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Chapter 1 – Forget About A New Page, This Is A New Book

"AND DON'T COME BACK!" Dad shouted as I made my way quickly away from the car, trying to avoid the glare of stern looking passer-bys and any embarrassment. If I'd been in anyway upset at his sudden disowning of his only daughter, I would have sat down right there and cried but since I wasn't surprised or even the slightest bit upset I simply carried on through Kings Cross Station.

One month ago a Professor named Albus Dumbledore came to my father's house and told my parents I was a witch. Obviously, it had been a nasty surprise for them but personally I had found myself rather adept at the powers I had and I knew a long time previous to the Professors visit that I was somewhat different to my peers at school. I considered myself somewhat lucky that I had convinced my father to pay for all my school purchases before I entered my new school. It seemed I had a talent for convincing people to that I was right and my uncle had once told me I could have been a Politician or a Lawyer if I hadn't been a girl. Of course, I scoffed at that now, I'd never understood the concept of boys being better than girls. If you wanted to be good at something you needed to work hard at it and that's something that both men and women can do. Laziness was a horrid excuse for not working hard.

There weren't many people in the train station, although I had expected as much. Travelling by train was only just becoming a popular thing anyway and besides, it was late morning, people had been in work for at least two hours already. In the distance, over the murmur of voices in the station, I could hear the low whistle of trains and the heavy downpour on the flimsy roof above my head. I pulled my trunk down platform 4 until I got to the ticket barrier between platform 3 and 4, suddenly very glad that I had charmed the trunk lighter. What? You didn't expect me to start my new school not knowing anything. I'd read all my first year books and half my second year ones already, plus a couple of extras that I had deemed interesting enough. And, I couldn't just read it, I had to practice. I'd found the charm I'd used on my trunk in the Standard Book of Spells Grade 4, I had all of those books too. Now that I think about it, my trunk was mostly filled with books and not much else really except the essentials that I had been instructed to get in the letter Professor Dumbledore had given to me.

As I stood facing the ticket barrier, I was glad that Professor Dumbledore had enlightened me of how to get onto the platform. I mean honestly... Platform 3 and 1/4? How could anyone figure out that you needed to run at the wall? The barrier looked very solid, very real but I took a deep breath and hurried towards the barrier. Where I expected to hit the barrier, I didn't and a whole new platform appeared in front of me.

Platform 3 and 1/4 was full to the brim with wizards in robes and children exchanging goodbyes with their parents and as I walked further onto the Platform, the more in awe I became. The sudden change in noise from very little to a lot almost shocked me and an assortment of different sounds filled my ears – the hoots from wayward owls, the occasional crack when people appeared from nowhere as they apparated onto the platform, the whoosh as more and more people rushed through the barrier. I'd like to think I was prepared, I knew owl's were a common pet and carried mail and I knew that apparition made a loud crack but it felt just so much more real now that I was finally on my way.

I edged through the crowd towards the train, where stored my trunk in the appropriate compartment of a gleaming scarlet steam train. On the side in shiny gold lettering was the name Hogwarts Express and steam billowed out above the carriages in prefect little clouds. Tempted as I was to stay rooted to the stop and stare in awe, I figured the quicker I got on the train, the more likely it would be that I got a compartment on my own without anyone to bother me. It wasn't that I didn't want to make friends as such, it was simply because I needed the peace and quiet after the rather hectic journey to the station. Besides, if I made friends with anyone and we were sorted into different houses then what's the point? I'll just have to make friends again. I'd decided to wear most of my uniform on the journey so that I didn't have to carry it separately, therefore I was already in a dark, knee-length, grey skirt, white blouse and a grey cardigan and in my travel bag all I had was an advanced Transfiguration book, my wand, my robes, a school tie and a little bit of money amongst other bits and bobs.

The train was relatively full already but I did find a compartment almost at the back of the train that was unoccupied so I quickly went inside and settled down in the in the corner near the window. Casually I looked out across the platform watching parents hurry their children on board, handing them stuff that they probably would have forgotten otherwise and waving goodbye before they apparated or disappeared back through the barrier to join the unsuspecting muggle occupants of the non-magical part of Kings Cross Station.

Finally relaxing slightly I shifted back in my seat and propped my feet up, pulling out the Transfiguration book I'd brought. I wasn't sure how I was going to buy anything else now that I'd been disowned so I was glad that I had already coaxed my unsuspecting parents into buying extra. I'm sure someone would stick their nose in once I reached Hogwarts and I'd be placed somewhere but for now I just didn't want to think about it.

There was a short sharp hiss as the air escaped the hydraulics beneath the train and a cloud of steam blew across the window, the train jerked forward. No turning back I guess now.

