Scene 4

It is midnight and Erick swims up to the yacht CASPARTINA. Sebastian, Emma and Jose are on the deck enjoying a drink as Erick sneaks aboard and pulls out a knife. He tips around the walkway and peeks around the corner.
"Heir Doctor…"
"Erick? My little Magneto…My you have grown…"
"He's here to kill you…" Emma attacks him mentally and forces Erick to relive his mother's death and the torture at the hands of Schmidt.
"Get out of my head!" Erick throws the knife, but Emma turns to diamond at the last minute and catches the knife with her hand then she pushes Erick into the water.
"Tisk…tisk Emma we do not harm our own kind…"
There is a horn, followed by lights and a flares:
"This is the US coast guard…Do not attempt to leave…You are under arrest…Prepare to be boarded…"
Shaw raises his hands:
"Now it's a party!"
"They have a telepath…"
Shaw looks at Emma who is trying to block Charles from reading their minds:
"My God someone is blocking me…"
"There is someone like me a telepath…I can feel her in my head…This is amazing…I'm sorry love… I will be of little help to you…"
Charles, Mara, Sean, and Agent watch in disbelief as Wind Breaker hits the attacking boats with a blast of his wind power, overturning them. Erick points his hand at the anchor and lifts it out of the water.
Charles touches the side of his head sensing Erick in the water:
"Wait stop!"
"What is it?"
"There is somebody else out there…" They return to the deck. "Look…He can help us…"
They watch as the anchor smashes through the cabin of the yatch. Meanwhile Shaw and Emma make a run for the Submarine below. When the submarine detaches from the Yacht Erick tries to stop it, but it is too big.
"You have to let it go! Let it go or you will drown…"
Charles jumps into the water and grabs Erick-He touches his mind and says:
("Erick I know how much this means to you…Let go you will drown…Calm your mind…")
"How did you do that? You were in my head?"
"I am like you a mutant…I can help you, but you must calm your mind…" Charles waves to the people on board, "We are over here!"