When different people realize they're in love, they have different reactions. Some are happy, and embrace their feelings with open arms. Other are mad, and try to deny them as long as possible. Depending on how someone is, how their past was, they can react in many different ways, they can have many different feelings about it. Some with laugh, some will cry, some will scream.

Rima was not happy about her feelings, nor was she mad. She was scared.

Every time she thought of Nagihiko and her heart pounded in her chest, she grew more and more scared. She had sworn she would never fall in love, especially not with a man. Her mother had fallen in love, and then not only had her heart had been broken, but her daughter's had been as well. All love came to an end, and Rima didn't want to face that. She had always told herself she would never fall in love. In all honesty, that's probably why she had always been so rude to Nagihiko; she knew if she didn't she would end up falling for him.

Rima couldn't force it down anymore, though; once Utau had told her she was in love, Rima could no longer deny it. Why it felt more right to be with him rather than Fuyuki, why she felt so guilty about everything, and why she wanted to be near him, Rima now knew the reason: she was in love.

And, even though she was scared, she knew what she had to do. She would tell Nagihiko how she felt, and maybe that would fix things. She could ask him to date her, instead of having such an awkward relationship. She could talk to him more, and try not to insult him. She could make up for everything bad she had done to him.

Now that Rima had accepted her feelings, she was feeling a little bit less scared about being in love. If she had to be in love with someone, Nagihiko wasn't a bad option.

Nagihiko had always been so nice to her, she was sure that when she confessed everything would work out fine.

Too bad things don't always go as planned

Tadase had to say he probably wasn't prepared for how things would be Monday morning. Or, at least not for things to be bigger than just between Nagihiko and Rima. And especially not for him to be involved in it.

Apparently, many people had gotten the same idea that Kukai had when he saw Tadase trying to direct Nagihiko's attention away from Rima and Fuyuki.

It had started off as rumors that Nagihiko and Tadase had been making out during the dance, which Tadase of course had vehemently denied every time the opportunity arose. Unfortunately, nobody really seemed to believe him. And then, once everyone in the school was completely sure that the two had at least locked lips even more rumors began to spread that Nagihiko and Tadase had been seen hugging in the hall, and that the two had left the dance early together. And while the second round of rumors were technically true, they definitely had not been leaving for the romantic rendezvous that most people were suggesting.

Maybe these rumors would have died down if someone hadn't let slip that Nagihiko had been rejected earlier this year.

Within the hour between the school opening and class starting the whole school was convinced that an elaborate gay scenario had taken place at the dance. Evidently Tadase, having rejected Nagihiko's feelings long ago, finally came to his senses and kissed Nagihiko in the dance. Nagihiko was embarrassed or, as the girls liked to put, "tsundere and uke" so he ran away. Apparently Tadase had declared his undying love for Nagihiko and the two had hugged before leaving so that they could "fuck senselessly" for the rest of the night.

Tadase thought that while the whole concept was rather weak it was well thought out and that whoever made up such a plot must have been very imaginative.

Anyway, this whole gay love thing was really putting quite a bit of strain on Tadase. He had come to school early, as he usually did, and for the past hour or so nobody had approached him to talk about it but he had heard practically every person in every room he entered whispering about it behind his back. He was worried about how these people would react when Nagihiko got to school; it would probably send them into a frenzy.

Of course Kukai found this whole thing incredibly entertaining, and he was certain that Amu actually believed the rumors no matter how much he denied them. He was curious to see Rima's reaction; maybe, although it might be foolish to think so, she would be affected by such rumors. But then again, was that best?

Maybe it was selfish, but Tadase wished that Rima would just leave Nagihiko alone. It would hurt him less if she stopped giving him false hope. Even if she got jealous, she still wouldn't love him, right? She'd just use him again.

Rima finally came into the classroom right before the bell rang; Nagihiko still wasn't there at this time. But, when Rima did come in, she seemed sort of agitated. Tadase wasn't sure if it had to do with the rumors or with something else, but she did not look as though she were enjoying herself. She just slammed herself down into her seat and crossed her arms over her chest, staring straight ahead

"Rima, are you okay?" Amu asked, almost nervously. Rima turned to look at her, and for the first time since they had become friends she was glaring at her.

"I'm fine."

Even Amu could tell that this was a lie. But who would dare to say something?

Why was she like this? Was it because of the rumors of Nagihiko being gay, or had something else happened? No, of course it was something else; Rima didn't like Nagihiko. She had probably had a falling out with Fuyuki or something.

Speaking of Fuyuki, he didn't happen to look all that happy either. It wasn't like he was mad or upset, like Rima was, but instead he looked kind of sick. Or rather, not sick, but in pain. Like he had a headache or something.

Tadase looked back over towards Rima, and noticed that she was giving him an incredibly foul sort of look. Maybe she had been affected by the rumors...

There was a small buzz and Tadase reached down to pull his cellphone out from his bag. Surprised, he read the text that Nagihiko had sent him: Is Fuyuki there?

Tadase frowned. Why in the world did Nagihiko care about Fuyuki? He quickly typed back: Yeah. He looks like he's in pain though so he might leave soon. Why?

Tadase waited, but he didn't receive a reply. He wondered what Nagihiko could want with Fuyuki; well, it probably had to do with Rima. But Nagihiko really seemed like he was done with her for now.

And Tadase had no idea of how very done Nagihiko was

Nagihiko was still feeling unwell on Monday morning, but he needed to go to school. He needed to end things with Rima once and for all.

It hadn't taken Nagihiko long to figure out who Rima had had sex with besides him. It was obvious to him after the dance that something was going on between her and Fuyuki. And Fuyuki had liked her all those years ago; what was to say he didn't feel the same now?

