Drabble set featuring the start, the end, the ups and the downs of Youichi Hiruma's attempts and success of courting (re: blackmailing) Primrose Dorea Potter into being his girlfriend.

I do not own Eyeshield 21, if I did... the games would be more interesting! There's only so many times I can see the same formula of a match before it gets old. Also, there would be more character exploration.


White Knight?

He was in a conundrum.

On the one hand, he wanted to stay out of the whole thing, it had nothing to do with him. If he said anything, it would set more than one set of panties in a twist.

On the other hand, every fibre of his being, as a man, told him to do something.

Hiruma was extorting new minions as usual, but his enjoyment of it all seemed almost forced as he cackled and pranced around them, rubbing their crime in their face as he took down their personal details and very effectively hamstrung them to do his bidding. Under normal circumstances he would have been a tad irritated with that behaviour, but given what the pervert had been doing, he turned a blind eye. Men shouldn't be so vulgar towards girls.

Which put him in a pickle.

Musashi sighed, scratching tiredly at his forehead. Though the blond would never, ever, ever, on pain of death, ever let anyone get the impression he actually gave a shit about others, he knew his friend would move heaven and earth for the few friends he had, such as Kurita and himself. Fuck, even though they fought like cats and dogs, Hiruma had even gone so far as to blackmail a few problems away from Agon's criminal record and get a few of the local Yakuza off his tail – not that the dreadlocked teenager even knew it, if he did, he would have hit the fucking roof. Hiruma took care of those he deemed his.

And regardless of what happened, Musashi knew that while Hiruma had forced his presence onto the girl, Prim, yesterday, he was also pretty serious about her. However, there had been moments where she seemed to find his antics amusing if the stifled smirk that she tried to hide had been any indication. Not to mention she shared that very personal part of her history about the crazy Neo-Nazis who murdered her parents, those who'd heard it even researched to see if it was true. Imagine their shock and horror when several mysterious murders and gas-leaks and house-fires and missing persons reports that showed up in the seventies only to abruptly vanish. Musashi had even researched a little about girls called Primrose being orphaned and found a small newspaper article online featuring a baby girl being left on a doorstep in Surrey, England after the death of her parents in a 'car crash'. Hard to crash a car when you didn't own one, and there had been zero car crash reports on Halloween night.

So Hiruma's feelings for her weren't entirely opposed, no matter what had happened. Likely as not his friend had played his usual head-game and she'd taken it the wrong way and left. And the Quarterback's patience only stretched so far.

"What's your problem, fucking geezer?" the blond demanded, taking a drag on his cigarette. That was another thing. A while ago he began to make some attempt at quitting smoking, but now he was back on the death sticks and Musashi honestly had no idea how to take the sudden change.

Instead, he brushed the matter off and thought back to what he'd seen yesterday afternoon while he had been in Murata-san's truck on their way to the next construction job. The girl struggling to waterproof her little lean-to shack in heavy rain, soaked to the bone and wrestling with black-bags and a stapler and her own hair. She was going to get sick if the weather didn't let up. And she had no way of warming up either.

"Saw Prim yesterday," he stated instead, watching as Hiruma's expression soured and he turned to stalk off. About what he had expected. He sighed and followed after the grumpy blond, "She's living on the streets," he said bluntly, watching as the blond paused for all of a second.

Musashi watched as he tapped the toe of his shoe on the ground and growled in annoyance, he then tossed his bag to him, "I'll see you in class tomorrow!" he barked before taking off at a run.

The brunet chuckled, slinging the extra bag over his shoulder as he watched him dig into his pocket and withdraw a phone even as he ran full tilt around a corner and out of sight. Better the Devil she knew than someone she didn't trying to ride in like a white knight.

The mental image of Hiruma, of all people, trying to be gallant unexpectedly had him laughing so hard he had to lean against a near-by wall and wipe tears from his eyes.


I would honestly couldn't stop laughing when that image popped into my head. So I had to include it into the story. Musashi's a fun character. I quite like him for being the mature one of the trio.