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"Lea let go of me!" Niall yelled; dragging her along by his leg which she refused to let go of. Her childish behaviour infuriating Niall before he had his morning coffee. Lea was a hot headed and stubborn, two traits which both of her fathers lacked. The couple really had no Idea where she picked that up from. She made Niall look like a fool, dragging her down the hallway and into her classroom which she refused to enter. Two months into the school year- you would think that Lea would have grown out of it already. Liam swore up and down that it was a ploy to not have to attend school and force them to stay with her. She even resorted to faking sick just so she could get sent home.

Niall was late yet again and was called into his boss' office and he wasn't happy. It was the third time this week he had been late and his boss wasn't happy about it. Every single time he was late his boss would pile on more work to his load as a punishment and forcing him to skip his break just to get it done. He was at risk of losing his corporate job that had an amazing pay. Niall worked as an assistant at Bruce & Milkovich Law and it was his best job yet. He had a three week paid vacation saved up that he was planning to use as soon school let out for Lea and Liam could take a few weeks off work. This time they planned to go visit The Bahamas at a luxurious hotel near the beach. It would be her first time out of the country and every time the couple discussed it should we get so giddy and started packing her bags. Liam had to stop her a few times and now they just had the conversation when she was asleep.

Liam sat on the far side of the couch with his legs up on the living room table and watched his favorite TV show "America's Funniest Home Videos". The show brought him to tears all the time because he found it so hilarious. He really needed that little boost after the day he had at his job. Liam worked as an english teacher at his old high school and everything seemed like it was going wrong for him today. He had a flat tire on the way to work this morning and he barely made it. A co-worker spilled hot coffee on him and he had a nasty burn mark on his thigh from it. A pair of seniors had tripped him during 7th block and his papers went everywhere. He needed the cheap comic relief, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Niall was in the kitchen with Lea preparing tonight's dinner. They were making Grilled Steak Salads and Tomato & Basil Gratin. Lea's face was splattered with all types of food, she was the honorary taste tester and Niall valued her opinion. She had gotten her love for delicious food from him, it was ridiculous how much that little girl could fit in her stomach. They were surprised she didn't pop like an oversized pimple. Li had joked with her saying that if "she was a in a food eating contest she would beat all the other adult contenders." Liam received a big hug from her for that compliment. It's her way of thanking him without saying "thank you". It had become sort of routine for her and her parents didn't say anything about it. They needed more hugs anyway.

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