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I needed to make sure the entire school saw the video. But if they all saw it, then they'd know how great she was…

Then it hit me. I could alter the sound, make her sound stupid, she'd be the laughing stock of Roseville high, a social reject, and there was no way she'd ever get a boyfriend. Zach wouldn't date a social reject! Then he'd come running to me, realising how much he loved me.

Smiling to myself, I took a bite out of my sandwich.

"Can I borrow someone's phone? I need to tell my mom something but I've got no credit," I explained. Anna, being the stupid but really sweet person she was, offered right away.

"Here, use mine."

Taking it, I said, "Thanks!"

With a few taps, I was sending a message to my phone with the video file attached.

And now, here comes chapterio fivio!


The rest of the day passed in a blur. I sat with Liz and Bex at lunch, becoming closer to them both by the minute, although Macey would always be my best friend.

We agreed they would come over to my house at around four in the afternoon. I wanted to spend time with Macey and Luke because they wouldn't be there for long, they couldn't keep skipping school to see Grant and me, no matter how much we missed each other.

Grant remembered he needed to give me a lift today, thank goodness, so he was waiting in his flashy car when I walked into the parking lot.

"Bye, see you tomorrow," I said to Bex and Liz as I hurried over to him and clambered into the passenger side.

"Hey, Camster," he grinned. He couldn't seem to stop grinning, he was just as excited about seeing Macey and Luke as I was.

"Hiya," I replied, grinning back. While we drove, I put on Taylor Swift's first album. Grant hated the first track – he was crazy – so he skipped that and we sang along loudly to 'Picture To Burn' together as we cruised through the small almost-deserted Roseville streets, pulling up outside out too-big-for-two-people mansion. He cut the engine and we both jumped out and ran over to the front door as if us being faster would make Macey and Luke arrive sooner.

It wasn't even quarter to three yet, which meant we had plenty of time to get our homework done before certain guests arrived.


Still in CPOV

Me and Grant were lounging around in the smallest lounge, flicking through channels on the huge flatscreem TV, when the doorbell rang. Like in a movie, we both turned to look at each other, grinned, and raced through the house for the front door. I reached it first and grabbed for the handle, fumbling with it as I tried to pull it open as fast as possible.

There, in front of me, were two of the people I loved most in the world. Two people I was closer to than any other friends I'd ever had. Closer to than my parents. Almost closer to than Grant.

One of them was a girl, tall and slim, the most beautiful girl I'd ever laid eyes on. She appeared to have just stepped off the cover of one of those high fashion magazines she was always reading. Her makeup was done perfectly, making her blue eyes stand out against her fair complexion and her jet black hair was hanging loose. Her clothes were no doubt designer, but that really wasn't the sorta thing I knew much about.

The second person was a boy, taller than the girl, with dirty blond hair, a warm smile, a strong jaw, a great tan, muscles to die for, and a general aura of happy-lovely-cuteness, despite the fact he was almost a year older than me.

"MACEY! LUKE!" I shrieked, diving forwards and pulling them both into a tight hug, trying to hold back tears. I hadn't gone more than a day without either of them since I was a teeny kid. They both returned my bone-crushing hug, holding me close as if they'd never let go. "Ohmygoshimissedyouguyssomuch icantbelieveyourefinallyhere !" It all came out in a rush, but they seemed to understand.

"I've missed you too, Cammie," Macey whispered, her voice gentle and pained. I was the only person who ever heard her speak in that way, so vulnerable. We had been best friends since we were born, inseparable from the second we could walk. "You have no idea."

After a good fifteen minutes of hugging and how-are-you-ing and I've-missed-you-ing and wow-cool-crib-ing, then twenty Macey and Luke being shown the guest rooms and getting settled in and us all changing into comfy clothes, we were finally all sitting in the big lounge. Luke and me were lying together on a couch (not in that way, he was a brother to me) watching '16 & Pregnant' while Macey and Grant were spread out on cushions taking up most of the floor space, playing some really complicated card game they made up for no good reason. It was just like old times, the four of us hanging out together, but something was different. Something just didn't feel right.

Just as I was thinking that, the doorbell chimed again. Distinctly aware of our sweats-and-old-hoodies attire, none of us were keen to go answer it, but when it rang for the third time, I pushed Luke off the sofa. He looked like an angry puppy that had just been woken up, it was so funny. I was laughing so much I fell off the sofa too. Glaring at me, he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and marched through the house to the front door. He swung me round so he was piggybacking me – I could barely breathe I was still laughing so hard – and opened the door, a familiar lopsided grin on his face.

The person standing on the other side of the huge double doors was most definitely not expected.

"Hello, good sir. This is the Morgan residence. How may I be of service?" Luke joked, bowing so I nearly fell off his back. I would've found it hilarious if it weren't for the look on the one and only Zachary Goode's face when he saw the way Luke was gripping my legs and my arms were locked around his neck.

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