I know you must completely isolate inside of your jail cell.

How must I know this you may ask?

Well, judging by all the things you have done; I doubt anyone would want to have a certain bond or connection with you.

You must also hesitate to feeling content when receiving this letter because I am not sending it to you for a reason of sympathy.

As I must remind you, I am Russian and I have no time to sympathize a man simply because he is alone.

You may refer to my reason to writing you more as a threat and/or a complaint.

If you are as arrogant and as proud as Thor said you were, I assume that as soon as you are released from the prison that holds you; you will want to take this planet over once more.

What I can completely assure you of is that I will be back.

Hawkeye will be back.

We will all be back to fight you.

And once we have you surrounded for the second time; your little helpless self will be banished once more to the abyss of which you came.

And where will things go from there?

On Earth, things will slowly return back to normal.

And what about you?

You will be rotting in the cell in which you stand to this day.

I am no psychic but I am aware that by now you must be thinking to yourself; is this woman trying to tell me something through this?

As a matter of fact, I am.

Stay away from this planet, you have been warned twice.

You wouldn't want to commit the same mistake twice now, would you?

You must learn to behave yourself, Loki.


Natasha Romanoff

Agent Romanoff,

In case of that matter, you are indeed correct.

No one in their downright mind has even taken me to their consideration since the previous trip to Earth; which is why it brings a smile to my face when the messenger of the prison calls me over to deliver me a letter.

A letter for me, say it isn't so?

It has come to my attention that you, Agent Romanoff are the only one insane enough to take me to consideration, wouldn't you agree?

Although your letter does sound extremely convincing as well as engaging; I feel the need to let you in the know one of the most of un-argument able of facts.

A God does not take orders from any insignificant mortal.

Traveling to Earth was no mistake on my part; since I do have unfinished business to attend to…

Are you curious to know what my first task would be?

My task would be to take Clint Barton under my possession; under my control.

His fragile little mind will warp to the fierce mindset of a huntsman.

He shall be a huntsman who hungrily lurks behind his pray, who happens to be a female deer.

The unsuspecting deer has no significant knowledge that she is being gandered at by the devious huntsman hiding behind the tall grass.

And when she least expects it; the huntsman strikes and the female deer falls unconscious.

As the deer weakly lifts up her head to examine her injury; through her blurry gaze she sees a flash of crimson red seeping from her leg.

Her eyes then settle on the huntsman that approaches above her with a sinister grin.

He is clearly not aware of the pain the deer is going through as he snatches her by her bleeding leg as he carelessly drags her unconscious body on the grass; leaving a trail of the deer's blood behind them.

Once the deer and the huntsman are finally alone between the four walls of his secret lair; the huntsman will torture that animal in every way she feared; it will be the most inhumane way of torture in existence.

While he does so; the indefenceless animal will do absolutely nothing but watch in horror while she is being gutted and ripped apart.

I will fill you in on no more further detail; although I do find this fantasy to be quite pleasing and satisfying to write.

But they it shall be a fantasy no more once I leave this cell, Agent Romanoff; that I can most definitely assure you.

In a near future, my army and I shall return yet again.

Must I remind you that, I do what I want!

Da Svidanya, Agent Romanoff.

Loki Laufeyson

God of Mischief

This is my first Avenger's fanfic!

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