X-Men First Class
The Original X-Men

Poland 1928:
The home of Jacob Eisen Lensher and his wife Wanda Lensher. Wanda has just given birth to a son and Jacob names him Erik…after his father, Magnus after his wife's father…Lensher. When the baby cries out a wave engulfs the house and all the metal objects in the house come flying towards the baby. Jacob and Wanda look at each other in disbelief as the baby floats in the air with the metal objects hovering around him.

America 1935 New York City:
Sharon Xavier is going out to dinner with her long time friend Kurt Marko. Her husband Dr. Brian Xavier died a year ago, he and his friends Kurt Marko, Howard Stark, and Josef Reinstein work on formulas and weapons for the US government. After leaving the symphony they go to an upscale five star restaurant.
Kurt: "Sharon…I love you and I want to be with you…Please will you marry me?"
Sharon: "Kurt…I…"
He stops her from completing the sentence: "Please… think about it." And he sisses her cheek.
Xavier Manor:
Sharon is tucking thirteen year old Charles into bed.
Charles: "You know mother I am not a little boy any more…"
Sharon smiles: "I know my son, but you will always be my little boy…"
Charles: "Did you have fun on your date…"
She smiles: "I did...What do you think of me marrying Kurt…"
Charles smiles, "Really mother…I like him and Cain…I always wanted a brother…" There is a loud screeching sound in Charles' head and he hears voices.
Sharon: "My poor son are you having headaches again?"
Charles lies, "Yes mother…"
Sharon: "Do you want me to call the doctor?"
Charles: "No...mother I am feeling better, they aren't as bad as they use to be…"
A month later Sharon Xavier is getting married to Kurt Marko, Charles gives away his mother and Cain serves as best man.
Charles: "Hey Cain when our parents go away for their honeymoon you and I will have the house to ourselves…" He says after the ceremony.
Cain shoves Xavier to the ground, "You little punk…stay the hell away from me…We are step brothers, nothing more…get that through your fat head…"
Sharon: "Cain! What are you doing…"
Charles: "Nothing momma we are just playing…"
Sharon: "I asked you a question…"
Cain: "So what you're not my mother!"
Sharon slaps him across the face, Cain sneers and tries to hit her, but Kurt catches his fist. "What is going on here?" Kurt asks.
Sharon: "Your son shoved my son down to the ground…"
Kurt: "Honey I'm sure they were just playing…"
Sharon: "It didn't look that way to me!"
Kurt: "Charles did he push you…"
Charles: "No we were just playing and I lost my footing…"
Sharon coughs, "You see honey they were just playing…"
Kurt pulls his son to the side where no one can see them, "What the hell is the matter with you…are you trying to ruin everything? You screw this up for me and I will send you back to boarding school… Do you get me?"
Cain: "Ha! You can't afford it anymore…"
Kurt slaps him: "Don't you talk back to me…boy!"

Three months later Sharon has fallen ill and Kurt has the run of the house. "I want to me see my mother!" Charles says.
Kurt: "Your mother is fine…" Charles hears his thoughts: ("Soon all that money will be mine... and I will be back in business…") "I assure you she is getting the best care…"
Charles: "You're a lier… You just want my mother's money…I heard you say it in your head…"
Kurt grabs Charles and drags him to his room, "I was just thinking that…How in the hell did you…You little freak you're a mutant…If you repeat that non-sense I will report you to the MRD. (Mutant Registration Department…)"

The butler: "May I help you?" He asks answering the door.
Man at the Door: "Howard Stark to see Mrs. Xavier…"
Butler: "Go around the back sir…If he sees you…I will let you in the secret passage…"
Kurt: "Neel…who was that?"
Butler: "Someone trying to sell insurance sir…"
Neel lets Howard Stark in to see Sharon he emerges from the secret passage to her room.
Howard: "Boy you look awful…"
Sharon laughs as she coughs, she sits up, "Howard it is good to see you…"
Howard: "And you as well…"
Sharon: "And what are you up too…"
Howard: "The Germans have invaded Poland and I am off to Manhattan top secret government stuff…I stopped by to see you… Your husband was a good friend and I would hate to see his wife get hurt by a Con artist…"
Sharon coughs, "What are you talking about?"
Howard sighs, "You need to read this…I pulled some strings to get it…" As she reads he speaks, "Your husband, Kurt, and me were working on a project called supersoldier…Your new husband was selling secrets to the Russians…All his assets were seized by the government…The department of justice couldn't prove any of it, so they bankrupted him…He is after your fortune…I paid Neel to make sure that bastard wasn't trying to poison you…" She started crying, "I'm sorry Sharon…"
She dried her eyes, "I need you to get my lawyer I want to rewrite my will…"

