This ring I wear would be considered unremarkable by many. It's a simple band of platinum, the seventy-eighth element on the periodic table. While hers is graced with precious stones and intricate designs, mine is entirely smooth and unadorned. It is a weight upon my finger- a reminder that my dead heart now belongs to her. It is not a cumbersome load, but rather a precious indication of my intent to share everything I have and everything I am with her for as long as we both shall exist.

The wedding ring no longer carries the same heavy meaning that it once held. My unwelcome gift has shown me more than I care to know about the men and women alike that tuck away a ring and, along with it, their vows. It is now a simple piece of jewelry, meant to be seen but not heard. With such a cavalier approach to marriage, humans find that they can give much less than their whole heart and call it a union.

My own thoughts on the subject are quite old-fashioned. When I felt that circle slide over my finger, I knew that I was home. Never will my ring leave my hand for any reason, because I can think of nothing that could will me to untie this knot. When the driving force behind the ring is a love so powerful and all-consuming that it drives me to my knees, the trinket becomes more than a symbol. It becomes the face of that love-the very first expression of my undying devotion that anyone will ever see.

It is with these thoughts and this plain platinum band that I enter into matrimony after waiting over a century for love. The simple ring that I wear upon my third finger brings a joy that I could never have dreamed possible. When I look at it, I see not the smooth surface, but the reflection of our lives to be. The circle, which means that the love will be unending, holds even more significance for a couple that has chosen to give their hearts to each other for an eternity that is not only possible, but entirely likely.

To me, that is neither simple, nor is it unremarkable.

A little drabble for Alverdine and m7707, with love that is not quite equal to Edward's love for Bella…but it's close.