusion. "What's wrong with you two?"

Namine looked up. "Sis, no offense, but speed limits were made for a reason."

"We were late!"

"Whatever. But next time, I'm driving."

Xion looked up that the sign above them. It read 'Twilight Town Café'. It had a nice ring to it. Starting today, Xion and her two best friends, Kairi and Namine, would work here as waitresses. The café had been around ever since they were little and they couldn't wait to get started. But still, that didn't stop Xion from getting nervous. She was going to have to wear a maid outfit! She was mostly shy and that was a very big problem for her. Waitresses had to be kind, poise… They were the face of the whole café! She sighed. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Come on!" Kairi yelled as she opened the door. It turns out they weren't late, but 20 minutes early. The place wasn't even open! Then, a female about the age of 20 appeared from behind the counter. She had short hair, like Xion's, only hers was blue. She wore the same color of blue on the maid outfit. "Oh! You girls must be newbies." The girl jumped over desk, and walked over to the trio. "Pleasure to meet you girls! I'm Aqua," she said.

"Hello, Miss Aqua!" Kairi said. "I'm Kairi. This is my sister, Namine," Namine waved her hand. "And this here is our friend, Xion." Xion gave her a smile.

"Aw, you're all so cute! I'm sure you'll feel right at home here with us." Aqua moved back behind the counter. "We open in 20 minutes, girls. Go and get ready."

"Ok!" The trio went to change into their outfits. All outfits were the same in details, but they got to choose details, like colors, socks, and shoes. Xion's was light blue, Kairi's was pink, and Namine's was a very light purple. "Look at the new stars of the café!" Aqua said while she handed out their name tags.

"Do you all complete the training course?" Aqua asked.

"Yes, we all did." Namine answered.

"That's great! That means you can start today!"

Xion gulped. "T-Today?"

Aqua smiled. "Of course, silly! It's summer, which means were going to need all the help we can get!" She checked her watch. "It's opening time, girls! Put on your best smile!"

Xion did. 'This is it.' She thought.

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