Before I could settle properly into my book, the door slid open and a boy was stood in the doorway. He was tall for eleven years old. I knew he was eleven because he too had decided to wear his uniform and none of it bore a colour that could be tied to a house whereas others I had seen had colour on their jumpers or cardigans. He was dark-haired and was looking somewhat bored, he indicated at the seat in the opposite corner without saying a word.

"Be my guest..." I answered his unspoken question, waving my hand at the space. He bowed his head respectively and sat down pulling out his own book, a potions book. I briefly glanced up at the boy as we sat in silence reading. He was quite pale, like he'd never been in the sun but in contrast he had deep brown eyes that were almost black. Bizarrely the silence was somewhat comfortable even though the boy I was currently sitting with I had never met before and it was apparent that both of us were simply content to just sit and read. I readjusted myself and dove right into the first chapter of my book, An Insight to Advanced Transfiguration.

It wasn't until about one hour later that I came back out of my own little world as a flash lit up the carriage, my head snapped up as a low rumble of thunder growled not too far away and I awkwardly glanced at the boy who was looking out the window too. His eyes shifted to mine for a moment and we stayed somewhat silent for a moment before I spoke aloud.

"I do believe it's somewhat customary to introduce yourself when you meet someone" I mused aloud. He raised an eyebrow and held my stare.

"You did not express any wish to start a conversation when I entered the carriage" he spoke, his voice low and untrusting.

"I didn't wish to start a conversation at all but since we are sharing a compartment and will probably be in classes together I should think we should at least know each other's names" I pressed, "It's one thing to be civil but a completely different one to be rude, don't you think?" I added, casually brushing a crease out of my skirt after my little speech.

"I do appreciate the correct manners" he agreed vaguely, "I'm Tom Riddle" he glanced down at his Potions book for a moment.

"Persephone Simmons" I answered, my eyes flickering to his book, "I take it you're looking forward to Potions" I said, skim reading the introduction in my own book under the chapter, Animation Spells, pretending to be genuinely more interested than I was.

"Somewhat" he retorted, trying to stay away from any conversation whatsoever but even if I had wanted to speak to him I wouldn't have been able too because we had just been interrupted. An old witch had just stopped at the door behind a rather colourful cart packed with sweets.

"Anything from the trolley my dears?" she asked.

"No thanks" Tom muttered coldly.

"I'll have a chocolate frog please Ma'am" I piped up, digging around for some money, I'd become quite found of wizards sweets after buying an assortment in Diagon Alley. After all I needed to know everything, all these children, they'd grown up here in the wizarding world and I hadn't. I had some serious catching up to do. She handed me a packet and I passed her the correct change, thanking her before sitting back down. Tom was watching me intently, I ignored him and opened up the frog, grabbing it to make sure that it didn't begin a daring escape through the slightly open window like my first frog had. Intrigued as usual I read the chocolate frog card, nibbling on the wriggling snack in my hand. Morgana, I thought to myself, vaguely remembering the name from the legend of King Arthur.

Morgan le Fay, also known as Morgana, was a Dark Witch who lived during the Middle Ages. She was the half-sister of King Arthur and an enemy of Merlin, and, during her lifetime, she played a role in many events. Like her half-brother, she was a monarch, ruling as queen of the island of Avalon. In addition to her knowledge of the Dark Arts, she was exceptionally talented as a Healer, and was an Animagus who could turn into a bird.

An Animagus? That sounds interesting, I'm guessing from the card that an Animagus was a witch or wizard who could take the shape of an animal or so it suggested anyway. That sounds fantastic; imagine sneaking around as an animal, it could be positively enlightening.

"May I?" Tom interjected finally, disrupting my train of thought, holding his hand out for the card. I raised an eyebrow, watching him carefully before reluctantly handing the card over.

"Sure, just as long as you give it back" I joked, he simply stared at me and swiftly read the information on the card I'd handed him. I watched him for a minute or so, discretely finishing my chocolate frog and he eventually passed the card back without any further conversation being struck up. There was something bizarre about Tom Riddle, it was almost was if he wasn't sure how to be a child and that was one thing I never learnt from my parents.

I had been expected to be a proper young lady with the correct etiquette and to keep my opinions to myself. After all, according to Dad, girls were to be seen and not heard. That's why my mum had been entered into a marriage contract and her mother before her and so on and so forth. But despite the hard work that had been put into finding my own perfect match, I'd managed to escape from that world and render any marriage contract my Dad had being trying to arrange for my 16th birthday void due to my magic and swift disownment. In my honest opinion it had been a stupid idea anyway, besides I was perfectly capable of making my own choices and lets not mention the fact that every boy whose family seemed in the least bit interested in me seemed to either disappear or come down with an either incurable, contagious or fatal disease.