Poland 1941 Concentration Camp:
Eric Lensherr is now thirteen years old being lead with his family towards a large building where you go in, but don't come out. There is no hope for the Lensherrs, then the soldiers separate Eric from his parents they cry out for one another. Eric rushes forward, but a guard stops him. A hidden power awakens from within, a power that has not been seen since he was a baby. There is a grating sound and the gate bends as Eric drags the shoulder forward. More come to help as he drags them toward the gate drawn by the magnetic field he is creating. The captain bashes him across the face with his gun. As they drag the boy away a man by the name of Klaus Schmidt stands in his office window watching. A man with a pale white face wearing dark sunglasses and a black trench coat is standing behind him.
Mr. Sinister: "There is a problem with our friend… I need your people to take care of it…"
Schmidt: "What about the Russians…"
Mr. Sinister "They have shut us out… besides we don't need them anymore…"
Schmidt: "They are close… the super-soldier project… Omega Red…"
Mr. Sinister: "The Canadians have their weapon-x and Americans are even closer with their own super-soldier program…The Apocalypse comes…We need to be ready…"
Schmidt: "I will be ready and from now on call me Sebastian Shaw…"

Xavier Manor-Sharon Xavier Marko has passed and all her friends are there to honor her, the following day the will is read. The lawyer stands before everyone and reads:
He clears his throat, "I Sharon Xavier Marko of sound mind and body do hereby leave to my beloved son Charles Francis Xavier…Xavier Manor, my entire fortune of one point five billion dollars and all assets…To my beloved husband Kurt Marko and his son Cain Marko…I leave these letters to be read in private… I leave to the children's hospital the sum of one million dollars…Farewell my beloved son…" The lawyer hands them both their letters, but Cain tares the letter up.
Cain: "I don't want that shit…"
Kurt: "Cain control yourself that was your step-mother…" He looks at the lawyer, "What is in here?"
The Lawyer: "You will have to open it in private sir…"
Kurt finds a private place to read the letter: "To my beloved husband Kurt Marko…What can I say… You have broken my heart…I know what you tried to do…I know you were after my money…and the sad thing is…that I truly loved you…You broke my heart and so my dear husband I will leave you that way broke…Oh and do not try to contest my will…Its air tight I have seen to that…"
As he balls the letter up both Charles and the Lawyer are standing behind him. "I know what the letter said… Don't try to contest it… You will loose Mrs. Xavier and I have seen to that!"
Charles looks at the lawyer: "Leave me alone with him…"
Kurt waits until the door is closed, "I know all about you freak…" Cain is watching, "So if you give me a couple million, I'll keep my mouth shut about you being a mutant…"
Charles smirks: "You won't be saying a word…"
Kurt grabs the side of his head and falls to his knees, "What the hell are you doing to me?"
He hears Charles inside his head, ("You will forget that I am a mutant… You will leave this house and never return… You will not contest the will… and you will never do this to another woman again now leave…") With a blank stare on his face Kurt leaves.
Cain rushes in, "I saw what you did to my father…and I swear I will find a way to get back at you…"
Charles: "All I have ever been to you was a brother, but all you and your wretched father saw was dollar signs…"
Cain: "I will see you again…"
As Cain leaves the house his father calls out to him but he ignores him they argue and Cain punches his father in the face declaring he is going to the army and never coming back. As Kurt stands there watching his son leave he is grabbed from behind by German agents and taken to Germany.
Schmidt is sitting in his office when Eric is brought in, he addresses him in German: "Ah… Eric welcome come in please…I apologize these Germans they are so ignorant…The perfect race indeed…blue eyes, blonde hair…Ha…true perfection lies within the human cells…evolution…Would like some chocolate?"
Eric: "Nein heir doctor… I would like to see my mother…"
Schmidt sighs: "Evolution is the key…It has made you and me the people we are yes?"
Eric hunches his shoulders, as Schmidt places a coin on the table, "This is not a gate, its just a small coin…Will you please move it…"
Eric points his hands at the coin in an attempt to move it, but nothing happens. "Sorry heir doctor, but I cannot…"
Schmidt: "Oh well…"
He rings the bell, "…The Germans have their methods for results…" He says as two soldiers bring Eric's mother into the room. Schmidt opens the drawer on his desk and removes a gun. "I will count to three and if you don't move the coin by then I will shoot her…One…" Eric looks at his mother and tries to move the coin, but nothing happens. She tells him everything will be alright, "Two…" The coin remains idle and Eric takes another look at his mother. "Three…" Schmidt pulls the trigger.
Eric looks at his mother's now lifeless body, "Nien…" He whispers, the bell on the desk balls up like a peace of paper. "NIEN!" Eric screams pointing his hands at the cabinet behind the desk. It crumbles under the weight of some unseen power, and he turns on the soldiers who don't know what to do, they scream as their helmets are crushed over their heads. The next room behind the glass wall is torn to pieces by Eric's power. All the metal objects are bent and twisted as they are levitated in the air. "NIEN!" Eric screams the whole time.
"Well done my little Magneto…We unlock your power with anger…You and I shall do great things together…"

Warehouse in Gernamy:
Kurt Marko is dropped into a chair and his hood is removed, standing before him is Mr. Sinister. "You!"
"Yes we meet again Mr. Marko…because of you the Russians now have the X-49 compound and they have created the Omega Red project… The Americans have their supersoldier and the Canadians their weapon-x project… You have been kicked off the Manhattan Project… So what good are you to us?"
"Wait I can get you into area 51… They have that alien artifact found in Roswell New Mexico…"
"Not interested…" They kill him…