Nagihiko felt filthy. He couldn't believe that Rima would do something so horrible. He couldn't believe that she would have sex with two people at the same time... And, now that he thought about it, how did he know she stopped there? She could be sleeping with a dozen other people. Perhaps he did mean absolutely nothing at all to her.

Was he just another one of her slaves? Or, in this case, was he the equivalent of a concubine?

Something snapped inside of him, the more he thought about it as he waked into the school late. He had been angry and sad all weekend of course, but it was slowly intensifying. Every person he passed (who he was too upset to notice were giving him weird looks) could have been someone Rima had slept with. Was he even her first? Or was he just another guy, someone that didn't even matter?

With every step, every thought, Nagihiko got more and more angry. He didn't deserve this, right? He had done nothing wrong. All he had done was fall in love with a horrible witch.

No, he had to calm down. It would do no good if he entered the classroom in a rage and yelled at Rima. He had to keep a level head and speak calmly with her. He couldn't lose it.


Nagihiko, who was not paying much attention to his surroundings, looked up with a start to see Tadase standing there. He also noticed that there were about twenty girls standing several feet behind him, looking as though they would die from their giggling.

"Has anyone been bothering you about it?"

"About what?" Nagihiko asked, blinking in confusion, obviously not having any idea what Tadase was talking about; coming to school late?

"About the rumors! You didn't hear?"

"No, hear about what? And why are those girls staring at you like that?" As he said this, the girls just kept giggling. Tadase didn't even turn around, but instead sighed.

It was then that Nagihiko noticed that Tadase was standing at least four away from him, and seemed reluctant to make eye-contact.

"It seems as though some people at the dance seemed to get the wrong idea about what happened," Tadase said slowly, rubbing his arm slowly. Blushing, but still refusing to meet Nagihiko's eyes, Tadase finished, "The rumor is that we're lovers."

Nagihiko's mouth dropped open. Of all the things he thought Tadase could have been talking about, this had not, and never would have, even crossed his mind. "What?!"

"Yeah, it started off with people just thinking we kissed, and then they knew we left at the same time so..."

Tadase did not need to finish the sentence for Nagihiko to get his point. "I'm going to kill Kukai."

"Oh, it's not his fault, I don't think, although he did seem to be rather excited about this whole thing..." Tadase trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing as he wondered whether it was actually Kukai's fault, before remembering the text Nagihiko sent him earlier. "Hey, why did you ask me about Kirishima-kun in your text message?"

"I..." Nagihiko couldn't finish his sentence. How in the world was he supposed to say something like that? And anyway, he was trying to calm down, right? He already had enough to worry about without losing his cool. "I'll tell you later."

Tadase knew it had to do with him and Rima, but wondered exactly how everything fit together. Something must have happened over the weekend, he was sure. But, before he could say anything, he was interrupted by the worst possible person.

"Oh, so the rumor of you two being gay is true?"

Nagihiko turned around to see Rima standing there, her arms crossed over her chest and a frown on her face. At once, all the rage he was trying his hardest to keep down came bubbling up, threatening to control his actions. Instead of frowning, like he wanted to, he smiled. "You of all people should know that's not true, Mashiro-san."

Rima looked at little confused by the name he used for her, but shook it off, giving him a small smirk. "Are you sure? Because you look awfully homo to me."

Nagihiko couldn't keep it up. After everything that happened, she was still playing this stupid little game with him? His smile dropped, and for a second Rima looked taken aback. He stared straight into Rima's eyes, a dark look she had never seen before in them, before he turned to walk away. He grabbed Tadase's arm as he passed, bringing him with him as he walked away from her. Rima frowned, and a horrible feeling grew in her chest. She was jealous, because even though she knew Nagihiko had loved her she wasn't sure that he still did. Maybe Nagihiko had gotten fed up with everything she was putting him through. Maybe Tadase had kissed him. Maybe the two were together. Consumed by jealousy, she spoke without thinking. "You're still going to stick with that stupid fag?"

Nagihiko stopped for a second, and time seemed to go by painstakingly slow for a very long moment.

And then he snapped.

Without giving it a second thought, he moved. He let go of Tadase and spun around, walking straight towards the girl who had gone from just hurting him to hurting his best friend as well. He didn't think, he couldn't think, and before he got control over his actions his open palm had met Rima's cheek.

A loud slapping sound echoed throughout the hallway, and silence fell among the chattering students nearby. Rima's gasped, her hands flying up to grab her now red face, her mouth opening and closing uselessly in indignation.

"Do not bring my friends into problems you have with me," Nagihiko said, his voice coming out much darker than anyone had ever heard it before. Rima had never known he was capable of such anger.

After a moment, Rima was able to shriek, "What the hell! You can't just hit a girl!"

"Why not, Mashiro-san?" Nagihiko asked, his voice icy as he glared at her, "After all, you always tell me that I am a girl, right?"

"But you're not actually..." Rima trailed off, unable to finish her sentence.

"Oh, that's right, you know I'm not a girl now, right?" Nagihiko stared straight into Rima's eyes, his voice almost challenging, "You know for the same reason you know Kirishima's gender, right?"

Rima couldn't speak, she was dumbstruck. He knew... he knew. How had he figured it out? Had Fuyuki told him? How...?

Nagihiko, seeming to sense Rima's thought process, spoke once more. "You might want to get your Gonorrhea checked out; it can do quite awful things to your reproductive system if left untreated."

Rima's mouth fell open, and Nagihiko turned around once more and walked away. And maybe, at this point, he would have been the victim of much hate. But those watching silently, witnessing something they knew they shouldn't, could distinctly make out the tears that were falling from his eyes. And somehow, they all knew that he had been the victim.

Rima just stood there as everyone stared at her. What could she say? What could she do?

Because by the time Rima had fallen in love with Nagihiko,

Nagihiko had already fallen out of love with her

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