I smirked at that thought, Professor Dumbledore had told me that at Hogwarts I would learn to control my magic and fully integrate myself in the wizarding world. He had convinced my parents to allow me to attend Hogwarts but hadn't said so much as one word against my father when he had backhanded me in fury and disowned me right in front of him. But when I'd used magic to protect myself, he simply offered me a friendly warning about using magic on or in the presence of Muggles and then left the house with a crack. Being the only Professor I had met so far, I had mixed feelings, on one hand he had offered me a scape goat and a whole new world but in the other was the fact that he'd shown me that he was completely unaffected and unresponsive to the abuse that my father had dealt out to me.

I could only hope that the other professors were more accustomed to the experiences I'd was going and had gone through and that was only if they were going to interfere, I'd rather they didn't. Otherwise I'm not sure I would be sticking around very long.

Anyway, back to Tom, who had settled back into reading his book. He was unusually quiet for an eleven year old and was also highly unreadable. Tom didn't seem nervous or excited or even enthusiastic about his first year at Hogwarts. I assumed this was because he was a Pureblood. After reading up on the magical world I'd discovered there was a heavy prejudice towards those with Muggle parents like myself and that it was predominately Pureblood's - those with all Magical heritage - who formed these. Perhaps Tom was unsure of my heritage so was waiting for some sort of indication, which I wasn't going to give him. I could be just as good as them, it made no difference, if you were magic you were magic and I would be just as good as all of them. Maybe Tom had been taught by his parents and felt that he wouldn't learn anything new. He struck me as the studious type but not overwhelmingly so.

I would have to be extremely careful over the following hours as I started to meet the fellow classmates. I was fairly reserved person but who knows how this world worked. I'd even read somewhere that some witches and wizards could read minds. Also in the book that Tom was reading - one a had purchase myself - a potion was mentioned, it mentioned a serum that made people tell the truth. I wouldn't say I was scared but I was vaguely anxious, not that I showed it. Tom finished his book and placed it on the seat next to him as I continued to read my book.

"Do you play chess?" he asked, I looked up at him and blinked. Clearly he was bored but luckily I did have my own set of pieces that I'd purchased in Diagon Alley.

"Yes, I do" I answered.

"Play a game with me?" he said, it was hardly a question but I agreed anyway excited to use my new chess pieces. He pulled out a rather well used chess board and a set of black chess pieces. I dug out my own pieces and started setting them up on Tom's board.

"Be warned I'm good.." I told him, he scoffed but readjusted his game face.

"Begin" he said indicating to the board, I rolled my eyes and looked over the board.

"Pawn to D4" I commanded, the pawn slid forward across the board in a rather ominous silence. Tom clicked his long fingers before directing his own piece to its own space. As the game went on I realised this was the most challenging game I'd ever played, I observed a move where Tom's bishop took my castle before I sat forward carefully and silently.

It had been my Grandfather who taught me to play but he'd passed away near six months ago now and I hadn't found anyone nearly as good to play with since. Tom may not know this yet but he'd just become my new chess partner. I observed his as the bishop dragged my castle from the board and my mind quickly played out any possible moves and their consequences. Someone would have to lose eventually and I had a feeling Tom didn't like losing but nor did I so this would be an uphill battle right to the very end.

"Check" he said, bringing me out of my daze. What?

"Impossible" I muttered, hastily I moved my king out of danger but as soon as I did, sitting back to calculate how to fix the issue, I realised he tricked me into doing that. He tricked me in order to take my King; I watched as his piece dragged mine off the board and then looked up at Tom with a scowl.

"I win" he said plainly.

"You tricked me" I retorted, "You tricked me so you could win, that requires no skill you cheat!" I accused him, pointing an accusing finger at him and frowning.

"I didn't trick you, you panicked and made the move not me" Tom reminded me with something that vaguely represented a smirk on his face.

We will be arriving at Hogsmeade Station in five minutes, please leave all your possessions on the train, they will be taken to the school separately.

I looked away from Tom, unamused by the stealth he'd just shown to beat me, and glanced out the window, wow. It was already pitch black outside and the rain was still pummelling to side of the train like it had been in London. I scooped up my pieces chucking them into my bag and pulling out my robes and tie. It appeared Tom had the same idea because he was now pulling his robes over his uniform. I rolled my eyes as I did up the tie perfectly for someone who had never worn a tie before. Quickly I followed suit, pulling my robes over my uniform neatly, the material hanging down next to my ankles as I fastened the front by its one single button.

In the final few moments before the train came to a stop I did a couple of things. First of all I brushed the creases out of my robes, then I made sure to pocket my wand and a small amount of change summing up to the value of 4 galleons, 10 sickles and a couple of knuts, just in case someone did decide to steal from my abandoned bag. I took a step towards the door to leave but Tom spoke, "Miss Simmons?"

