Sweet chocolate melts in my mouth

Mello's pov

"Matt" He looked up at me, after pausing his game though.

"Yes Mello?"

"Bored" Sitting in a flat all day was just plain boring.

"I know a good pastime" He grinned mischievously.

"What's that?" I really was curious now.

"You'll see" He walked in to the kitchen. As he did he told me to wait on the sofa. After about 10 minutes he came back. During that time, I had gone through 3 chocolate. When he came back he was carrying a bowl. I instantly smelt melted Chocolate, and when he set the bowl down it was full of chocolate. He pushed me down on the sofa and ripped my shirt off, and his, and crushed his lips down on mine. I dipped my fingers in the bowl at the side of me, withdrawing the still hot contents clinging to my fingers. I spread it over Matt's chest, and proceeded to lick it off. This continued for a while, both of us enjoying the bliss of one another. When Matt kissed me again, I bet he could taste the chocolate in my mouth. This was promising to be a good time until a knock at the door awakened us. We both rushed to get dressed. Matt stationed himself in front of the telly, while I answered the door. Halle Lidner was there, so I let her in.

"About what we were discussing." She looked in a hurry. "Near has told me to pass on a message. 'Stay clear Mello, you don't know what you're getting yourself into. You don't need to sacrifice yourself for it to work'. I can also smell chocolate" She then left.

"Hahahahah! You're addicted to chocolate, like I'm addicted to cigarettes.


"Yes" I answered him almost immediately.

"Under my shirt, I'm naked. I also have a lot of chocolate stuck to me. Wanna get it off?" He was not joking, or I'd have punched him.

"Yes please. So… where were we?" Yes, I said that. This was going to be a good night.