Tales from earthsea 2 (The worth of a dragon)

Difficult decision:

A world where once people and the dragons lived side by side, but choosing different paths, they became apart . Now the king is dead. Killed by his own son.

Arren came back to his kingdom, it's been 8 months since he has seen Therru.
Therru and Tenar are still living on the farm. Both Arren and Therru miss each other but they are too stubborn to admit it.

-I wonder when he's coming back-thought Therru.

-I wonder when I'm going to be able to see her again-thought the young Prince.

Since his return, many reunions have been made to discuss his crime. It's true that he killed his father without a particular reason but he is the prince and he has a kingdom to rule. Many say to lie or forget and make him King because it's more important, others say that he should be punished or the people, or even him, will think that he has no limits and can do whatever he wants just because he's the heir to the throne.

Therru sings that song everyday. It makes her calm down. She knows what he did and knows what he is. They've become very close since the last adventure. Therru isn't a very sociable person and she knows that. She changed a lot since then.

In the nights an army passes through the valley and kills nature without even touching it. They are so called by the Monroy. Their leader is Takuma.

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