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I walked up to the corner where Nat and I were supposed to meet, to see Nat standing there. He smiled when he saw me coming. "Hey."


"So um…you know…Jesse isn't our full time babysitter, right?"

Oh no. Wait, maybe he was just going to tell me about Jesse's other jobs. Why, I don't know. But maybe I could be wrong. "Yeah…why?"

"Well…she had to work today before she had to watch Alex and I."


"And well…she told me…that she saw you at the office today. She works at a doctor's office."

I stopped walking. "Nat, I'm sorry, I just—"

"It's okay, Rosalina. But…why didn't you want to tell me that you had to go to the doctor's office?" He interrupted me.

"I didn't want to tell you because…well…I don't know…I was embarrassed."

Nat looked confused. "Why would you be embarrassed?"

"Because whenever I have to go to the doctor's I get nervous…and…I guess a little scared."

He stared at me for a few seconds. He had a puzzled expression. "Is there something else your not telling me?"

I sighed. "I have to go to the doctor every few years…because of the accident."

"That's nothing to be embarrassed about. Neither is being nervous about it."

"Well, I never told anyone. I didn't plan on it either. I was afraid that if I told you, then maybe the guys would find out and they'd all think I was a baby or something."

"You really shouldn't care what they think," Nat said as we began walking again.

"Why not? Their your friends, I want them to like me."

"Because…they can be jerks sometimes. There's no reason why they shouldn't like you."

"I still want them to like me."

Nat shook his head. "Whatever you say."

I couldn't help but smile. "So we're going to your house?"

"Yeah, Alex said he had a song he wanted to show you."

"Alex writes songs too?"

"Yeah but not a lot of songs. Just a few sometimes."

"That's still pretty cool considering he's six. I can't even write a song."

Nat just shrugged. "Anybody can write a song if they try."

I shook my head. "Not me. I can't do much."

"I'm sure you'd write a great song if you tried."

"Well I won't try. It's better if I don't. You write great songs."

"My songs? Their not that great."

I rolled my eyes. "Their obviously pretty good if a record company liked them!"

He shook his head. "I don't think so. I mean, I'm glad people like them, but their not the best songs ever."

"For your age they are," I said. "Most kids your age still think girls are gross."

Nat laughed. "So what if I thought girls were gross?"

"Then you wouldn't be hanging out with me," I reminded him. "No offense, but I'm pretty sure Josh, Thomas and David still think girls are gross."

"None taken, I know they do," He joked.

We reached the apartment, still laughing and talking while we were in the elevator and when we reached the floor of his apartment, we walked down the hallway to the apartment and Nat unlocked the door.

"Nat, guess what?! Guess what?!" Alex shouted the minute we walked inside.

"What Alex?" Nat asked, pretending to be just as excited.

"Dad has another show tonight so Jesse is babysitting!" The little boy cheered.

"Great!" Nat said, laughing at his little brother.

That's when Alex finally noticed me. "Hi Rosalina! Do you want to hear my song?"

"Sure," I said smiling at him.

He ran over to the piano.

Nat and I walked after him, and stood at the piano.

He started playing, "I'm six and a half, your almost twenty, that's how it is, that's how it is. I'm only four feet tall, your almost six feet, that's how it is, that's how it is."

It was only a piece of the song, but I could already guess who it was about.

"Did you tell Rosalina who the song is about, Alex?" Nat asked.

"It's about Jesse," Alex smiled happily.

"He has a little crush on Jesse," Nat whispered to me.

"Aw, that's so cute," I whispered. And it was. Except for that fact that Jesse was almost twenty and Alex was almost six, it was cute.

"Me and Jesse are dating!" Alex said happily.

"You are not dating, Alex," Nat said.

"In a way, Nat, in a way," He assured his brother.

Nat shook his head at his little brother, but said nothing.

"It's a good song, Alex," I told him. I was actually surprised at how well the song was written. At least for his age.


"Did you help him with it?" I asked Nat.

"No!" Alex shouted before Nat could respond. "I don't want his help and I don't need it."

"Well that's good. It just makes your song even better because you wrote it all by yourself," I reassured him.

He smiled proudly.

"Nat, Alex, I'm going to head over to the restaurant for rehearsal. I'll see you later. Oh, bye Rosalina!" Mr. Wolff called as he walked out of the apartment.

"Bye Dad!" Nat called back.

"Bye Daddy!" Alex said.

"Jesse should be here soon," Nat told me.

"No falling asleep this time," Alex reminded us.

I tried to hold back a laugh as Nat's cheeks turned red.

"Alex!" He said sternly to his little brother.

"Sorry," Alex mumbled quietly.

I don't know if Alex means some of the things like Nat thinks. Do you know what I mean? I think Alex just literally meant, don't fall asleep, but Nat thinks that he's teasing us about it, like Josh or Thomas would do. "We won't fall asleep this time, " I said, still trying to hold back a laugh.

"I can't believe he said that," Nat mumbled.

I gave him a look. Even I knew Alex well enough by now that he would most definitely say that. "Really?"

"Okay, fine, I can believe he said it, but I still wish he didn't."

"He didn't mean it that way, Nat. I'm sure he didn't."

The door opened, then slammed and then I heard, "Nat! Alex! Where are you guys?"

"Jesse!" Alex shouted, getting up from the piano and running over to her at the front door.

"Hey Alex, how's my little boyfriend?" She said, bending down to hug him.

Then I suddenly got it. Alex thought Jesse meant a literal boyfriend, when she just called him that as a nickname.

"I showed Rosalina my new song," He said happily.

"Can I hear your new song?"

"No, it's a surprise," Alex said smiling deviously.

"Oh Alex, you know I don't like surprises."

"I want it to be a surprise," He whined.

"Okay, okay, I guess it can be a surprise."

"How is the band doing?" I asked, turning my attention from Jesse and Alex's conversation to Nat.

He shrugged. "The album should be coming out soon. I'm not exactly sure when."

"I can't wait to hear it."

"You don't have to get it."

"No, I do too. You guys are my friends. Plus, I'm gonna have to get it anyway. Josh will probably get a copy and be playing it all over the house. I'll hear it sometime."

Nat laughed. "Your probably right."

"Nat, guess what -oh hey Rosalina," Jesse said, coming into the living room.

I smiled. "Hey Jesse."

"Well, then I guess you can watch this with us. I brought a movie for us to watch. We can make popcorn and stuff," The babysitter suggested.

"Sure," Nat agreed.

So Jesse set up the movie and we made some popcorn and we all sat down to watch it.

Jesse was in the egg chair with Alex curled up next to her, and Nat and I were sitting on the couch. All the lights were off, and it was beginning to get dark. I wasn't sure what movie we were watching but I do know that Nat was half asleep when I looked over at him in the middle of it.

I gently elbowed him. "Hey, I'm supposed to be the one falling asleep, remember?" I whispered with a smile.

I could see him smile back at me in the light from the TV. "I'm surprised you haven't," He whispered back to me.

Throughout the rest of the movie, we joked like that. Alex was the one who ended up falling asleep early and Jesse carried him off to bed.

Nat and I finished the movie and he walked me home, just as it became too dark to see. But tonight as we walked to my house, and when he would walk back, the street lights of the neighborhoods would light his way home.

"Hey Nat?" I called out to him, right before I entered my house.


What I wanted to tell him, was something I won't reveal. So I didn't say it and changed my mind at the last second. "Just…be careful, okay?"

He nodded and gave me a goofy grin again. "I will."

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