"Yes" I said, turning very slightly to meet his eyes.

"I do believe it's somewhat customary to say goodbye if you were going to leave" he said, he so just took what I'd said hours before and twisted it to suit him. How creative of him. I held his glare for a few seconds.

"Goodbye Mr Riddle" I retorted coldly before I turned on my heel and quickly left the compartment leaving Tom all alone. I hoped to god I wouldn't be in the same house as him, he was so arrogant and clearly he expected everything to go his way and everyone to just move out of the way for him. I shook my head, jumping onto the Platform and looking around as students flooded out into Hogsmeade Station, laughing and shouting.

"First Years!" someone called, "first years over here!" I followed the sound of the voice, eventually leading me to a growing group of first years. The lady, who was stood holding a large lantern, beamed down at us in an almost condescending way like she was addressing young children or at least that's what I thought. I took a step back, hoping that she wouldn't call on anyone in particular but as I moved I stepped right into someone. Whirling around I came face to face with a girl who seemed vaguely European with long, dark, auburn hair and wide brown eyes.

"I didn't mean to…" I began but her smile made me stop.

"It's fine, I didn't see you on the train, perhaps you'd like to come with us?" she asked, indicating to the two girls behind her, "My names Sarah" she added as I nodded to her invitation with a small smile.

"Persephone" I replied quickly. The two other girls I ended up stood with both seemed comfortable enough in my presence. The first of the two Caroline Goyle was the shortest of our little group with mousey brown hair which dropped to her shoulders yet was pushed back off her face with a dark ribbon. It appeared that she had been overfed somewhat but not to the extent that people would stop and think 'she's fat'. The second girl Jessica Parkinson seemed to be tactfully keeping up a face that made her look a little like a pug, she too had dark hair which was back in a simple ponytail dropping down to her lower back. After a few moments of what felt like silent judgement, she let the pug façade drop and I managed to get a glimpse of her happy face. Jessica actually had light blue eyes and even though they were distrusting they had a sparkle, which would no doubt catch the attention of the boys later on.

"We're going to get wet" Jessica grumbled, looking out from under the platform shelter, where the rain was coming down in buckets.

"Everybody here?" the lady at the front asked, not waiting for an answer she spoke again, "Good, let's be on our way then" she swiftly stepped out into the rain and before anyone could do otherwise the first years hurried after her. From the back, I could only see her lantern glowing above the heads of the other students but it seemed to get harder and harder to see as the rain persisted. It soaked us through, so that our clothes clung unappealingly to us and got heavier and heavier as we continued to walk down the forest path.

"It would be an interesting welcoming feast if we all turned up soaking wet" I scowled.

"Hopefully someone will do a drying spell when we get there, I could pour lakes from my shoes right now" Sarah complained next to me. As if on cue a huge lake spread out in front of us and I turned to grin at Sarah.

"You couldn't have waited to empty your shoes?" I teased.

"Apparently not…" she answered, as the lady with the lantern shouted that we were to separate into fours and climb into a boat each. The three girls and I claimed the first boat in anticipation. The faster we all got in the boats, the closer we would all be to getting inside the castle and I for one didn't want to spend more time than necessary in the rain. Once everyone had climbed aboard a boat, they magically propelled themselves across the lake and as we got closer and closer to our destination I couldn't help but wonder where I would be sleeping tonight. I'd read all about the Houses of Hogwarts: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor but I still couldn't decide where I would be sorted. I had figured that I possessed qualities that all four houses would value but perhaps I leaned towards being in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Maybe I wouldn't get sorted into any house at all? Maybe they'd send me home.

I was shaken from my thoughts as the boat hit the side of the lake and I looked up to see Hogwarts Castle there, towering above us in all its magnificence. It was beautiful. I was first to leave the boat but one by one I offered help to the three other girls, who were all grateful as we watched one ginger headed boy step on the side of his boat and fall backwards into the lake. Not that he could get much wetter than we all already were. The lady led us quickly up through the grounds and towards the castle. Underfoot the ground squelched unpleasantly as we hurried though the grounds, some people complained about the weather, others fell silent in anticipation but there was only one person who looked relatively calm.

Tom Riddle was stood just to the left of a set of brown haired twins as we finally stopped at the doors of the castle and he was looking very serene, almost like he was bored. I frowned but my mind quickly turned back to the doors, which were slowly opening. As they opened my eyes narrowed at the figure in the doorway. As much as I would like to forgive the old man, I couldn't help but feel an underlying hatred somewhere beneath everything else and just seeing him with that innocent twinkle in his eye made me wonder whether behind the friendly old man act was a much more manipulative one. Professor Dumbledore smiled briefly down upon the group.

"Welcome to Hogwarts"

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