Youkai Engagement

By Cassandra

Well, this is it. I am writing an Inuyasha-Sailor Moon sort of crossover. Should I continue with this? It's all up to you. Just write in a review after reading this chapter and we'll see if I could go around with writing this. This is my first attempt at writing Inuyasha so do forgive me if the characters are sort of OOC. I have just watched like 6 episodes, read only until Yura of the Hair in the graphic novel and read tons of fanfics and went to a bunch of Inuyasha sites.

Prologue (Teaser, whatever)

A Match

"Chichi-hue, why are we here?" Asked a silver-white haired child with golden amber eyes as he tried to catch up with his tall father's wide strides.

The little youkai boy was not just any youkai. He was young Lord Sesshoumaru, son of the great taikyoukai of the Western Lands, Inutaisho. His heritage was seen in the way he carried himself, even if he was only very young, and the red markings that were on his cheeks and his hands.

Inutaisho smiled down at his son who in turn looked at him with his eyes wide with curiosity. Letting out a little chuckle of secrecy and amusement, the tall and regal taikyoukai placed a large, clawed hand over his son's head and ruffled the head of white-silver gently.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes and tried to avoid his father's hand with a growl. He didn't really like it when his father did that. This only earned him another amused chuckled from his father.

"You will see soon, Sesshoumaru, soon."

Seeing that his father wasn't volunteering any information, the young lord sighed and busied himself with his thoughts of other things, his fluffy silver tail twitching from side to side behind him.

Father and son walked side by side a long hall leading to some sort of a sleeping chamber fit for a King. Then again, they were in a palace of the Lord of the Eastern Lands. It wouldn't be any surprise if a king actually slept there.

Sesshoumaru was in his own world still when his father stopped to greet the adults who were waiting for them outside of the chamber. It was only when his father dropped a hand on his head did Sesshoumaru come to.

"Hai Chichi-hue?" Golden eyes inquired quietly.

Inutaisho smiled at his son and ruffled his precious silver-white hair once again.

This time, the little boy didn't even bother to react. He was too busy trying to figure out why his father was smiling so much when they came here. That smile just didn't seem right.

His father wasn't telling him something.

He was smiling in the way he smiled at his mother when there was something wrong or was keeping something from her.

Inutaisho took Sesshoumaru's hand in his and led him inside the chamber.

Sesshoumaru was too busy trying to figure out how to make his father say his secret that he didn't notice the thing that they came there for until his sensitive youkai ears heard a little sigh.

In front of him was a little cradle with a small bundle inside.

Curious, Sesshoumaru peeked closer at the bundle, smelling it with his inquisitive nose. It surprised him when the bundle suddenly moved, making the young Lord back up a bit in surprise.

A gurgle and a small laugh later and large, ethereal green eyes popped out of the bundle to stare laughingly at him.

It was only then that he realized that what he was looking at was a pup.

A female, youkai pup.

One more waft of its smell and setting eyes on the silver markings on her cheeks, Sesshoumaru was convinced that this was a white tiger youkai.

This was the daughter of the Lord of the Eastern Lands.

The young Lord watched the little female pup gurgle and grin at him, fascinated.

He hadn't really seen another pup this close.

His half-brother Inuyasha was always being so noisy and Sesshoumaru didn't like being so close to him for fear of losing his hearing. Oh his sensitive ears!

Then the little whelp began to reach with its chubby hands at the young Sesshoumaru.


The little Lord didn't know that his tail had been what the little whelp wanted until it was too late.


The green-eyed princess squealed in delight when it got a hold of Sesshoumaru's tail, not knowing that she was causing so much pain.

Tears were almost clouding his vision at the pain.

"Iya da, won't cry." Sesshoumaru whispered against clenched teeth and closed eyes. The pain was almost overwhelming. "Let…go…stupid whelp…"

The little princess, Yaten, didn't understand him, of course and even had the nerve to stick the silver fluff into her mouth. Into the path of her baby fangs…


Inutaisho sighed as he prepared to leave the Eastern Lands, making his way towards his dragon chariot that awaited him.

"I apologize for Yaten, Inutaisho." The Lord of the Eastern Lands, Hiroaki, murmured apologetically in a low voice as he walked beside the crestfallen dog youkai.

"She's just a pup. Nothing to forgive or ask forgiveness for, my friend." A little humor came back into the other youkai. Sesshoumaru with a frantic look on his face earlier on with the tip of his tail inside the little princess' mouth was somewhat amusing. It was good when his son had other expressions on his face aside from…none at all.

"It only means she likes him. I think we do have a match don't you think so?"

The white tiger taikyoukai was smiling, his own green eyes glistening in amusement. "Yes."

"Yaten-ojousama, your father wants to speak with you."

Ethereal green eyes wavered from their gaze at the moon.

The young, vibrant female that possessed them was beautiful with long silver hair that reached all the way to the back of her knees. Her petite frame was graceful with her every movement.

The moonlight that shone in from the window highlighted her figure and the folds of her kimono.

A dreamy sigh escaped her pale pink lips as she stood, her kimono rustling.

"Tell him that I'll be there soon."

Ne.. should I continue?

You decide.



 Chichi-hue – an old-fashioned way of saying "father"

Youkai – demons, they include kitsune (fox demons, like Kurama of YYH) and other such beings…

Taikyoukai – a great demon (I think that is what it means)

Hai – yes

Iya da – another way of saying "no"